rats. i think i have the flu, transfer saturday- what does this mean?

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  1. i came home today feeling terrible- achy, tired, and my chest hurts. i am definitely sick, dont know if it will last get worse or what.
    tomorrow i'm supposed to start medrol ( great, an immunosuppressant) and tetracycline, transfer sat.

    questions- will suppressing my immune system really throw me over the edge? can i ( should i? ) transfer while sick? does that affect my chances? and i'm wondering if the tetracycline might actually help?

    has anyone done a transfer sick, and what were you told. i can't beleive this, this succks.

  2. Normally, sick is fine as long as you don't have a fever. Check with your RE.

    (And I am so sorry...that really sucks.)

  3. Normally, sick is fine as long as you don't have a fever. Check with your RE. (And I am so sorry...that really sucks.)

    I agree with rose19, it should be fine...(but of course talk to your dr.)

    Just what you need, more stress when cycling. Hope you are feeling better by the weekend!

  4. No advice but wanted to say that that $ucks and I hope you are feeling better soon!!! I'd also check w/RE.


  5. Violet,

    Sorry you are sick. I think sick for the transfer is fine. I was sick for one of mine, but not a high fever and my re does not use sedation of any kind for transfer.

    Good luck.


  6. warning ** success mentioned **

    I was deathly ill for my transfer. I was terrified they would cancel me. My clinic (CCRM) did a pre-transfer physical and I contemplated trying to "hide" how sick I was but with so much on the line, I decided to be totally honest and let the chips fall where they may. They let me continue and acted like my illness was no big deal at all, despite flu-like symptoms -- no fever though. That cycle actually worked for me, even with sad-looking morulas. You just have to be VERY careful what OTC meds you take -- I think only Sudafed and Tylenol are okay -- even medicated nasal spray was a no-no. The cycle meds (medrol and antibiotic) were not a problem at all.

    Good luck and feel better!

  7. thanks , everyone. ( crossing fingers here) i seem to feel somewhat better today., and i never had a fever and still dont. i hate feeling like ****, but today is manageable.

    yesterday night felt like tthe oncoming of something horrible, so i'm going to take it really easy til saturday-

    you guys are the best !!!

  8. Glad you are feeling better today. When M and L were transferred, I was ill, too. I was fearful they would cancel it but thankfully, they didn\'t.

    I have been thinking of you all week!!


  9. kim please use warning headers when mentioning success. Thanks.

  10. thanks kim, , i try to remind myself of how many pregnancies occur under all kinds of circumstances..

    i have to admit i was so motivated to get better, i chewed on cloves of raw garlic - ( a great anti-viral.) dh was not happy.

  11. I'm sorry you've been feeling badly. Several different RE's told me the same thing rose19 said, and also said Tylenol was OK. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. hope you continue to feel better, kitten.

  13. Are you feeling better (hopefully)? Wishing you the very best for tomorrow's transfer.

  14. violet, what happened? did you go ahead with transfer? hope you're feeling 100%.

  15. Violet~ I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you & sending out many prayers. Hope all went smooth today~

    xox J

  16. violet, what happened? did you go ahead with transfer? hope you're feeling 100%.

    ditto...hope you are feeling better and transfer went well.

  17. Hi Violet,

    I just wanted to tell you that I also had the flu when I went through my 3rd IVF and that was the one that worked!!! Good luck to you!

  18. Hey Violet - hope all went well today...thinking of you.

  19. thank you everyone- thankfully , by friday i was 100% better- maybe the tetracycline?

    i did my transfer, and if you have seen my other thread here ( about embryo quality and previous bfns) i was concerned about the embryos that were remaining- before this transfer, i had 9 left that were all good-moderate quality at freezing- two previous FETS with this batch had been bfn, and the embryos have not looked good after thawing- my last FET we thawed 4 to get basically 2 ( a third was trasferred, but was not dividing and highly fragmented), and this FET was disappointing too-

    6 were thawed , 4 were transferred, but again, one only contained one live cell, not dividing , and was very fragmented. of the other 3, two were over 20% fragmented , one of those had divided, the other had not, but had live cells. the one i'm hanging my hat on is the only one that looks like it has any potential- it was dividing, and looked clean and symmetrical and had little to no fragmentation.

    i am very disappointed frankly, because i somehow thought embryo adoption would be the answer to all of the disappointing ivfs i had with my own eggs- this was a 30 year old donor with twins on the fresh- should have been a slam dunk. i don't know if the lab effed up ( their pg and fet rates are very good, normally) or what happened here. i started with 13 embryos, i have 3 left, and i am feeling really bitter, i can't lie.

    anyway, thats the update, thanks a million for being here with me, it helps.

  20. Lynn, my heart goes out to you. Disappointment and heartache over and over again just sukk. I wish everything had looked optimal for the transfer so you wouldn't have to go through any more sadness. You've had enough and you deserve a big break. Here's hoping this is the last disappointing news you'll get. I know how hard hope can be. If you don't have it any more, I'll hope for you. You're in my thoughts during this wait.

  21. Lynn, I'm sorry this has been so frustrating. I really hope that one good one makes it.

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