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  1. Hi everyone,

    Forgive my ignorance but this is one area that I am just starting to research... Looking at some of the Donor Embryo sites I couldn't tell if you had any say at all as to what type of embryos you'd be willing to except. Do you?

    I'd like a child that could possibly look something like me or dh, just basic stuff like hair color, etc. Do you get to request those things with D Embryo like you do for adoption?

    Also, it seemed like the D Embryo sites were all geared towards religious couples. Do any of these places except you if you aren't a practicing Christian?

    Thanks for any answers you can give me!

  2. Hi kyanos. We have always done DE but I did some research about donor embryo and my impression is that christian embryo adoption agencies will be very similiar to christian adoption agencies. They will most likely require a similar religious belief. If you are not a similar faith it might be easier to do an embryo adoption from a fertility clinic. I believe they have information about characteristics like height and hair color. Good luck.

  3. kyanos -

    What sites have you been looking at? My hope has always been to have embryos to donate at some point so I have only looked a few. I know that some allow you to post about yourself and couples with embryos get to look through the postings. I was just curious where you had looked - maybe there are some other sites that we can point you to.


  4. kyanos,

    We used Miracles Waiting and were able to look at donor profiles and pictures before selecting embryos. With MW, a donor actually contacted us based on our profile and we went with her embryos (her children looked like my husband and this was a contributing factor).
    We are now 24 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins from the cycle and are elated beyond anything.

    Best of luck in your search!

  5. Kathleen- That's great! Congrats. I will check them out!

    I also went to an event where I met a representative from the National Embryo Foundation in TN and she said they don't discriminate based on religion so I was happy to hear that! And she said you can select a couple that's similar to you so that made me feel better too.

    Amshel- Honestly I just googled embryo adoption and started looking around so I don't remember exactly where I went.

    I'm also amazed at how much less expensive embryo adoption is!

  6. As a donor who went through NEDC, we are NOT religious and we were looking for someone who wasn't overly religious either. We found it and got matched. Although they ask about it as a factor, I never found it to interfere with the process. Best of luck to you in your search...

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