Raspberry Tea...did u drink it?

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  1. For those of you who used rasp. tea to increase your lining, when did you start it? and how much did you drink daily?


  2. I drank 2 cups a day starting at beginning estrogen for my DE transfer and then cut down to one cup a day at transfer. A week later a friend told me I shouldn't be drinking it after transfer because it can cause uterine contractions so I stopped. (So obviously I didn't know what I was doing.)

    My lining was 9 instead of its usual 8 but I don't know if that made the difference. It was my only successful cycle of 8 completed ones but I made a lot of changes this time (donor syoungihmm, immune treatments...)

    Good luck to you.

  3. Do know that the tea believed to help is not raspberry tea but raspberry leaf tea. They make both!

    I started it long before my cycle. I drank 2-3 cups a day. To be honest, my lining was always an 8 before RRL tea and remained an 8 after RRL. One thing, not sure if it was the tea, I did get pregnant the two cycles I was drinking the tea (IVF #4, FET #1) when all my other cycles failed. They unfortunately ended in a loss but it was nothing to do with the tea.

    Historically women have taken raspberry leaf tea throughout their pregnancies. It is believed to prevent miscarriage. Lots of “pregnancy teas” even have RRL in them! There are some who say that it induces labor or causes contractions but there simply is no evidence.

    Good luck!

  4. it didnt work for me.... i drank it on FET #2 and my linnig got worst... it might have been from the tea or maybe not.. but it is the only thing i did diff.

    i will say i only had a linning of 6.9 with my FEt but it had a triple stripe.. i was very hesitant about it working since research said they want to see a 8+... i did have success and delivered my dd 2 1/2 months ago. my dr did say witha a triple stripe it doesnt matter how thick.. he said they see success all the time with linning of less then 8...i was on 6mg estrogen orally. 2mg estrogen vaginally and 1 patch a day to help build it up.. gl u can ask to take ur estrogen vaginally it is said to work...

    that being said try not to stress too much on the thicknmess of your linnig if you have it around 6.5mm and up with a trilpe stripe then it is adequate for implantation.

  5. Anothe thing about Raspberry Tea is knowing when to drink and when to stop - it is supposedly not good to drink after a certain point as it adversely affects lining - at least what I had heard. I would definitely check on the pros and cons and know possible effects at various times of your cycle.

    Best -


  6. I did a fair amount of reading up on RRL tea before trying it. I drank about 3 cups a day before leaving home for my transfer (starting on the day I began taking estrogen), but forgot to bring it with me. My lining check while drinking it was almost 11 and then 4 days later (after not drinking it) it was under 10mm. Nothing else had changed. I drank it again this past cycle and did not forget to bring it with me and my lining was 11 again.

    I did read that it was really good for the lining, but that after transfer it is probably a good idea to stop because of the contractions. It tones the uterus so it is good to drink again in the last trimester, but no more than a cup a day. I read many accounts of women drinking a very strong dose of it just as they go into labor; it is said to really help things along and to reduce the pain of contractions.

    Good luck!

  7. pregnancy and birth ment below.

    I drank a combination or raspberry leaf, nettle and red clover infusion (brewed overnight, 1/2 oz each in a 2 quart jar). I took 2 cups of it a day. I did this through my FET cycle and stopped the red clover after BFP. I continued the raspberry and nettle sometime in the first tri and then started it up again after I was having a lot of tightenings at about 23 weeks on the suggestion of my midwife. I continued this until I went into labour at 42 weeks.

    Raspberry leaf will not put you into labour unless you are meant to be in labour. It is a uterine tonic, meaning it strengthens the uterus. I had quite a normal labour too.

    My lining just prior to ovulation (natural cycle FET) was less than 8mm.

  8. I just drank gin and I had a suyoungihm duyoungihm lining.

  9. I just drank gin and I had a suyoungihm duyoungihm lining.

    LOL!! I think I'll try some good old Jack next time around.

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