Question about Lupron & Follistim doses

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  1. Hi All
    I am new to this forum and would appreciate some feedback:

    Have been on lupron since 4/15, had a setback due to follicle overstimulation. Have been on 10 units this whole time. Lat night I did the follistim injection for the 1st time (200 units), and also the 10 units of lupron. I go back to doc on 5/15.

    My question is: it seems most people reduce the lupron intake when they start stims. Should I be concerned I didn't and call my doc just to check? Or are there people like me out there?!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I started my stimulation injections last Saturday 5/9 and went for bloodwork on Monday. She told me to decrease mine to 5 on the Lupron and my body was doing so well on the stimulation to decrease it to 150 (from 225). You may want to call the dr just to check.....seems like I call mine once a day! I'm so paranoid about everything!! I have a tenative date for egg retrieval for next Wed 5/20. I'm super nervous!! Good luck to you!!

  3. Thanks Mandy- I did call just to make sure, and the nurse confirmed the dosage was correct. Makes me feel better.

    Good luck to you as well, i hope everything goes great!

  4. I got the call yesterday to increase my gonal back to 225, so I started back to that dose last night. I swear I feel twitches in my ovaries but then again I'm probably just being paranoid!!

    morjerabimojglas how are you feeling?!

  5. Oh I definitely feel strange twinges and goings-on in the ovary area!

    I feel fine o/a though, thanks for asking Mandy! Have been lucky other than a bruised belly i dont have any side effects from the lupron or the folistim.

    Did your doctor tell you to cut out any foods or eat more of something before egg retrieval? Just curious..

  6. i have done 3 cycles (waiting on ET on my third as i type) and i have always had the same dose of lupron all the way through even though my stims have varied widely during the cycles. my lupron was always 10 units and did not decrease. i have seen some post protocols where the amount of lupron changed but i think that may be for those considered to be poor responders (although that is just a guess).

    good luck with your cycle.

  7. He didn't say anything about any certain foods. Did yours?? I am trying to cut back on caffeine. I've looked on the internet and have found something that says ice cream helps! Not sure if that's true or not but I've been eating some just in case!

    My tummy is bruised too....I'm afraid it would hurt worse if I tried to do my lupron in my thigh so I do all of them in my tummy and I've run out of spots!! My arms are really bruised too from them drawing blood every other day

    I've had some headaches and was really feeling tense, but I went Monday evening and had a one hour massage and I feel so much better now! I have days where all I do is cry but not sure if that's the meds or not!

  8. Thanks antonia_p, that makes me feel better to know that someone else out there stayed on the same amount of lupron...Good luck to you! 3rd x the charm?!!

    My husband and I are dealing with male factor infertility, I just got back from the acupuncturist. She looked at his semen analysis scores and agreed that ivf is the only way to go for us. So I am having him go 2x before ER and he is cutting out the caffeine big time. I asked her what I should do and she said I'm fine. You bet I am having a LARGE glass of wine tonight.

    Mandy, I have heard a few things about diet but i think its best to be sane and sensible about it all. ice cream sounds like a VERY good idea.

  9. Tomorrow when I go for my ultra sound I'm going to ask if there is anything I need to do special next week. (Food, yoga, anything that may possibly help!!)
    I\'ll let you know what I find out! I would think they would have told me by now though!! lol
    I have not had a drop of alcohol since 4/1 and I smoked my last cig on 4/1. I've been drinking lots of water trying to cleanse my body (of watever my be in there) lol
    Are you as crazy as I am?! haha

  10. I have a glass or 2 of wine a few times a week if I feel like it. Havent smoked in over a month, but I didn't very much anyway so wasn't hard to give up.
    Just trying to eat a balanced diet and not obsess over every little thing. I think some exercise, lots of water, sleep, and food thats good for me is really all i need to do.

    good luck tomorrow!

  11. Hello...

    Hope you do not mind me posting what my protocol was. When I started the Lupron, I was on 10 for several days and then switched to 5 for the remaining time until the HCG injection. As for the follistim, I took 300 for 2 days and then, the rest of the days were 175 until day of HCG injection.

    I had my ER yesterday and 3 eggs were retrieved. I received the call from the doctor that all 3 were mature and all 3 fertilized. Yeahhhh...

    Just a little history... I am 33 and my DH is 39. This is our first attempt at IVF and so far, our only fertility issue is with my husband (low motility and morphology). I am told that I was on a standard protocol since there was nothing predominently wrong with me (so far). Our ET will be on Sunday. I will keep you posted.

  12. good luck atrikal! hope all goes well!

    I am like you first attempt at ivf and its b/c of my husbands low motility & morphology..I am 33 and husband is 36.

  13. morjerabimojglas - Good Luck to you too. It is nice to read about someone else my age.

    Does anyone have any new news to report? We had our transfer on Sunday and I still have pain when walking (feels like my ovaries are still swollen). I am really trying not to stress. The doctor transferred all 3 of my eggs, but only 1 was pretty good, the other one was ok, and the 3rd one he was pretty sure would not make it. I keep looking for any sign that my embies are still with me.

  14. good luck miracle and keep us posted! Do you feel any different either than hurting ovaries?

    Just saw the doc for routine b/w and sonogram. Things are looking good, ER will be either sunday or monday he thinks. Go back again on Friday. I wont miss these early morning visits, thats for sure!

    Mandy today should be your ET if all is still as scheduled- good luck and check in when you get a chance!

  15. Well, I haven't been around in a while because my brother passed away last Friday. Been very busy with that and I had by ER on Wednesday.....drumroll please.......15, yes that's right, 15 eggs were retrieved and 9 were mature and fertilized!!!!!!! Can you belive that??!!! I really can't...I'm so blessed!!! They will call me Saturday and let me know how my little one's are doing and what time to be there on Monday for my transer.

    Just an fyi.....feels like someone to a jack hammer to my insides and that progesterone shot HURTSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I'm a baby when it comes to pain but I can barely move still today!! I decided to come back to work today because I'm so far behind on everything!!!

    Good luck missus and miracle!! Nice to have someone to talk to that REALLY understands!! I hope you both do well!!

  16. Mandy! So sorry to hear about your brother-wow you have a lot going on right now...

    great news about your eggs, hope monday goes well.

    miracle how are you feeling? crossing fingers for you...

    i have my ER tomorrow at 7 am. ready to get these out of me, man my boobs are SORE and am feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

  17. Hey gals!
    So I had my transfer on Monday and all went well.....he transferred two. The rest didn't make it to the freezing stage but that's okay. did it go?? How are you feeling??? I'm starting to feel normal again but like miracle, I'm looking for any sign that that my embies are still with me as well. I'll find out next Wednesday! I still feel a little swollen though. Laying down for 24 hours was the hard part for me!! My boobs still hurt!!

    Miracle, any news??? How are you feeling?

    How are yall dealing with the progesterone? It really is hurting me!!!!

    Crossing my fingers for you both!!

  18. hi mandy! was wondering how you are doing..good luck and keep us posted!

    ER was a success, they got 29 eggs! of those 21 are mature and at least 10 are fertilized. So we are very happy. Am awaiting the phone call to tell me when my ET date is, probably friday.

    Not crampy anymore, ER was pretty easy, just rested that afternoon. My boobs still hurt however, man are they sore. Also the pio shots do kind of suck, luckily they dont hurt all that much now that i have done it a few times.

    miracle hope everything is going well for you! antonia_p, how are u??

    fingers crossed for everyone!

  19. Wowwwwwww 29 eggs???!! that's great!! I'm so happy for you!!! How many will he put in?

    I can't believe ER was so easy for you. I really thought I would die!! lol

    All worth it!! Good luck!!

  20. I know, its a bit nuts. Cant believe it either. Am waiting for them to call me to tell me when et is..i think protocol at my clinic is two embryos if you are under 35, but I know it depends on quality, history, etc. I would say 1 or 2 but am waiting to talk to my doctor.

  21. I bet you were getting miserable. I know I was and they got 15 from me! My ovaries felt like they were going to pop.

    My back is killing me.....I think it's from being back at work and the shots in my hips. I keep having twinges in my ovary area.....I hope it's my embies I'm feeling
    Yea, he put two in me. I think one was better than the other. He gave me a picture of them! It was really neat! I was really hoping both take. I would love twins but I won't get greedy!!

  22. Today should be your transfer missus!!!! Good luck to you!!! This wait is driving me CRAZY!!! lol

    Let me know how you are doing!!

  23. hi mandy! it went well, transferred 2 and froze 5. Just sort of crampy and sore from the progesterone, and cant believe i have to wait until 6/10 for a blood test!

    how are you doing?! how much longer do you have to wait until first blood test? do you feel any different?!

  24. I'm so glad everything went well for you!!! We didn't have any left to freeze, but I was okay with that. I don't really want to go through this again to be honest with you! I just hope my husband and I can make it through my moodiness and his moodines from lack of you know what! lol
    We\'ve been fighting like cats and dogs! He's such a man!! lol

    I go this Wednesday for my blood test. I don't feel pregnant and it's freaking me out!! Then I tell myself....who feels pregnant at two weeks? Doesn't make me feel any better though!! I'm going nuts! I thought it would get easier the closer the big day gets, but it gets harder. I can't concentrate at work and I'm very snappy without meaning to be! I just need to know! I hope you do better with the wait than I am....
    The shots are getting easier. I'm still tender back there but not like I was. I put ice on my skin while the medicine is warming and that numbs it and helps a lot!

  25. thinking of you mandy- good luck

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