Progesterone side effects

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  1. Is anybody else tired of having a super human sense of smell? There are some things I really don't want to catch a whiff of.

  2. LOL!!! Girl, OMG! Last night my hubby grilled and apparently didn't wash his hands after he picked up one of the hotdogs to put it on the grill!!!! Later, he sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder so that his arm/hand was kind of dangling towards my face. I went mad!!!!!!!! I also cannot stand the smell of the window washer fluid he's used twice now while driving and while I'm in the car! Poor guy. He can't do anything right You know it's probably gonna get worse when we get our BFP!

  3. AAAHG! Raw hotdogs! Why can't it be good smells, like a neighbor's bbq or flowers? Why do I have to smell BO and bad breath everywhere I go? (Maybe I should take a shower and brush my teeth?)

    How are you doing, Out? When is your transfer? I hope you're feeling better.
    Good luck,

  4. I was kinda hungry so I made a frozen dinner I usually inhale. I carried to the bedroom to snack while we wound down towards sleep. As I brought the fork to my mouth the smell hit and I quietly told my dh if he loved me he'd take the food as far away as fast as he could, lol he jumped over me and ran away with it downstairs. I can only imagine if my beta is positive how fast he'll move then. Still laughing at the memory.

  5. I take the subway to work. NYC in August is just a bevy of smells! Being on 2ww is no help, I swear the woman sitting next to me smelled like vomit. I could not stand it, I almost got up (seats are like gold on my train line), but was too lazy to do it, so I just held my breath and tried to breath through my clenched teeth. LOL.

  6. It is amazing to have such a heightened sense of smell; people's BO is the absolute worse! I have not tolerated the progesterone throughout very well but it seems like I go from having very loose bowels to almost constipation and I am so bloated. And hot flashes, anyone having them? I am usually always cold but right now I am just about dying of heat all the time.

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