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  1. a hug from someone you love
    downhill skiing
    my Wii - especially the cow racing game
    hammocks on the beach
    pills that let you sleep blissfully for 12 hours
    warm towels fresh from the dryer
    Coldstone Creamery
    squash (aka beating the sh*t out of small black ball)

  2. My mom's recipe for chocolate cake & homemade frosting. She says the secret is to bake a boxed cake but make the frosting from scratch. She and Sandra Lee have a lot in common.

    My friends, both virtual & IRL, who have picked me up and carried me along through the worst part of my life. It would have been easier if he had died, I would have at least gotten a funeral.

    Rediscovering some of my favorite old classic rock, in the car.

    The angst of a new man to lust over.

    Work to keep me busy.

    My shotgun, blasting orange clays against a clear blue sky.

  3. mmmm -

    --watching my pups bouncing through the snow or the water at the lake- nothing makes me much happier than this, they are so full of joy that I laugh outloud.

    Millie - I was just going to post the same! I'm just back from the park and watching my dog run in the snow all blissed out is such a joy!

    *a really good glass of wine
    *dark chocolate with almonds
    *dancing to old school funk music
    *a good yoga buzz (that zen feeling after a really great class - haven't had that in awhile)
    *super guilty pleasure: The Millionaire Matchmaker

    I use Moroccan Hair Oil too - love that!

    just started doing zumba - sooo much fun!

  4. Laughing so hard at/ with funny DH I have tears
    the beach
    the pup
    taking the pup to the beach and letting her run free
    my mom's cooking...chicken cutlets are the bomb! I still can't make them liker hers!
    Night out with the girls
    clean house and all the laundry done and put away
    a day off
    memories of my wedding
    planning pretend vacations and sometimes actually making it there
    having fellow vets like you gals

    the bachelor
    fast gross but sometimes sooo good esp after a night of wine

  5. ha - now i'm going to try to blow bubbles the next time i have my bubblegum vodka.

    it is so yummy - smooth and not too sweet, i drink it straight over ice. it's Three Olives brand from England.

  6. Putting a red bow on the cat and taking photos of her with some props so I can make Valentine's Day cards.

  7. I think I need to see those photos.

  8. I think you do too! We are moving this weekend, so assuming DH unearths the scanner, I will get him to post a select portfolio (after he's been given his card, of course). Watch this space...

  9. Putting a red bow on the cat and taking photos of her with some props so I can make Valentine's Day cards.

    OMG, LAKIS, that sounds a little too much like something Angela from The Office would do... I can't wait to see them.

  10. Actually I just realised that we don't need the scanner to post them, since they're already in digital form (duh) - but DH doesn't know about it yet so I'll wait till tomorrow, after he's received his card.

    Yeah, I know it's bordering on the nauseating holiday cards people send of their kids...but Mintie is SPECIAL.

  11. free-diving in the Aegean surrounded by blue (its humbling)
    the sun on my face
    sleeping in on a sat glued to dh
    plain potatoe chips with helluva good dip
    a sticky sweet sappy Bollywood movie where i can cry through a box of tissues
    stealing from nyc good cheese good wine and good bread, (man im hungry)
    a good bottle of scotch (yes you read that correctly)

    btw what is monkey cake...its doesnt sound very appetizing....

  12. getting tipsy on sangria on a friday after work

  13. My husband came home tonight with a dozen longstemmed pink roses.

  14. Ooh!! Mintie! I want to see Mintie!!! Post her!

  15. * bubblegum flavored vodka

    Carol! I was JUST saying to somone that I wished they made bubblegum flavored vodka! And then I saw your post- does it truly, really exist? As the Black Eyed Peas say in their song, "Like Oh My Gosh!" Do tell.....

  16. Can't wait to see Mintie LAKIS!

  17. 1980s memorabilia.

  18. -Belvedere vodka martinis
    -bologna sandwiches at the beach (yes I eat bologna, turkey bologna that is, and only at the beach)
    -doggy snuggles
    -hot chocolate with extra whipped cream
    -the first night sleeping on clean sheets-something about the way they smell & feel
    -new shoes

  19. yes sunshine, there really is bubblegum vodka!! just finished a glass and am typing really slowly.

    it's by 3 olives from england - i ordered some through a local liquor store - maybe one close to you would order some.

    cheers all!

  20. OK, ladies, due to popular demand...heeeeeeeere's Mintie! A frisky 11-month-old, she has one blue eye and one gold eye. She enjoys licking the gravy off her food, shredding rolls of toilet paper, and walking on the beach. She was hoping to get these up in time for Valentine's Day, so she could send you all a card of sorts, but we've been moving house and have only got the internet sorted today.

    Picture 1: It's true! All you lovely vets have a secret admirer...

    Picture 2: Tah-daaaaaah! I did have some chocolate-covered kibble for you, but, um...ummmmmmmm...LAKIS ate it. All of it. In one go. Yeah, that's what happened. Happy belated Valentine's Day anyway.

    Picture 3: If I close my eyes and wish hard enough, will you be my Valentine?

    Picture 4: What Mintie really thinks of Valentine's Day.

    Picture 5: The level of romance most of us achieve on Valentine's Day.

  21. mallomars

    LAKIS, those pictures really made me smile, thank you. She's beautiful

  22. LAKIS-those pics are great & Mintie is adorable

  23. LAKIS those pictures are fantastic!! Thank you for that laugh. Truly awesome.

  24. I love Mintie! Thanks for sharing LAKIS!

  25. I love the name! Thanks for sharing, it made me smile today.

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