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  1. Hi - 2nd IVF cycle - DE

    I was so excited - a BFP, Beta 296 at 10dp5dt. yesterday, 13dp5dt my # was 310. I'm scared now. My dr wants another beta on Monday, 16dp5dt. I hate being desperate like this. I was so hopeful that I no longer had to be desperate. I've just been praying and praying!!!
    Thanks for your feedback.

  2. the same thing happened to me my betas creeped up i had a 110-112 doubling time. i thought i was gonna miscarry the embryo. my dr really nerver was too concerned but my u/s showed a healthy heartbeat and i am 25w2d with a baby girl due in feb.

    23dpo--2498--- here's was the culprit
    27dpo--7298-- another one... but all turned out ok. see mine never doubled they jsut rose.. good luck.

  3. My nurse told me that after the first week or so, the beta numbers are not supposed to double any more, just not go down. She said that's why most people don't do betas after the first week (14dp5dt), because the numbers can't be interpreted and only an u/s can give you more info at that stage. I'm hoping she is right!

  4. I am sorry you are having to worry about this - why is it never easy. Even with good strong numbers we worry - it is just the nature of the beast.

    How many and what day did you transfer? There is always the possibility that 2 tried to implant and through off our first number and you are only pregnant with one?

    We will be pulling for you that all goes well and you can have a little bit of joy over the holiday knowing things are progressing as they should.

    Best -


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