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  1. Hi ladies, Im a patient at Cornell. Need some info please.

    Im trying to decide if I will have enough time to start my Mock cycle this month and be done with it by May21. I have to be in Florida for My parents 50 wedding anniversary May 23.
    I just got my +OPK this morning, which means my first lupron shot is next monday (april20)..My question is, how many days from when you took your first lupron shot, did u get your "lupron period"?? I think the nurse said anywhere from 8-14days. (my regular cycles are 28-30). I know everyone is different, but I know your responses will help me decide.


  2. molybiatis- I am almost done with my mock cycle. I started Lupron on the 18th of March and will be done with everything on the 17th April.
    They are very flexible with the mock cycle. I couldn't come in on all of the exact dates so they worked with me. My last b/w should be on Sat but they are letting me do it one day earlier so I can go out of town.
    HTH and good luck

  3. maily, I did my day one b/w & u/s at Cornell and did the rest of the b/w and the last u/s in my hometown. If you just have the last day b/w to do you may be able to do at the local hospital were your parents live. Good luck!

  4. meropi and Nancy,thank you for your responses.
    The nurse asked me if I had lining issues (I never did) because if I did, she cant guarantee I will be done with the MOCK by May 21, however she says the fact that I never had lining issues, she sees no problem being done by May 21. Im going ahead with the Mock and hope for the best.

    meropi- I didn't think about getting the last b/w done in Florida, good to know.

    Thx again ladies and best wishes!

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