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  1. I had a FET from a DE cycle yesterday. Out of 3 embryos, 2 thawed out. When they were frozen, one was a 5AB (hatching blast) and the other one a 4BB (fully expanded). When we got a picture of our embryos 2 hours after the thaw, they looked nothing like when they were frozen . They didn't fully re-expand, but our embryologist told us that 100% of cells were thawed out and that the embryos were still growing. According to him, one looked better than the other.

    Do you think I have a chance? How long do your clinics wait between the thaw and when the embryos are transferred? Is 2 hours enough? I feel like if they waited for 4-5 hours, like at some other clinics, then they would be in a better position to tell which embryos, if any, are viable and can produce a pregnancy.

    A little history on me: I am 34 and have been ttc#1 for almost 10 years now. I've gone through 7 IUIs, 5 fresh IVF cycles with my own eggs, 3 fresh IVF cycles with donor eggs, and this is my second FET. Three pregnancies (chemical with my own eggs, triplets and a blighted ovum with DE) and no live baby. My only d/x is endo.



  2. Kite,

    I think your embryos have a very good chance at implanting and sticking! Remember, not all embryos are perfectly graded and there are so many low celled ones out that (not even from DE) that take.

    As far as thaw time, I don't know how many hours my clinic thawed ours out for that morning before my tx. I can't say what's long enough or isn't.

    What day were they frozen on? Your RE obviously thought they were good enough to freeze to become a potential baby so I would hold high hopes!

    Hand in there Kite, I know you've been through so much but stick your course a little while longer!

  3. Hi Kite, so sorry about all your heartache and losses. My fresh DE cycle resulted in a m/c at 5.5 weeks. For the FET, we thawed 2 blasts (don't know the quality) and they both survived. They gave me a pic of them soon after thawing and they did look so sad, all curled up on one side of the shell. Transfer was about 4 hours later, I think. By then, they were 40% and 80% re-expanded, which they said was fine for both. They said it doesn't matter when you transfer them, they will continue re-expanding and growing inside you. Since we had 2 and were transferring 2, we didn't need to wait and decide anything. One of those blasts turned into my beautiful little girl. So FET's can work out better than fresh cycles

  4. Thanks, girls, for your support and kind words!

    mariofreitas, one of the blasts was frozen on day 5 and the other on day 6. My clinic only freezes the best quality blasts. One was a 5AB (almost as good as it gets!) and the other one a 4BB. I just wish that they fully re-expanded before the transfer. I would feel way more hopeful then. Congrats to you!!! When is your first u/s?

    gfarangitakis, congrats on your baby girl. I remember you from my previous cycles. I am so happy that you got your baby . I just looked at the pic of my blasts and it looks like one was 75% and the other one 65% re-expanded.

    I really hope it works this time. I really don't feel like doing another fresh cycle .

  5. Just wanted to let you, girls, know that it's another BFN for me . Looking for another donor right now... This donor gave us 23 eggs, 20 fertilized, 17 were 8-cells on day 3 and the other 3 a 6-cell, a 5-cell, and a 4-cell, but only 3 became blasts by day 2; however, they were not the best quality. Two more made it to blasts by day 6. We did a fresh cycle and a frozen one. Both were BFNs . Even though I love this donor (I have a lot in common with her), we decided to find another one. I hope I've made the right decision. Kite

  6. Kite-I just read your update and I am very sorry this cycle did not work out for you. It sounds like you are postively moving forward with a new donor and are on track! I am happy for your next step.

    I will PM you my update and I have a couple of questions for you.


  7. Kite... I'm so sorry.

  8. to kite: very sorry for the news. I think you have the right attitude and a lot of strenght, so keep going till it happens. My wife is 27, has had 4 failures with her eggs, and recenlty miscarried from a donor cycle. We will do a frozen soon.

    We agreed years ago that we will keep going till it happens,as being childless or adopting is not for us. I admire your determination. You will be rewarded with your baby soon

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