Question about Lupron & Follistim doses

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  1. Thank you!!!!!

    It worked!!!! I'm pregnant!!!!!

    I had really prepared myself for the worst....I really can't believe it! I feel like I'm dreaming!!
    I hope yours works out just like mine!!

    Good luck and I'll be thinking of you missus!!!

    It\'s been nice having someone to talk to that is going through the same thing at the same time! Thanks for everything!

  2. MANDY!! thats wonderful!

    so great. congratulations!!!

    any symptoms?! what was your beta number?!

  3. Thanks so much!!! He didn't tell me my number or if he did I didn't hear him!! lol
    Said that it was really good and high and there was a big possibility that there is more than one in there!!! Yipeeeeeee!!!

    I was chalking everything up to the progesterone and not wanting to think I was pregnant and get my hopes up but now that I know I'm pregnant, I've been having either nightmares or crazy dreams every single night, craving pickles (already) and having some tingling/crampy thing going on!!

    How are you feeling?

  4. congrats again. agreed its hard to sort out what is a real symptom and what is the progesterone..i am well, am 6dp5dt, except for some cramping off and on (none today) i dont feel anything. my friends are telling me its waaay to early. hope your good luck rubs off on me!

    wow- more than one??! thats what you want, right?! so exciting!

  5. That's what I thought, that is was way to early for me to be having any symptoms that why I thought it was just the progesterone!! People would ask me if I felt pregnant, I'm like hellooooooooo I'm 2 weeks if at all!! haha
    Twins would be awesome!! I'll take whatever I can get though!

    I'm so excited I'm just beside myself....not a good day to be at work, I'm not getting much done because I keep zoning out!!

    I think my good luck will rub off on you!!
    It\'s only going to take one try for both of us!! I feel confident!!

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!! I wish you the best!

    My ET got pushed to Friday which is good, they said all of them are strong!

  7. Thanks Kelly!!! I hope everything goes good for you!!

    I talked to one of the nurses this morning and she said my beta #'s were 211. She said that was really high that's why they thought there may be more than one!! I go Tuesday for another blood test and if there is one my #'s should be in the thousands and if two in the two thousands. She said anything over 5 meant I was pregnant so I guess I'm extra pregnant! lol

  8. My ET was yeaterday and I go for my pregnancy test next Sunday. This is going to be a hard week!

  9. It is going to be a hard week!! Good luck to you!!

  10. Mandy, how did your blood test go today?

    Miss, good luck tomorrow!

  11. Miss any news??? I just know it's going to be good news!!!

    Blood test was good......2465!!!!! I go for sonogram on 6/30 at 9am and I'll know for sure how many I'm having but I'm pretty positive there's two. I'm already out of my clothes....had to go shopping but I'm enjoying every minute of it!

    I can't wait for Sunday for your good news Kelly!! How are you feeling?

  12. wow mandy! your numbers are great!
    congrats again.

    did my blood work this morning and am waiting for the call.will keep you posted! just ready to know either way at this point!

  13. I'm praying for you!!

    Good luck!

  14. So happy to hear your numbers are good!

    Can't wait to hear your news miss!

    Sunday is only 4 days away, it feels like 4 years!

  15. Thanks!!
    Just try real hard to stay busy so they will go by faster!!

  16. unfortunately i do not have good news, beta was negative. sad but glad to know and ready to move forward. after i drink nyc out of booze that is.

    good luck kelly and mandy be sure to keep us updated on your progress.
    i will get my bfp one day!

  17. Oh miss.....I'm so so sorry. I just knew it was going to be positive. Will you try again soon? Have a drink for me will ya? I don't even know what to say other than I'm very very sorry......

  18. So sorry to hear your news.....Drink up and try again soon. It will happen!

  19. Kelly, good luck! I'll be thinking about you over the weekend!!

  20. It was POSTIVE! I go again tomorrow for another beta test. I missed the phone call so I don't know the numbers. Thanks for the well wishes!

  21. Yipeeeeee!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Is that not the best feeling in the world??!!! Let me know what your numbers are!!!!


  22. My original number was 150 and two days later it was 330. I go for more bloodwork and an U/S on tuesday.

  23. Sounds like things are good for you as well!! I go today for my sonogram. So I'll know how many I'm having. I'm pretty confident there are two in there!! I can't wait to hear heartbeats and know everything is okay!!
    Have a good weekend! I'll report in on Monday with the big news!!!

  24. Well, I went for my u/s and I had twins but I lost one. It's okay though....the other one looks great. I was sad, but I still feel very lucky to have one. I go see my ob on Thursday morning so I hope everything still looks good!

  25. So sorry to hear you lost one but having a singleton is the best for Mom and baby. So,congrats on one stong one!

    I went for my first ultrasound on tuesday and all is good. They could see an egg sac and yolk. They could only see one. I go back next Monday because I will be away next week.

    Keep in touch!

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