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  1. Hi,

    This is my first D and C and not sure what to expect. I had the procedure 2 days ago and am still feeling quite pg. My bbs still really hurt and feel a little nautious, tired etc.. Is this normal??? Are my hcg levels still high? Does it take awhile for your body to realize it's not pg anymore?

    I am still bleeding a moderate flow as well. How long does the bleeding typically last? I have m/c naturally before and didn't feel pg at all during the m/c.

    Is it possible I still have retaining tissue? They did an u/s after my procedure and my RE said the lining looked thin and didn't see anything left in there.

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a little worried.

    Thanks and sorry for those who experienced this as well. It's such a painful experience.

  2. helena,
    i am so sorry for your loss. i had a d&c in the spring, and i remember wondering the same things.

    everyone\'s bodie's will react differently for each pg even, so i would imagine that your hormones are still shakey and it may take a while for things to settle down, even out. i think it was a week before i stopped feeling nauseaus, etc, after my d&c. i also had a natural m/c and i remember feeling very un-pregnant immediately afterward.

    there is always the possibility of retained tissue, but more than likely they got everything out. they should check your hcg levels to be sure things are going down to normal as they should. i worried about scarring and retained tissue, but it turned out fine for me. most of the time, everything is fine.

    i think i bled for 3 days after the d&c, then a week went by, then i bled on and off for a week. then, i got a regular period on cd27.

    i am sorry you are going thru this. i was just thinking today that the d&c experience was one of the most humiliating times of my life... i hated every part of it, from the initial loss of the pg, to the surgery, the recovery (wasn't easy), and just that feeling of being out of balance in your own body. but eventually things did balance out. i hope you have a good recovery.

  3. helena, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I had my D & C a little over two months ago. My experience was very similar to what ellipitta described. My body was completely out of whack for an entire month. The fatigue didn't let up for about 2 weeks, not sure if it was due to the hormones or due to the fact I was sleeping horribly, probably a combination of both. I had bleeding after the procedure, as expected, which then stopped, which started up again as spotting until the time AF arrived (approx 30 days after the procedure). The following month, my cycle was pretty much back to normal. I hope that your recovery goes easy and you will start feeling better soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had the procedure done 5 days ago and am still bleeding, sometimes heavy with clots (sorrytmi) and cramps. My breasts are still very sore, so I'm still a little worried, but will give it a few days before calling RE to ask for a hcg. I'm sure it is still positive, I'm still feeling pg. Hopefully the bleeding/cramping slows down soon! I just hope that there is no remaining tissue or anything. I can deal with the physical symptoms, but am having a very hard time with the emotions. I guess maybe the hormones dropping is like PPD. I feel so down! Maybe b/c it's 4th loss in a row and I'm pretty sure I'm done with cycling and mourning the loss of my eggs as well as the pgcy. So depressing!!

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