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  1. Just started an equal-opportunities thread for pet pics, away!

    NYC - I was just cleaning a second-hand couch I bought and thought I'd snagged my hand on a nail...but no, it was Mintie, who had managed to stuff herself underneath the couch and up inside it through a gap in the fabric at the bottom! Keep the box...

  2. Keep your smelly poopy dogs away from my cat. :-)

    You cat people are so elitist....

  3. Damn straight we are. :-)

  4. Keep your smelly poopy dogs away from my cat. :-) Oh yeah, cause your cat litter box smells sooooooooo good!!!

  5. So, EQ, are you gonna join us on the drinking thread or what?!
    I have been OUT drinking IN PUBLIC for three nights in a row and managed to wake up today with a hangover and 4 hours of sleep.

  6. Date night tonight:

    Ramen joint followed by a movie.

  7. Jealous.

    Date night tonight: blue cheese burger with my grandmother followed by a rerun of House.

  8. I'd trade a whole lot of date nights to be able to have my grandmother back for a night of cheeseburgers and TV. You're lucky you still have her around.

  9. EQ, if your grandma is organizing a prayer group for getting you laid, I bet she's a pretty good person to hang with on a Saturday night

  10. She really is pretty awesome! I try not to take her being here for granted. You don't want to **** her off though. She British and she can be a badass! She's the one that I had to explain to her when she spent 3 months in a nursing home with a broken leg, and the nursing home staff referred to her as the Queen of England, that it was NOT a compliment.

  11. That is hilarious.

  12. Eating pad thai at 10:00 at night while watching reruns of Housewives of Orange County.

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