Proven Canadian Donor wanting to do Shared Cycle!!

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  1. I am a married mom of three. I am 28 years old with blonde hair, and green eyes. I am 5' 7" and 135lbs. I am fair skinned. I am looking to do a shared cycle with a couple that could help my huband and I build a bigger family as well as gift someone else that same gift. We love in Alberta, but are willing to travel. I am under the impression that our medical coverage will cover our drugs, so we would ask that the recepient couple cover the other cycle costs.

  2. Hello matengejane, We are a couple from BC and are looking for a donor. We have gone thru 11 IVF transfers and 1 failed transfer to a surrogate, so we are done with my eggs. We are working with Dr>Hudson in BC but we are also willing to travel. We have done a cycle with Dr.Green at Foothills and I understand they have a really long waiting list. Because we are already working with Dr.Hudson there is no wait.

    Could you email me a


  3. I know this is an old for anyone looking into this as an option...You might want to talk to the clinic you are planning on using if you are considering this as last I heard..."shared cycles" were not allowed under the new Canadian ART legislation.

  4. I am interested if anyone knows if shared cycles are allowed in Canada. Thoughts?

  5. Quote:

    Can I give someone half of my eggs in return for the cost of my own IVF treatment?

    No. Under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, a woman cannot offer some of her eggs (a practice often called "egg sharing") for financial benefit, such as a reduction in the cost of her own treatment. However, there is no prohibition against a woman sharing her eggs for altruistic reasons—that is, without expectation of financial or other benefit.

    Seems they want to refuse to cover needed medical treatment for infertile persons, and then also deny infertile Canadians options to afford treatment as well.

    However, this is from the FAQ's, not the strict legal document with the legal language (I have read it, but it isn't much clearer-and they are still adding specifics to it over time)...but how they word it here in the FAQ is interesting... they say "WITHOUT EXPECTATION of financial or other benefit..." I am not sure how a "gift" between the parties involved would be seen.

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