Question about Lupron & Follistim doses

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  1. Well, the other decided to get it's heartbeat!!! I have two!! I have had two ultrasounds now and they both have strong heartbeats and look great! I'm so nervous about two!! I'm so blessed but so scared at the same time!

    Congrats on yours!!! So glad everything looks well with you! Keep me informed!! We'll have lots of pregnancy stuff to talk about I'm sure!!

  2. Great news! Sorry it took so long to reply, I was on vacation. I had some bleeding before we feft which was very scary but when I went in the u/s and blood work was fine. They could even see the heartbeat and it was almost a week before they expect to. So the bleeding has stopped and we heard the heartbeat this week. Next week is my last appoinment with my clinic and I move on to by o/b. I will surely miss those weekly ultrasounds.

  3. That's good news!!! I had some bleeding too but by ob said everything was fine and I haven't had any in two weeks now so I'm feeling pretty good about everything!

    How are your pregnancy symptoms? You feeling okay? I felt really bad for a few weeks but I'm starting to feel better. I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow so hopefully I'll start to enjoy pregnancy because I've felt like pure ****!! The last couple of days have been better though!

  4. hows everything going? I am now 12 weeks and going from my \"first\" u/s to sceen for downs. Finally not so tired and nauseous but am getting daily headaches. Hope all is well with you!

  5. Good to hear from you kelly!! Hope all went well with your appt. I'm not nauseous anymore but starting to get headaches. Usually just one or two a week. I'm getting more energy now that I've hit my second trimester. (I'm 14w 2d)
    I go for my 15 week u/s next Thursday and I'm hoping they can see what they are If not, I go for my level 2 u/s on Sept 2 and she said they would definately be able to see what they are!! I'm so excited to find out!!

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