Safety of Gentian Violet for nipple thrush?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm battling thrush in one of my nipples that is making pumping/feeding not much fun. It was recommended that I use gentian violet in conjunction with a topical anti-fungal/steroid ointment but I'm a little nervous about using the GV. I've read in a few places that it's toxic?? I don't want to take ANY chances with giving the babies the purple milk so will dump it and use my freezer stash if I need to.

    Any advice or experience with nipple thrush and treatments, including gentian violet?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Well, a friend had to treat her friend's tongue with Gentian Violet for thrush.

    He looked like a little martian baby. C was about 2 weeks old at that point.

  3. Laughing abt pps reference to the baby looking like a martian! I used venetian Violet and used that without steroids and over the counter aids. Was less worried abt the VV; swabbed my dd's inside mouth and my aerola. let it dry before u pump and as far as I recall no issue with purple bm! But my DD did look so freaking cute with her purple grin and face! Check out the site Kellys Mom for additional information on its useage. I also treated my thrush with diluted vinegar to wipe off my breast after every nursing, and all items my boobies touched (breast pump parts etc) after every pumping and was adament abt washing all bras etc. and ended the thrush very quickly! My DD is abt to turn 2 in a few days and although she stil has a purple face, all else is well....jk!!
    Good luck!

  4. I did 2 2-week courses of GV when ds was about 6wks or 2 month. The lactation consultant thought I had a yeast infection, don't if I did or not but I was always in pain was BFing. Ds' whole mouth was purple. I didn't have enough supply to pump so don't know what colour the milk was. I was told GV was safe, and ds at 5yo is a very very healthy child (knock wood!), never been on antibiotics and has never really had to stay home from day care/school due to sickness.
    Good luck! Hope GV does the trick!

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