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  1. I opened my inbox because I had to check on a course I am taken. Well 2.5 months since the m/c and countless hours spent on unsubscribing I am still getting baby and pregnancy emails.
    This would be bad enough, but what really upset me was the title line. This email was from enamil and this was the subject line "Have you had a bad baby shower". This got me steaming. There is so many things wrong with this. Having my pregnancy loss and not having a baby shower is one thing, but here they are asking about a BAD baby shower. I would take a bad baby shower any day if it meant I was pregnant! Plus how can you complain about a freaking shower, that someone is throwing in your honor. I hate how people feel entitled to these things. Word to the wise, a shower is not a necessary, just because you are pregnant or getting married doesn't mean that you have a right to a shower. I wrote them an email telling them that their subject line is extremely offensive, lets see if they listen.

  2. I am so sorry this is happening it is maddening to have salt rubbed in the wound.

    I have been fairly lucky about the pregnancy emails but I remember the feeling from when my late husband passed away. There was so much junk mail... everything from his college alumni magazine to preapproved credit card offers. It drove me nuts. I sent repeated requests to have these constant reminders stopped. Some places stopped but a great many ignored me and kept sending the junk mail. I remember waiting on the phone for 45 minutes trying to cancel the alumni magazine and the endless requests for donations that came from the alumni association... shortly after that I recieved a mass produced letter from them suggesting that my late husband make a donation in his WILL. That was when I gave up. These people do not care, they just crank out more pointless messages. Eventually I moved and did not bother to leave a forwarding address and only told the companies I wanted to receive letters from where I was going. I didn't move to stop the letters but I really believe it was the only way to get away from them, I bet whoever now lives in that house is still getting my late husband's mail.

    Do not tear yourself up fighting them. Send them to your junk mail folder if it is an email. The ones that come in the mail I do not know what to do with.

  3. I don't even know how most of the companies that send me mail got my name and address. Today I got one from the grocery store delivery service - offering me a discount on my first order as a busy new mother. Yeah right. I know I did not tell the grocery store that I was pregnant.

    And the funny thing is that my sister recently had a living baby and she doesn't get any of this mail - she really wants the diaper coupons and is p*ssed that I've thrown them all away.

    Sorry you're having to deal with this. It's not like any of us needs a reminder of our losses

  4. I'm so sorry. I can relate. I too got put on a mailing list 3 years ago when I was Pg. I had to deal with freebies, coupons complete with updates about my lost baby' s development for at least 18 months...maybe longer because they sent me coupons for photography sessions at Target and always painfully mentioned the notably absent child.. I'm not sure how you go about getting off the lists. I would go strait to trash can with mail. Again I am so sorry. I remember how painful that was. Hang in there.

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