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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I'm on the list for several donors, but my top choices have long waiting lists.

    If you had donors who met your personal criteria, how much did you base your final choice on the donors' past cycle results?

    Or did you choose based on how many mature follicles were retrieved, because how many were fertilized and became a baby in prior cycles is also dependent on the sperm and the other recipient's IF status?

    Thanks for your sharing your experience and opinion!

    You may PM me if you are more comfortable.


  2. Hi, Dana- we used two donors - with the first, i didn't really know how to scrutinize her history and probably should have paid attention to my clinic folks when they said her eggs had some trouble fertilizing with normal sperm. she had donated 4 times before and i believe there were 2/4 pregnancies on the fresh cycles- don't know about frozens- and i know one retrieval there were only 5 eggs.

    these were red flags and i didn't know it. she did quite poorly for us and egg quality was to blame. we almost lost heart and didn't do it again.

    with our second donor, i didn't even look at anyone who hadn't had + pg on every single fresh cycle. we ended up waiting 9 long months for this donor to be available- there was a problem w/t he agency- they thought she was available but she was really cycling for another agency- and that other couple had to have surgery and wouldn't let her cycle for us first- and there was nothing we could do about that.

    a lot of trouble and a lot of time, but worth it in the end as we have a 21 month old son from the fresh cycle and are 33 weeks pg with a second (well, third for us) son from the first FET.

    so, i'm a BIG booster of examining track records. but then you meet people on these boards who do fine with unproven donors....

    good luck


  3. We were the donor's 4th cycle. She already had a child of her own and was 25. First two did not result in a pg even using a surrogate for one of them. The third cycle was ++ and so was ours. I donated leftover frozen embryos to two couples and one got pg and the other did not. I am donating again to the couple who got pg and hopefully that, too will result in +++.

  4. Thank you for your response pilma! Wow! That was a long wait.

    Mustang, glad your act of faith was rewarded. Thank you for sharing.

    Did the clinic explain why the first two transfers may not have worked and why it might work for you when it did not for two prior recipients?

  5. dana - I chose a 4 xproven donor who eneded up crashing on day 8 of her stims and the cycle was canceled (I was told this can sometimes happen).

    Then I chose an unproven 19 year old donor - she stimmed fabulously and then screwed up the hcg shot - we only retrievd 4 immature eggs - she ovulated early.

    I did end up pg with left over intermediate (not mature but not quite mmature) eggs from a donor that went in the day before mine - there were 3 eggs - all 3 fertilized and I am pg with twins. This last donor was very proven - with many sets of twins. I knew nothing about her - until afterwards - it seemed that all of that was insignificant by that pont & it was just meant to be.

    If I could do it again - I would definetely go with someone who is proven -because not only do you have to worry aboutthe quality of eggs - but also that they are responsible & smart enough to mix the drugs and do the shots correctly. Sometimes an older donor 26-32 may be a better choice for that reason alone!

  6. Congratulations akaram. Man, that must have been a rollercoaster of emotions! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Good point about being responsible. I found one awesome and one great donor, but I am waaaay down on their lists.

    There is one available that I like, but from past history, looks like I would likely have 2-3 embryos total. Single pregnancies from all prior cycles except one.

    It is too late to wish I had put myself on the waiting lists sooner. Now I decide whether to go ahead with the available donor, or wait (months?) for a better match......

    It has taken me a year to get to this point emotionally and mentally. So of course now I want to proceed a.s.a.p. Geesh! LOL


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