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  1. My DH and I think we are going to go ahead with DS after 3 mc's this past year and one failed IVF. He has a chromosonal translocation and 2% morp. We would be using his brothers sperm who has three children himself and we know he does not carry the same condition as my DH. So my questions are:

    1. Once I let the RE know we want to go this route what will the next steps be?

    2. Will the brother have to get any kind of evaluations done prior to giving a sample?

    3. How many samples will he need to provide?

    4. I am assuming we would want to try a medicated IUI first?

    5. What are the statistics of this working the first time? I think I am pretty fertile since I did get pregnant three times w/i about 6 months.

    6. Will we be referred to the clinics counselor first?

    6. Is there anything else I should know regarding this process?

    Thank you so much for any insight you can give me.


  2. I don't know for sure- but I would assume they will make your dh's brother get tested for all the same things, HIV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, clamydia, syphillis etc- not for sure- but would assume their are guidelines and laws about this and their requirements.

    Since this is a known donor they may just do the normal sperm analysis- 1 time or even day of IUI.

    I am sure you will have to do some "counseling" about this, evaluation etc, but I doubt it would be too awful. Consents would probably have to be signed etc, same legal ramifications, that doesn't hold the "brother" responsible for any children being born blah, blah, blah. Same legal inuendo b/c the clinic probably wants no liability etc.

    Don't quote me) usually a 10-20% chance of pg with IUI. Maybe slightly lower. If you are fertile myrtle may happen first time- but still could take a couple of rounds.

    If you are allowed to do a fresh IUI ( meaning) brother in law gives specimen and it is washed down and you are inseminated that same day- the chances may be better versus frozen and then unthawed sperm.

    Hope that helps.

  3. beiker---Just happened upon your post and was really excited to hear of someone sort of in the same boat as dh & I, in terms of using a known donor...dh's brother. My dh was dx with NOA and had a failed mTESE surgery last August. We are now planning to have another surgery at Cornell in September but will use my bil's sperm as back-up.

    Prior to making the decision to go to Cornell I approached my regular RE in NJ and told them that I had a known donor. The next steps included having my bil go to the local labcorp for bloodwork, which my RE wrote the script for...then, he produced a sample at home that I hand delivered to my RE and actually go to look at though the microscope! From there they froze 3 vial of sperm. DH and I, along with my bil and his wife were reqiuired to go to a psychotherapist for a session. The therapist then wrote up an evaluation and sent it to my RE. Basically, that is it.

    The sample still needs to follow FDA guidelines and stay quarantined for 6 months. After that period, my bil would have his blood re-tested and as long as everything was ok, we would be able to use the sample previously frozen.

    As far as what kind of cycle you would do, I suppose it all depends on your RE...I told mine that I wanted to go straight to IVF to optimize my chances and they planned on possibly doing ICSI b/c, although my bil had a decent sperm count, they weren't typical "donor quality."

    I'm not certain, but depending on where you live, the laws may be different, I'm not sure. Hope I helped answer some of your questions...

    I wish you all the best...

    eta---I just realized you live in NJ too!!! also, you cannot do a fresh cycle b/c the sperm must be quarantined for 6 months.

  4. Jenga - Thanks for the info!

    Just breathe - Yes, I am going to RMA in NJ I talkd to the nurse yesterday and she basically told me everything you just did The thing is I was not expecting to hear a six month waiting period I understand why they do it but for us it just seems like an eternity. And then to have to go through a few IUI's before it even works seems even longer Because we had three miscarriages and one failed IVF this past year we may get my BIL started on the process but also start with an anonmous donor and see what happens. If I'm still not pregnant in six months then we would have my BIL's to start using. I guess that is are plan for now. My DH is on board with both options we feel that no matter where this baby comes from biologically we will never look back and regret a second of it. I kow it would be nice to still have that small connection by using my BIL but I guess we will see how it all goes. Please keep in touch with me!


  5. beiker- one thing- and I KNOW this is deceptive or possibly an unethical thought but--- . We started an IVF cycle- got cancelled day of trigger- so my regular OB had me do the trigger shot, and I just brought in my dh sperm in a sterile specimen cup. Yes it was my dh's sperm, but he wasn't with me, and nobody knew for sure that was were the sperm came from- and I did an IUI by myself with the doc in the office. Granted it didn't work b/c we have such severe issues.

    However, my point is, although I don't think it is great advice, you could always "try" an IUI, with your regular ob- if they would allow you to bring the specimen straight in you could just omit that it is your dh's brother's sperm. I personally wouldn't do it simply b/c as well as you know your dh's brother, there always could be an issue, disease etc- and I wouldn't think you would want to risk that. However, my point is, at least with my primary ob, nobody asked, and DH wasn't there. My doctor knows me personally, so maybe he was just very sure that I was indeed bringing in Dh's sperm. I'm sure it has been done before.

  6. Jen - Thanks for the advice. I would prefer to go with what the Dr's suggest at this point. I don't want to take any shortcuts when it comes to this. We are going to go with Donor sperm until my BIL is ready to go. My guess is since myself and the anonomous donor would be healthy I will get pregnant before the six month period is up.

  7. Lisa---I just wanted to share a website that has some great personal stories regarding DS. I printed out a bunch and DH and I both read them and found great comfort in hearing about people in similar situations. They also have a packet you can download regarding Telling & Talking to DS children...not sure if you plan on being open with your child about ds, but dh and I plan to disclose everything with our child if we go the DS route and I found the site to be helpful and informative....looking forward to keeping in touch through our journeys

  8. Katie - Thanks this will be really helpful! I think we also feel being open with our child would be for the best. I ordered a book called "Helping the Stork" that I hear has some really great information as well.

    So if you are doing the next surgery in September when do you think your first cylce with DS will be?

    I am waiting to hear back from my clinic as to what our next steps will be. We looked through some donor profiles this weekend. I think we are still going to get my BIL prepared but I know the stats are pretty high for getting pregnant with IUI's w/i the first six months since I would be healthy and we would be using healthy sperm. And espeacially if we start out with some medicated cycles. So I am feeling pretty hopeful for our future. Keep in touch Lisa

  9. Lisa---

    Hope things are going well for you...Sorry it took me so long to respond. DH and I are doing a timed IVF/ICSI cycle with DH's mTESE at Cornell in September. We will have DS as back-up for that cycle if no swimmers are found. What have you heard back from your clinic?


  10. Katie - Hopefully you will be able to move forward with you DH's sperm but it sounds like the DS is a great backup plan for you guys just in case!

    I am going to be going forward with a donor iui next cycle. I am pretty nervous and excited. DH is completly on board and we even went through the couselling the RE recommended. So we are waiting on some additional info on the two donors(anonymous) we narrowed it down to and then will order the vials. My RE wants to do a medicated IUI and they do 2 inseminations per cycle. So I am going to start our ordering 6 vials. I am hoping that since it is medicated we will have good odds of getting pregnant on the first or second cycle. I am just a little nervous about multilpes. So we'll see.

    Best of luck to you! Keep in touch


  11. Hey Lisa...

    I was just checking in to see how you were doing...Hope all is well as you approach your next cycle


  12. Hi Katie!

    I'm doing good, we were flip flopping around between doing one more IVF or donor IUI's at the start of my next cycle, but have decided to just go with the IUI's so as not to go through another disappointment. Now I am just waiting for AF to get here. We have a donor picked out that I am really happy with! I'm anxious to get started!

    How are you doing? Hanging in there until your DH's surgery in September? Do you guys still try on your own in the mean time?


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