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  1. Baby Averie was due September 3, but came early on August 25. 7lb, 1oz, 19in. She's the result of a FET we did over Christmas.

    Thanks everyone for the congratulations!~grace

  2. COngratulations, She looks so beautiful and sweet and peaceful.


  3. thanks Gitte. she really is a sweetie :-)

  4. Congratulations again Grace! She's adorable!

  5. cutie pie! congrats....


  6. I want to pinch Averie's cheeks, Congratulations Grace!!!


  7. Congratulations - she's a cutie!!


  8. congratulations, Grace!


  9. Hey M, Tracy, Lakshmi, Nancy and Deb, thanks for the congratulations. We sure are enjoying her! Thanks for popping over and checking her out.

    This is a hospital picture - aren't they so much better than they used to be?

  10. Many congrats!!


  11. She is DELISH! Really, I miss that tiny tiny stage. Enjoy her!!!


  12. I second thea.mondini. She is DELISH! She is adorable and such a little miracle. I miss that freshy stage. Have fun with her! They grow sooooo fast!

  13. She is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing her with us. Hope you find time to revel in the baby stage as it passed way too quickly with mine. Makes me miss that time SOOO much!

    Congrats to you!

  14. She is absolutely beautiful. Cherish this time. They are truly little for just a little while!!


  15. Thanks guys! I'm having so much fun with her. I can't believe how lucy we were to get such a sweetie :-)

  16. What a sweet little face she has!! Congrats!

  17. Congratulations Grace, Isn't she just the most perfect little thing you have ever seen. I remember when my dd was born and I just stared at her and thought I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world. Enjoy every day with her.

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