Soaking a breastpad?

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  1. Does this happen to anyone else when nursing on the other breast? Or does letdown happen at really weird times of day (when not around the baby)?

    If so, does this go away after a few months?


  2. no advice..just wanted to say hi
    guess i could have PM'd you

  3. I definitely had that problem where it seemed I would soak my breast pads until around 3 months and I was feeding on demand. Now my boys are just shy of 6mo and I still will occasionally soak one if I go too long between feedings. I do have an oald and I think that's part of the problem.

  4. I had to use a burp cloth on both sides. One to catch what Daniel didn't and the other to catch what the pad didn't. LOL Both were soaked by the time he finished nursing. Yes I had major oversupply. Many times this was after I expressed a few ounces just so I would stop spraying. I think it got better at around 4 months but I didn't stop using the cloths until maybe 7-8 months. For some reason I just leaked like crazy when Daniel was nursing. It was better with pressure and worse when I was home and not wearing a bra. Oddly I rarely leaked between nursing sessions even when I had very painful (strong) letdowns.

    Hopefully you will have better luck than I did. I don't think the leaking totally stopped until close to a year which was when I stopped feeling most of my letdowns too. I just learned to accept that it was normal for me. Patti

  5. I have had it happen to me usually if DS nurses from the left breast first as I tend to produce more on the right.

  6. Thnx ladies

    It was better with pressure and worse when I was home and not wearing a bra.

    Yes! And I have been wondering what women do who don't wear a bra...I rarely wear one when at home during the week...while freeing, it's a pain when I am about to least a bra holds a breastpad in place!

  7. Or does letdown happen at really weird times of day (when not around the baby)?If so, does this go away after a few months?TIA

    yup, just happened now when i read the title of your post. and N is upstairs asleep, having been nursed about 30 minutes ago. it happens to me about 4 times per day.

    it does get better, but to me it seems like it's worse w/each baby.

    i often don't wear a bra around the house- and my t shirt will be all wet on one side when i nurse on the other. but i change shirts a lot b/c of puking and such...


  8. Ds is an extendend nurser and I still soak pads after 26 months... It had improved around 6/7 months and then got worse again after around 16 months . I can't imagine being bra-less, the feel of the wet shirt drives me nuts and I always self conscious when we are outside. I wish there was something to help me diminish the supply at this nursing point.

  9. Around the house I would wear a top that had a little support built in. Enough that it would hold a pad in place anyway. I tend to like tops and PJ's that are sleeveless or have spaghetti straps and a band just below the bust for lounging or sleeping. They work great for nursing too because I don’t have to fiddle with lifting my top when I’m at home I can just move it to the side and down.

    I can't stand a wet top either and if I leaked and it got wet I would change right away. For about 8 months I carried a change of clothes just in case, but I never needed them when I was out. I think one thing that helped is that I always had a very strong (painful) letdown a few minutes before I started leaking too badly. so it gave me time to prepare. Thankfully those lessened over time too.

    Oh, I also have some nursing tank that were comfortable enough to wear around the house, but didn't give me enough support that I felt comfortable wearing them out.

  10. Just as I'm reading this I'm having yet ANOTHER letdown for the day! I've got no idea how many I'm having but its lots. And I hate it when I take my breast pads out and they are soaking, it grosses me out!

    My two were in the NICU for their first 4 weeks and I didnt experience a letdown at all, and since they have been home I get a really painful shooting pain. and all the leaking drives me nuts I hate it!

  11. I had one side that always leaked when I fed on the other side (and one that *behaved*). I finally started using a breast pad when I nursed, especially when I was in bed and not wearing a bra.

  12. I commend all of you who can go braless at home. I can't my boobs are just too big and need support all the time even at night. I still wear my bras 24/7. My son is 8 months and sometimes when I'm nursing I feel the let down of the opposite breast and sure enough the breast pad is damp when I check. When I was first nursing it would happen all the time now only once in a while.
    I have these great tank nursing bras that I wear around the house but would never just wear it alone in public. I always have to put on an outer shirt.

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