Sick as a Dog Before IVF: Wait Till Healthy?

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  1. Hello IVF Gals!

    I\'ve been lurking here waiting for time to pass.

    Back in December 09, I self-canceled a cycle due to low response from being too suppressed on the Long Lupron Cycle.

    Got sick as a dog in late January and still am now.

    I'm taking antibiotics, codeilne, and an inhaler cause my hacking coughing is soo bad that I can't talk for more than 20 seconds without caughing up a lung.

    I began the Estrace Priming Protocal and am on Day 4 of taking two estrace pills.

    Told me IVF nurse and she said it was okay to begin stims in about 5 days.

    Now I wonder if I should postpone this cycle cause I'm sick as a dog.

    What would you do????


    Thanks for all your help.

    You are all such smart cookies

  2. I personally would not postpone. You will get better in a few days then kick yourself.


  3. Personally, I would consider cancelling if I thought I would/might still be that sick by ER...or by ET for sure. With so much on the line I would worry about compromising egg quality, or the cycle being affected by the meds. And if it was respiratory related illness, and I was also at any risk of OHSS (which I would be), I would be even more inclined to wait until I was a bit better too.

    It would also depend on if I had IVF coverage or not...I might be more inclined to continue if it was not OOP and I could try again without worrying about how to pay for it as much.

    Whatever you decide, hope you feel better soon, and your cycle goes great.


  4. sexy- i might be inclined to cancel- just b'c if you become pregnant- often the abd swelling etc from progesterone, etc can make you short of breath-if you are already sick, even having the "iv sedation" for the retrieval sets you up for increased risk of pneumonia etc. I will suggest you go buy the expectorant pills you can buy over the counter and take them every 12 hours ( they have guiafenisen in them) they are Humabid i think, but a pharmacist can help you- they really help getting the junk out of your chest.


  5. I was sick with a respiratory infection prior to a couple of cycles... fresh and FET. I was on antibiotics, inhaler for my asthma and Robitussin DM for my cough... no codeine cough meds though. You might want to check with your RE on codeine for your cycle. I did not cancel b/c I knew that I'd feel better before I start my stims, and I did. However, I know my illness pattern with respiratory infections though. If you know yours and think you'll be better in 5 days, then don't cancel. Otherwise, I'd postpone for a month to give yourself some time to feel better.

  6. Hello gals!

    I\'m torn because I feel I have been waiting forever, but it does make sense to postpone.

    I\'m already all filled up with liquid so I don't need more from the crazy hormones I will self-inject myself.

    Just feel bummed.

    Thanks, gals, though for all your advice.

    It seems that I have been constantly getting sick with respiratory stuff since December.

    Must be the stress.


    Oh yes, I am so lucky to be preggo then my immune system will probably be worse, not better. The Pre-IVF Waiting sucks.

  7. Hi SexySilvia,

    If you've been sick since December, I'm not confident that you will recover just in time for stims to start. You seem to be on a lot of medication. Who knows if it could compromise egg quality or not. If it was me, I'd cancel the cycle and work very hard to get 100% better. IVF is so expensive. You need to give yourself the best shot possible. Good luck!


  8. Silvia--I would have a hard time cancelling b/c the wait just S*CKS and to add more time s*cks even more....however, I think you need to cancel, b/c if you aren't better by ER, with the respiratory infection you are describing, you run a significant risk of anesthesia cancelling your ER since you are sick and it is elective. You would hate to go through stims only to have ER cancelled, so you better call it a day now and try again when you are breathing better.

    Sorry, I'd be so annoyed if someone gave me that advice!

  9. Hi Gals,

    I've officially told my RE that I've postponed due to the respiratory infection.



    Thanks for all your input and good luck with your IVF cycles.

  10. Hi Gals, I've officially told my RE that I've postponed due to the respiratory infection. Sucks... .

    yeah, that does Sorry you needed to do that. Hope you feel better soon.

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