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  1. Miscarriages mentioned

    I have three 300IU Gonal F Pens and one 450IU Gonal F pen that expire 3/6/10, all have been proyoungihmly stored. I'm supposed to start stimming around 3/20. Would you use meds that are approx. 2 weeks past the expiration date?

    For background, this will be our third IVF cycle. Over the past 4.5 years we have have had a total of five losses. We've been through two missed misscarriages from natural pregnancies, chemical pregnancies with two IVF cycles and one FET. We are mental wrecks and sort of at the end or our emotional rope. Our diagnosis is unexplained, all test results are normal including RPL testing and Karotyping. It would be best mentally not to have anything to blame if this one doesn't work out.

    We are self-pay, but do have some drug coverage. I'm feeling thrifty and my husband feels paying for new meds is worth peace of mind. In my situation would you use the old meds or go for new?

    Thanks in advance for your input!

  2. I'm all out of pocket so I would use them. I probably would use them at the beginning of my cycle so that when I need more stimulating, RE can adjust the dosage ASAP. In your case, since you have some med. coverage, you should get new ones and probably donate this to your clinic. As what your Dh said, it's for your peace of mind and wouldn't ask the infamous "what if (I didn't use the expired meds)?"

  3. LS,

    I would be tempted to because are lot of medicines are still pretty potent even after expiration date.

    The pharmaceutical companies tend to overestimate when the meds go bad to ensure safety and to ensure their pockets (last one is my opinion).

    The US Military has done independent studies on meds past their expiration date and found most of the medicines in their stock to be as potent as those that won't expired. For example, aspirin tended to stay as potent even 5 years after it's expiration.

    As for the hormones, well, that is harder to test.

    I do know though that a friend used hormones past their expiration and she gave birth to twins, all with donated drugs from her doctor that were more than two weeks expired. (I had no idea a doc would do this, but I guess it happens a lot more.)

    I would be tempted to because they are soo expensive and I youngihmsonally know of this friend. She took the risk and won.

    But if it doesn't work out, you will be driving yourself crazy with the "What if's?".

    If you think you can do it, then use them.

    As for me, well, I would because I am a skeptic and sometimes my mind even wonders, if the fresh drugs are what they really are (many stories of people, companies, etc selling stuff in meds that do not represent....mind boggling, for example China selling IVIG that was counterfeit..sorry off topic).

    Good luck!


  4. absolutely. double check with your doc, but i think they are fine for at least 6 months past the exp date- gl!

  5. I would definitely use them if they have not been opened. I did it before because my nurse told me that if the pen has not been opened I can still use it for up to a year. If it has been opened then I shouldn't be using it.

  6. Two weeks is nothing. I'd use them if they were 2 months past.
    Good luck with your cycle!

  7. I would use them. I think they are good for 6mths past. GL!!

  8. I would use them..esp in the beginning of stimming..but as always ask your doc. His/her answer might help ease your mind. GL

  9. Many clinics have meds on hand (I believe they get some from the drug companies but many people also donate their leftover meds) so I don't think it would hurt to ask if they would be willing to let you swap out your meds for some of theirs if someone who was going to be given meds is cycling soon. That way you don't have to pay more out of pocket and also don't have worry about the what if's (blaming your cycling on bad meds). Just a thought. Hope I made sense.

  10. Thanks everyone for your input! Based on advice from our nurse, we will be ordering 10 days of new meds and then use the older meds if we need more than 10 days of stims. I think this decision was based more on not having anything to blame than on whether they are still fine to use.

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