Sertraline and Infertility Treatments

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  1. my psch. doc. is okay with this for cycling haven't asked RE.
    I think once there is a Positive, then the situation changes.
    For cycling they seem calmer about certain drugs NOT depakote or lamictal I know that for sure. (that's kindof off the topic but I have lots of experience with drugs.

  2. I have recently been prescribed 75 mg of Sertraline (generic for Zoloft). It has really cleared up my anxiety and depression in the 6 weeks that I have been taking it. I will be doing a cycle of IVF in November and my OBgyn says it should be safe to stay on the Sertraline. However, I talked to an RE and he says I should probably not take it. I am confused! Does anyone have experience with this?

  3. I am currently on 200mg of Sertraline and am also 10.5 weeks pregnant. I have started these meds over a year ago and knew that I would be undergoing treatment. I cleared it with my family and my fertility doctor that this drug is safe during pregnancy. At this point, the benefits of the meds outweigh the risks. Everything seems to be OK so far. The only issue is that with the pregnancy the meds seem to absorb more quickly and may not have the same effect.

  4. My gp told me that Sertraline and Budeprion (generic Wellbutrin) were okay, and my clinic knows what I take and they've been fine with it. Don't remember where I heard this, but somewhere I heard that it was more harmful for the fetus if you are depressed during the pregnancy, so it's preferable to take the meds.

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