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  1. Hello all. We have finally started our first cycle. I started Lupron on Monday, have my baseline bloods/ultrasound tomorrow, and if all is as it should be (fingers crossed) I will start stims on Friday. I will be using Gonal-f. My questions are: 1. Is Gonal-f typically given in a single injection per day or multiple injections per day? 2. Are the injection(s) very "time specific." I am asking because the nature of my job involves a lot of variables and there is a very real possibility that I will not be able to get to a location to inject at a specific time. I mean, I can and will make arrangements if needed, but if the injections are "time specific" those arrangements will have to include taking some days off of work while I'm stimming. Thanks in advance for any info...

  2. First of all good luck on the cycle! In my experience (9 injectable cycles) I always injected stims once a day on PM schedule, basically 'in the evening' was a close enough time frame for my RE though I did try to keep it to an hour time block so I would have steady growth...not sure if that is scientific at all!

    The one-time trigger shot (usually about 34-36) hours before retrieval is very time specific so you should be prepared for that. They don't usually give you a ton of notice for that one because the trigger is based on your follicle growth/size which is monitored daily or every other day and is different for everyone. Also, where it is your first cycle it may be hard to judge. You may want to ask your RE how many days they think you will stim for to get an idea of when the trigger date will be...but be careful because in all my cycles I have always been a day off when guessing. Again, best of luck!

  3. I agree, my Gonal-f injections were usually in the pm as a single dose.
    Since you are on Gonal-f it will be VERY easy for you to sneak a shot in no matter where you are. You can carry the pen in your purse and just bring it in the bathroom with you. Once the pen is used for the first time you can keep it unrefrigerated for up to 28 days.
    Don\'t forget to save the pen as it has alot of overfill and that can save you having to buy an entire pen at the end.

  4. Thanks ladies, that information helps alot. I had my baselines done this morning and should get my protocol tomorrow. Unfortunately the baseline revealed only 6-8 antral follicles so I am starting off behind the 8-ball. But if there is anything I've learned from this forum it's that nothing is predictable with IVF, so for now I am staying positive.

    Thanks again.

  5. I did one cycle with Gonal-f both a.m. and p.m.; all others, it was p.m. only.

    You\'re supposed to take the stimulation shots within an hour of the same time every day to keep a steady level in your bloodstream.

    The SQ shots are easy to manage . . . I did planes, my office, at home, traveling. As long as you have a couple of minutes and a bit of privacy, you can manage!

  6. I have the same experience as Sofia_P.....I\'ve had protocols involving stim shots in the am and pm and protocols where I did am only and protocols when I did pm only.

    You have an hour window before and after the original time of injection. What I did with the GonalF was to get the pen which I had to dial the dosage and inject. Very easy to do when you're on the go, b/c there's no mixing of medicine.

    With the Lupron, I prefilled the syringes and take them along with me for when I needed to inject on the go. GL!

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