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  1. Hi! I had a few questions about DE consultations:

    • Do consultations for DE have to be done in-person or can they be done over the phone?
    • Do both you and DH have to be there?
    • Is there a psych evaluation at the clinic and do both potential parents have to be there or only the woman?
    • What is the timing of the psych appt? e.g., same time as consultation, only after one has chosen a clinic
    • How long is the consultation "good" for? I take it I wait until closer to the time for a mock DE transfer?

    I recently lost my job so I have more time but I don't plan on doing DE until 2010 (and it could even be mid- to end of 2010). That said, I kind of want to start now since there's a lot to learn and I'm still getting acclimated to the idea. Once I get a new job, I'll have limited time to take off so I don't think I'll be able to do a lot of in-person visits as I'll need time for the cycle itself. Lastly, I'm on the East Coast and will likely cycle in the West Coast where there are more donors that meet my specifications.



  2. I am also on the east coast, and I will be cycling at SDFC on the west coast. My husband is in the military and has been in Afghanistan for the past year, so I did everything solo. We both did not need to be present for consult, which was done by phone. I had a consult with the new patient coordinator first, and was sent all of the paperwork via email. Once I sent it all in I had a phone consult with the doctor, which was $275. Once the consult is complete and they have your paperwork, you are officially considered a patient. There is no time limit to cycle. The next step was a mock cycle, which I did in California because I have family there and I was going to be in the area. You can do a mock cycle in your home area with a local RE. If you aren't going to be cycling until next year, you probably won't need to do a mock cycle until late Spring or early Summer. At SDFC, once you start your mock cycle then you can officially select a donor. Once you select a donor, I believe that there is a time frame given for when you must complete your cycle. We selected our donor in Mid-August, and hope to cycle in late October. They waived the Psych evaluation for us because we had already started a cycle with another clinic that got canceled. If we would have had to do one, they said we could have done it via phone, but we both would have had to be present for it. You shouldn't do the Psych eval until you are ready to do the mock cycle. Also any blood work shouldn't be done until that time also. I just did my blood work, and DH won't do his until he returns next week. He will also do a comprehensive semen analysis when he gets back too.

    Hope all of this info helps.

    Best of luck to you!!


  3. Hi -

    When you are looking at clinics I recommend asking the following. The answers may skew the clinics rates for true DE.

    How do they report surrogacy cycles? DE or OE
    How many surrogacy cycles do they do a year?
    # of successful (live birth) cycles are from surrogacy vs. non surro

    Some clinics put surro #s in DE #s. If this is the case then to me the #s are skewed. If a clinic does 100 de cycles per year and 25 are surro cycles then those are women who don't have a problem getting pregnant in the first place.

    If a clinic does 75 de cycles and no surrogacy then their overall de stats may in fact be the same.

    Hopefully this makes sense why these numbers are important to understand in terms of clinic's overall success rates.

    If a clinic pushes surrogacy after one failed DE cycle and women go that route then in the end it could end up making their numbers seem higher than they areally are.


  4. Steph, first of all thank you and your husband for your service to our country. I'm glad you're able to move forward with a lot of this even though your husband is away. If you have time, I'm wondering which other clinics you considered and how you ended up choosing SDFC

    Amshel, thanks so much for your input too. I hadn't even thought of surrogacy or that being in the numbers.


  5. hi C, are you definitely going to go with an inhouse donor pool at a clinic or will you consider using an agency to find your donor?

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