Severe cramps 8dp5dt - help please (some TMI )

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  1. Hi
    I woke at 1:30 am with very strong cramps and back ache. There was no spotting but most of the crinoine gel has worked itself out and some of it is slightly pink. I noticed a small amount stringy black/grey stuff too, like the yukky veiny bits you sometimes see in chicken. I did the gel again this morning as usual and I insert one estrogen pill vaginally. Usually I feel tight and struggle to get the pill up as far as possible but this morning there was lots of space, I was very open.

    I had been feeling very positive but now feel that I may have been pregnant but am losing the baby, or have lost it. Has anyone ever had a similar experience and had a positive outcome? We don't do beta tests in Ireland and my test day isn't till next Tuesday. I still have the cramps but they have lessened.

    Thanks, Din

  2. I hope you managed to speak to your doctor for reassurance - but I am quite certain (obviously not from a medical POV) that any symptoms in the 2WW are to do with hormones etc - not to do with the embryo attaching or detaching. Unfortunately I have had many early miscarriages and NONE had any symptoms. So try not to worry!

  3. Hi Din,
    I had a similar experience with the cramping. I woke up one night during my 2ww with pretty bad cramping in what seemed like my whole pelvis and back. It lasted about an hour. I was 4dp5dt at the time. I did turn out to be pregnant but it ended in a chemical. Sounds like it could be implantation. I did PIO though so I don't have any experience with suppositories. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the replies. The clinic said it could be the medication and not to worry. I can't wait for Tuesday to find out how the cycle went. I've no crampng today thankfully.

    Best of luck to everyone going through the 2ww!

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