Quality Question: Blastocyst Transfer

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  1. Hi Ladies, can I get your help in completing the poll below on blastocyst quality for those who've had 5-day transfers in the past? Rather then re-create the poll, I thought I'd post the link here (actual poll is on the FETs forum) so that all results can be consolidated in one place. Thank you and Good Luck to all! xo, WB

    How To Get Passed The Guilt!?

  2. maria_tsa-I tried to answer on the poll but the link didn't work
    I will answer on the FET poll, if I haven't already (I can't remember!).

  3. I wanted to check out the results, but I had the same problem as mariofreitas. I hope to be able to participate in this poll soon!

  4. Oops! Let me go back and fix.

    Hmm, seems to be working now. Try again.

    xo, WB

  5. It did work now...thanks!

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