Sonohystogram failed before 4th ivf attempt using DE

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  1. At the beginning of June, I went to my dr. to have a sonohystogram performed so that I could start my next ivf cycle with a donor. After many attempts and several different catheters, the dr. was not able to get into my cervix. It was very, very painful. At the end of the attempts, the nurse said for me to find a donor and we could go ahead. I have just now found a donor, but have not yet secured her. I decided I better call my dr. to make sure I could go ahead with my cycle before I got the donor. He said he was not satisified with the sonohystogram/trial tx and we had to do it again before he would allow me to go forward! I am so angry and confused! Why would it be any different this time? What does this mean? He said I might have to have surgery! Anyone that can offer any insight as to why my cervix will not allow the catheter, please let me know. Now I have to wait another month to do the sonohystrogram because I was too late in my cycle (by 2 days!!!) this month. He graciously agreed to not charge me for this one. Gee thanks.

  2. I am sorry for what you are going through. Unfortunately, I do not have any idea what is going on medically with you. Try to get your RE back on the phone and have him explain to you what he thinks happened with the last sono and what could possibly be going on. Also, make sure he sends you to a different place for the next sono.

    I do have to add though, that the nurse was wrong to tell you to go ahead and find a donor. She really jumped the gun.

    Take care. I hope this is all resolved quickly for you.

  3. Heather - Wow, I never thought I would find someone with the cervix issue that I have. The official name is cervical stenosis. My local Dr still cannot do a sonohystogram, so you are not alone! I would recommend talking to your RE about dilation before your cycle as you want to make sure it isn't an issue during ET or FET. When I did a cycle without dilation my previous IVF Dr dropped my embryo's trying to get in with the catheter.

    After that we found a great clinic where the Dr has no issues getting in at all! Seriously, the other week I had to do a sonohystogram locally since my IVF clinic is out of town, and after struggling for what seemed like hours I left the clinic bleeding and in pain. I flew to my IVF Dr for the same procedure, and was in and out in minutes without pain!

    Sometimes having surgery impacts the cervix, and know that the narrowing can change over time. Also, it depends on the Dr's ability also. NONE of my local Dr's can get in, but the IVF Dr has no issues at all.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, Debbie

  4. Thanks! I went back Wednesday to have my regular IVF dr. try. He was out of town at the time of the first one. He had no trouble getting in and gave me the go ahead. Yay!

  5. I too sometimes have problems with my cervix. My first HSG, no problem, went for another one over a year later and the doc at the hospital (not my RE) could not get in there. I was so upset. It seems to change a lot. Sometimes I have problems and sometimes not. Someone suggest a D&C would fix that, but I am afraid that will just create more problems of scaring. My RE doesn't seem concerned with it and I have never had a problem with ET's. Usually I don't feel them. But, they told me that HSG and sonohysto's use a larger catheter and that is why it is sometimes a problem. Yeah us!!! LOL.. (OK not funny)>

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