Replacing breastfeeding before sleep time

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  1. Well, I made it past 1 year of exclusively breastfeeding (other than solids, of course!). Now that I only nurse about 2-3 times per day, my supply is really low. I realize part of the reason why DS likes to nurse is mostly for comfort as he drifts off to sleep. He does self sooth but getting the breast before sleep seems to be a must (unless he's in the car).

    How did you wean your child from the breast for sleep/bed times? Did you read or give a sippy cup or something else? Was it challenging? Any tips you might be able to share?

    Thanks so much!

  2. We already had a routine set up and we did not nurse to sleep (put down sleepy but still awake). When I stopped nursing, we would offer milk in a sippy before bed as part of our routine for a while (we don't anymore - DD is 2). It went smoother than you would think. We did bath, milk, books, prayers, brush teeth and sing to bed. But that is just our routine. Find one that works for you.

  3. You can switch up the order of things and switch to nursing before stories or bath time or whatever, then gradually drop the nursing.

    What has worked for us is to give a sippy cup of cow's milk and then sit in there and hold her hand or rub her back. It works for our babysitter when we're not around too.

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