sorry, sad story. Fur baby mentioned.

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  1. There is no one else I can vent to about this except all of you wonderful girls.

    Yesterday my precious girl, my shepherd, lost her battle with cancer. She was 14 1/2 years old and she's been with us since she was 8 weeks old. Actually I held her the day she was born and brought her to my home when she was weaned. To say I am devastated doesn't even come close. I always called her my "soul dog". In fact, when my first ivf failed and I got the dreaded call, she was up in my lap licking my face before one tear even fell. She just knew the call was bad news. That's how close we were.

    Today we brought her body to the cemetery where she'll be laid to rest. We then went to the in-laws to share our bad news with them. Then out of the blue, my MIL prefaces what she's about to say with, " I don't want to upset you, but...." She wanted to know if we still wanted the used cradle and stroller she's been stashing for the last few years. Geez, of all days she asks me this now? I was just sobbing in front of them because I lost "my baby" and she wants to know if I want baby items fully aware of our struggles with that dept.

    So I told her to ask her son, I couldn't think about that right now. He thinks I threw him under the bus. Too bad buddy. Deal with it. I had to.

  2. Oh, seiferbrix, I am so sorry about your baby. It sounds like you and she had a very special bond. Pets are really family, no two ways about it. I lost my cat to cancer five years ago and to this day I still cry when I think about it.

    I\'m glad you told your MIL to buzz off. And as for throwing DH under the bus - uh, it's *his* mother.

    Thinking of you. I can imagine how empty the house probably seems right now, but know we're here and we care. Take good care of yourself.

  3. seiferbrix,

    I\'m so sorry. Having lost a dog a couple of years ago I know how hard it is. It doesn't matter how good a life they had, how well taken care of they were -- as much as we say that to try and comfort the sad truth remains you just miss them terribly.

    Your MIL is kind of dense, isn't she?

    You take care of yourself. There is no set amount of time on how long it takes to heal from this, so don't let anyone make you feel bad that it's taking time. It's been two years for us and we still get sad.

  4. I'm so sorry for the loss of your furbaby. It's so hard. We lost two of ours within 6 months of each other and it was awful.

    Ignore your MIL and be good to yourself.

  5. My deepest condolences. I'll hug my little furbaby closer tonight. Take care,

  6. seiferbrix, my heart breaks for you. Our IF struggle is tough enough. I lost my kitty at 6 1/2 years old a few months ago to heart failure/he threw a clot and was paralyzed. Up until that night, we thought he was perfectly healthy, we had no warning or time to prepare. We tried to save him over the next 24 hours but couldn't. It was a heartbreaking tragedy. We miss him terribly and he was not our only furbaby. He is showing your wonderful doggie how to play right now and teaching her how to use her new angel wings. She will always be with you. My DH swears that our little guys spirit visits him sometimes, that he feels his presence and it comforts him.
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I am also sorry for you MIL's behavior, she is obviously clueless, to bring up something so painful in your time of devastation. I would take some time away from her right now. Take some time to mourn your baby girl, it's okay.
    We made a beautiful album of pictures of our dear baby boy and have him on our screensavers and on my cellphone wallpaper and we try to remember him in positive ways.
    If you need a friend that understands or you need to vent, feel free to PM me anytime.
    I hope you feel better soon, I know you will with time, the bite will get less severe, I promise. I never stop missing my little guy, but I know he knew how loved he was until his last breath. I'm sure your girl did too.

  7. hi from a fellow big dog lover seiferbrix, i'm so sorry to hear that you lost your furbaby. we have two lab mixes and they are so important to us. i wanted to let you know that i volunteer with a rescue group and i often foster dogs of all shapes and sizes. i love every one of them but sometimes i'm happy when they find a forever home, other times i fail as a foster mom and that's how i've two of my own now. i guess my point is just that dogs are such loving, warm, tender, forgiving, soft, furry, gentle creatures, it's rare to come across one you won't grow to adore. a big dog like your shepherd can become such a huge part of your life. you can't replace the one you lost but i know there's another one out there that will love you just as much whenever you're ready...and the only upside is that it will be easier to find and take home than these elusive kids we're all trying for.

    after our third bfn earlier this year, and a very clear message from four different REs to move on to DE and possibly DS too, i told my DH that i just needed something to hold, love, nurture, watch grow up. so that's when we adopted our second furbaby. it really is a wonderful distraction, i love the puppy smell and catching her when she's up to mischief, like she keeps toilet papering our house!! i'm always amazed when i get back from a work trip and she seems to have doubled in size in a matter of days. having to take care of her, train her, walk her is keeping me busy and distracted and basically keeping me going these days. so whenever you're ready i recommend you get another one. i've had my big girl for years and she loves our new puppy too.

    as for your MIL, shxt, what is wrong w these women. mine keeps telling me to 'relax' and it will happen. fortunately i haven't said out loud what i say to her in my head...good for you passing her question over to her son. i'm going to use that line myself some day.

  8. seiferbrix-I'm sorry about your shepherd. They're my favorite breed so I totally understand the connection. Each breed have their unique endearing traits. My condolences.
    It took me two years before I adopted my new dog.

  9. So sorry to hear about your fur baby

  10. So sorry to seiferbrix. A dog (shepherd/lab mix we think) and cat are my children also. Sorry about your idiot MIL too.

  11. I'm sorry you've lost your girl, seiferbrix - what a lovely story about her licking your face when you got the horrible phonecall. She sounds like a very special soul.

    I'm also sorry that your MIL managed to make it worse for you. Hmm, next time you see her, can you yell "What a bitch!" and then smile sweetly and say you were just remembering your dog?

  12. I\'m also sorry that your MIL managed to make it worse for you. Hmm, next time you see her, can you yell "What a bitch!" and then smile sweetly and say you were just remembering your dog?

    Thank you for such a nice chuckle!

    Thank you all for your kind wishes. It will take a long, long time to adjust to not having my baby around. I do have 3 others to love too, and each one is so special, but my Shelby was the princess of the pack. She truly was one of those rare, special souls. In her life she never once growled or curled her lip at anyone.

  13. seiferbrix, I am so sorry for your loss. It's the single most difficult part about having pets. I've also grown up with them my whole life and when their lives end, it's devastating. I lost my soul-dog shepherd mix a few years back to cancer, and it was really hard. Even though I'd had animals for as long as I can remember, he was that "special" guy. He was MY boy. I imagined it would take me a long time before I'd get another, but after a week or two, the silence got to me. I needed to hear the pitter patter of the little claws on the hardwood floor. The unconditional love they provide is irreplaceable. Of course, it's up to each of us to determine when we are ready to adopt again, but we always do. Once you've loved a buddy, there's no going back.

    Take care of yourself, grieve in the way you need to and stay away from those who only belittle your emotions.

    Too bad our MILs have 8x the life expectancy of furry family members, isn't it?

  14. I just don't get my MIL sometimes. She is not a malicious person, but I guess just doesn't think before opening her mouth.

    I still have 12 paws in the house, but it's not the same. I don't think I'll be ready for a 4th fur baby for a long time.
    I\'m doing better today so far.

    Thanks again. You all are such great support.

  15. I just don't get my MIL sometimes. She is not a malicious person, but I guess just doesn't think before opening her mouth.
    Sadly, this seems to be a common affliction with many MILs.

    Wow...12 paws. What little buddies do you have? We have 2 dogs and 1 cat who thinks she's a dog (I have not had the heart to tell her).

  16. I'm so sorry about the loss of your beloved Shelby. It is so heartbreaking and the silence is deafening. I have two kitties that have been my constant support throughout so much, and I will be devastated when I lose them.

    By the way, I believe you when you say your MIL is not malicious, but she sure is a clueless wonder.

  17. seiferbrix, so so sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs and cats play such a significant role in our lives and in our family.

    We have two dogs and two cats. I know both me and my husband will be devastated when our female dog goes. She is our heart dog. I love all of them but there is something extra special about her. She turns 10 next month.

  18. She is our heart dog. I love all of them but there is something extra special about her.
    That\'s a good way to put it Millie...your heart dog. I understand exactly what you are saying about loving all of them, but having that one who is extra special...

  19. Yes our little rascals are the best. They always want to be with you, don't care how you dress, or if you smell bad (in fact the smellier the better). There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and they're there at the door so happy to see you. It's even a big homecoming if you only went out for 10 minutes!

    Morrison I have a standard poodle, a great pyrenees, and a terrier something kind of mix.

  20. Sorry for the barge ladies but I had to give my regards to seiferbrix...

    Oh seiferbrix my heart goes out to you! We loss our fur baby years ago and I still have his ashes! I couldn't part with him ---he was a fur angel on earth for me especially during all the disappointments my hubby and I have endured. I only wished that I had when he was first born, but he was stray that stayed in our hearts from the first day I found him. I like to think that he's my guardian angel now---I know that it's little comfort but I am sure that your fur baby's YOUR guardian angel now!

    I am so sorry for your loss my friend.

  21. seiferbrix, yes...these are what makes them such wonderful creatures!!! I certainly love my rascals more than I like most people!

    We also have a pyr. She's a hybrid Great Pyrenees/Collie she's a bit smaller than a full pyr, but same body type and collie coloring. We adore her. She's super sweet in a very loving kind of way...different than our Golden, who is also sweet. I've had terriers growing up, but never a poodle.

    How big is your pyr?

  22. seiferbrix, I am so so so very sorry for your loss. My pug is truly my baby and I dread the day I have to say goodbye to him.

  23. Wow Morrison I only know 1 other person w/ a pyr! Dumont is about 120 lbs, but he's a little tubby. We rescued him in April (actually it was on Shelby's birthday that he came to live with us) from the local humane society. He was underweight and filthy. In 2 months he packed on 20 lbs and LOVES to eat! I have to monitor his food intake because he'd eat everything in site if I let him. He's a love and the happiest freaking dog on earth, but we have some issues. You know how stubborn they can be. Well, big boy sometimes will not go outside for whatever reason. We had some battles in the beginning, but have come to some understanding (most days). He's my second pyr. Our first was a rescue as well and she left us 2 years ago.

    I can just imagine how adorable your collie/pyr is!

    I agree with you about liking your rascals more than people!

    Our fur babies give us so much love and understanding with all of our disappointments. If it wasn't for their love I don't know how I would get thru a lot of days.

  24. I've never met a Great Pyrenees in person but have heard about what great companions and partners they can be. When I was at my sister's after her husband died, I was visiting with the man who was their next door neighbor (who my sis and brother-in-law had been really good friends with). We started talking about dogs and he's telling me about the Great Pyr they'd had for so many years. He unbuttons his shirt and pulls it aside - on the left side of his chest, he had a life-sized tattoo of his dog's pawprint. It made me start crying - it was such a real and true tribute to his dog. A pawprint literally on his heart.

  25. seiferbrix, I LOVE the name Dumont. That is a perfect Great Pyr name! Our Mabel is about 75 lbs of pure love, muscle and stubborness, so I do understand exactly what you are talking about. They definitely like to assert their independance in a way that was new to me after having shephard mixes and goldens for the last 15 years. We've had a few battles with her, too...we rescued her at around 14w (from what we could tell) and she took FOREVER to potty train. FOR. EV. ER. Compared to the golden, who learned realtively quickly. She also has a penchant for chewing the corners of towels, so every towel in our house is falling apart, and she likes laces and electrical cords. And honestly, it's just a random behavior of hers that she KNOWS is bad, but she does it anyway. She demands a good amount of attention, but is a total lover. She loves to snuggle and like Millie said, is a fantastic companion. We just love her.

    Does your pyr sort of growl sassily at you? She's so funny. She talks to us...
    How old is Dumont now and how big was your girl pyr?

    We got her about the time I found out I was pg. with the triplets. During the time I was on bed rest, she kept me company and really brought so much light and happiness into my life. After we lost them, she kept me company in my darkest days. They both did, but she was especially tuned into my grief I think. I swear to this day that she saved me. Something about her smile and her intense concern about me.

    And yes! Eaters for sure. The golden can give or take food, which is odd for a golden, but the pyr...LOVES food. We have her trained, amazingly, to not eat out of her brother's bowl, if you can believe it. It'll be 4:00 by the time he rolls around to eating breakfast and she's not touched his kibble. On a side note, he earns his keep by getting the paper each morning. She doesn't "do" a whole lot...not super impressive with the tricks, but makes up for it with the cuteness.

    We fell in love with another pyr that was a lot like how you mention your Dumont was. Underweight and filthy...he'd been found with a little pack of them at a junkyard. We just couldn't adopt him at the time b/c we had 3 animals already and neither of us could take ANY time off from work. I hear he found a wonderful home.

    Millie - they ARE great dogs. People get scared of the size, but they are lovers and incredibly protective and patient. I love the paw print...sweet tribute!

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