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  1. I'm expecting #2 in a few months and am looking to get a sling this time around. I have an ergo, but would like a sling that I will be able to nurse in, especially since I have a 2 year old to chase around. Anybody have one they recommend that is easy to use and nurse in? Thanks!

  2. I've had success nursing in the Baby K'Tan. I don't do it much but if I need to I can. It's a great sling!


  3. Thanks. I don't know anyone who has used that sling. It looks kind of complicated. Was it hard to figure out?

  4. It was really easy, basically it's like two pouch slings that are attatched in the back. If you look at the website they have how to videos. Is there a store near you that sells slings that you can try on? Or check out this website for more options

  5. I could nurse in the ergo once my DS was past the "newborn" stage, so you can give it a shot.

    I foung the maya wrap the easiest to nurse in, though. (or any ring sling) you can get baby comfy, then tighten the wrap to pull him/her close. Also, the tail can be used as a cover for privacy.

    Good luck!

  6. I found the kari me sling great for breastfeeding (still do, no 2 is heading for 6 months), and also for general use. I bought it online.

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