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  1. Did you rest or not after the transfer?

  2. I did 48 hours of bedrest after my ET. I got my + at 12dp4dt.

  3. We did our IVF cycle in Ukraine, without a car and living in a fourth floor apartment without an elevator.

    Immediately after transfer, the doctors had me rest for two hours. Then my DH and I took a cab home. That's about all the rest I got post transfer.

    Upon arriving home we climbed the stairs and that evening we went to a dinner party. The next day I walked the two miles round trip to the grocery store, hauling a backpack full of groceries home.

    It was purely impossible to "take it easy" living that way.

    Still, it worked and I'm 24w1d with b/g twins.

  4. After our ET the doctor had me rest for approx 10 minutes. then went straight home and relaxed on the couch for the entire day. I returned to work the day after.

    It worked cuz I am 5w1d

  5. IVF #1 - Rested the day of transfer, light activity on day 2, normal activity on day 3 - BFN

    IVF #2 - Rested the day of transfer, rested on day 2, light activity on day 3 - BFP

  6. rested 3 days/72 hours after transfer. walked around the house from tv to kitchen to bedroom. propped myself up in front of tv with a recliner (my brain is now atrophied-jk), and did not lift a thing. My DH wouldn't let me out of the house. beta 435 last Thurs.

  7. RE didn't really give me any instructions just to take it easy for 24 hours----however I had OHSS and the only way I felt well is with bed rest. I did total bedrest for 48 hours then took it easy for another day, then went back to work and I started getting more symptoms of OHSS---by the end of the day I looked 4 months pregnant, work another day I became worse called RE instructed me to go on bed rest after an he arrange ultrasound and HCG (which was 4 days early). My beta was 132, and ultrasound showed I had ascites of 2 liters on my belly and pleural effusions in both lungs.

    I am happy to report about 10 days later I was better and they watch so closely via betas and ultrasounds that I about a week later we found both embryos took!!

    Today my b/g twins are 2.5 years old.

  8. I rested 3 days with my first transfer. That resulted in DD.

    I rested 24 hours and light activity the 2nd day for my FET. That resulted in DD#2.


  9. RE had me butt up in the office for 1.5 hrs and then DH and I went to the mall and walked around that afternoon. The next day I took my normal Spinning class, lifted weights and raked leaves. I was active for the entire week after ET and before my beta and got a BFP.

  10. Did 30 minutes of bedrest immediately after the transfer and then was instructed to just "take it easy." Wasn't running or lifting things but certainly wasn't in bed either. Got a BFP!

  11. My RE had me rest 30 mins. after transfer. I went to acupuncture and the grocery store later in the day and generally took it easy (light activity). Just got a BFP!

  12. Rest for 48 hrs per RE's office. Was supposed to go bBack to reg activies thereafter but I was cramping so bad that I stayed in the bed longer. I got my BFP this week! crisma

  13. IVF #1 - ET then go home and resume normal life. BFN-chem

    IVF#2 - ET with butt in air on a slanted table for 45 minutes, then home for strict bed rest for 72 hours. Other than the occassional 5-10 min potty breaks and meals. BFP with TWINS - 8w2d

  14. how does the bed rest help? the embie doesn't implant until a few days after transfer right? (well...if it's going to implant i mean).so what does the rest do to help?

    and ive been told the embies dont "fall" down to your cervix after transfer, so is bedrest really necessary for a positive??

  15. I have always asked my RE the same question. My current one explained like this. "Imagine a peanut butter sandwich, that is your uterus. Then imagine a tiny thread slipping in and putting the tiniest little drop(the eggs). Even though they "float" they aren't going to fall out." After ET, 30min in PO then rest of day in bed. Resumed normal activities by day 3. Currently 7wks

  16. IVF#1 Complete bed rest for three days: BFN
    IVF#2 Bed rest for 3 days: BFN
    FET#1 (Donor Embryos) I pretty much stayed on the couch the whole day of transfer. The next day, I rested at home, but was up and doing laundry, showering, etc. The next day, I went on a girls weekend trip with some friends. We walked all over town, went out to dinner, etc. I just got a positive on Wednesday (6dp5dt) and I go for my beta on Tuesday.

  17. IVF #1 BFN Partial Bedrest
    IVF #2 BFN Partial Bedrest
    IVF #3 (Donor Eggs) BFP with fair/poor quality embryos No Bedrest

    I came home, had lunch, and took a nap on the transfer day. In the evening I went out with DH and some friends for dinner and shopping. The next day, I went back to life as it is. I really don't think bedrest has anything to do with implantation. I even read somewhere that it can be unhelpful because moving around helps your blood to flow to your uterus.

  18. IVF 1 # complete bed rest for more than 24 hrs and after then light activity.


  19. I thought that since this procedure using DE costed me a lot of money, resting on a recliner for three days that my dr advised couldn't hurt.

  20. For my first fresh I rested completely afterwards which turned out to be a BFN.
    Then I did two FETs and rested with both - both BFN.

    I did a fresh cycle on August 2nd and went to a rugby match afterwards and sat in the pouring rain and it was a BFP. I had a beautiful girl over 4 years ago.

    I am doing another FET on THE EXACT SAME DAY BUT FIVE YEARS LATER! August 2nd is my transfer date with the same doctor.

    I have a four year old so I don't think I will be resting afterwards anyway.

  21. Just some info....

    I've always agonized over the bedrest decision. I've had various degrees of bedrest for my previous three cycles, one of which resulted in my DD. This fourth cycle just gave me a BFP and I had absolutely no bedrest. I have a 10 month old now and there was no way to stay down.

    I has made me further believe that it's the quality of the embryos that is the real deciding factor. Good luck to everyone.

  22. Because of this poll, I decided to rest for as long as I could, which ended up being about 48 hours of laying in my bed (it sucked lol, but I was determined) I have been getting bfp's and have my beta on Sunday. My first 2 ones I stayed in bed for a few hours, and I did get pregnant my first fresh ivf but lost the pregnancy, and the next fet was a chemical. Needless to say, Im a nervous wreck!

  23. I took it easy after the transfer, next day I was walking around NYC , day after took an 1 1/2 flight back home, I had to walk around the airport and carry my bags. Also, this flight happend to be the worst turbulence I have ever experienced while flying. I was so upset the whole way home and was convinced it wasn't going to work because of the turbulence and having to walk around the airport and carry bags. Surprisingly, my activity and the turbulence had no affect on the implantation. I got a bfp despite all the activity and lack of bed rest.


    Docs: Long Bed Rest Not Necessary After Embryo Transfer

    by John C. Martin Article Date: 12-07-04

    A long amount of bed rest following embryo transfer in assisted reproductive procedures isn't necessary, according to two doctors in a new international study.1

    Long Bed Rest May be Detrimental
    Zouhair Amarin, MD, of the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid, and Basil Obeidat, MD, of Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia followed 378 women who were undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Each woman underwent controlled ovarian hyperstimulation as part of a protocol for egg retrieval, followed by IVF and subsequent embryo transfer.

    But following the transfer, the women were assigned at random to undergo 1 hour or 24 hours of bed rest afterwards.

    As part of the process of in-vitro fertilization, doctors first gave two hormonal medications (gonadotropins): one to control the time of ovulation, and the second to stimulate egg production. Once the patient's follicles are mature and ready to release an egg, the doctor gives a third hormone drug, a human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), to trigger ovulation.

    Just prior to the eggs' release, they are aspirated through a needle into a test tube. The eggs are then mixed or injected with the male partner's sperm. Following fertilization, a resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus to begin a pregnancy.2 Doctors may then prescribe bed rest for the patient.

    Bed Rest's Effect on IVF Outcome
    To determine whether a long amount of bed rest makes a difference in pregnancy success, Amarin and Obeidat compared pregnancy rates between women who were confined to bed rest for 1 hour with those who had bed rest for 24 hours. They also compared embryo implantation rates between the 2 groups of women.

    "The clinical pregnancy rates were 21.5% for the 1-hour and 18.2% for the 24-hour post-embryo transfer groups," the two researchers wrote. That wasn't much of a difference.

    However, they found significant differences when they looked at embryo implantation. "The implantation rate per embryo was significantly higher in the 1-hour group (14.4%) than in the 24-hour group (9%)," Amarin and Obeidat noted.

    Thus, the two concluded that longer bed rest for women undergoing IVF is not necessary, and may be detrimental to embryo implantation success. "Although bed rest has been advised since the first days of IVF, it is not a routine part of IVF treatment in most Western clinics, and there is no scientific evidence to validate this practice," they wrote.

    Other Physicians Concur
    Doctors elsewhere have reached similar conclusions. In a much smaller study from Czechoslovakia, physicians at Charles University Prague and General Hospital in Prague evaluated the effect of bed rest involving 38 women undergoing IVF.3

    Patients in the study were selected at random to have no bed rest and return home immediately after embryo transfer, or to have bed rest in a hospital overnight. Both groups of women were comparable in age, number of previous IVF attempts, the ovulation induction protocol used, the physician performing the embryo transfer, the number of transferred embryos, and the age of the embryos on the day of transfer. This was done to ensure that no other factors biased the outcomes.

    The physicians found that the pregnancy rate, implantation rate, and the so-called "take home baby rate" were higher for those who received no bed rest after embryo transfer compared to those who had bed rest overnight.

    The implantation rate for those with no bed rest was about 22% versus 14.5% for those with bed rest. The pregnancy rate was 50% for those with no bed rest versus about 22% for those who rested overnight. Finally, the researchers found that the take-home baby rate was 40% for those with no bed rest versus 11% for those who had bed rest overnight.

    "The overnight bed rest in the hospital following embryo transfer did not ameliorate results of IVF," the Czech researchers concluded. "There is a strong tendency to [a] negative effect of bed rest."

  25. My clinic, which has high success rates, recommends normal activity but to avoid HEAVY lifting and VIGOROUS exercise after transfer (and until heartbeat is heard). I've had several BFPs (most were chrom abnormal - don't want anyone to think I have a brood at home), and with all of my BFPs, I did no bedrest and engaged in normal activity as if nothing had changed. My RE says in the normal population, people move normally and conceive all the time. Plus, as one PP stated, implantation does not occur day of transfer, so I don't see the benefit of bedrest.

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