Progesterone shots vs endometrium suppositories

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  1. Have there more success with the shots or suppositories? Also with multiples have you had success with just using endometrium.


  2. I believe either is effective. I used Crinone.

  3. Hi nmountakis,
    With this cycle I used Endometrin - vaginal inserts , no PIO shots. PG with twins, 23w1d. I much preferred these to the PIO shots that I used to do before.

  4. thanks for responding. I m/c with the supp and had success with the shots so I was curious of what worked for others. my new protocol has supp.

    thanks again

  5. My first failed IVF attempt I only used suppositories. My second attempt I used both suppositories and injections. Since my progesterone levels were low I was kept on the suppositories until 13 to 14 weeks which as long as they will recommend it.

    My ID twins were born at 37.5 weeks and ar 10 weeks old.

  6. Used crinone the first time and got a BFN. Used PIO shots this time and I am pregnant with twins.

  7. We are 17w3d with twins and used the endometrium supp only. I had used PIO on all prior attempts and just felt the cramping it caused interfered with implantation. Will never know, but I am grateful to be at this point.

    Best -


  8. Most REs prefer the shots and only give the suppositories out if there is an issue with the shots. There's probably a reason for that though I wouldn't go as far as saying that doing suppositories would cause an m/c. If you know what your P test results were for suppository vs. PIO for similar cycle situations you can tell if you had less P with the suppositories. That said, any level over 20 is supposed to be good.

    I used PIO for most. For my last one, at the very end I switched to suppositories because of irritation (which got progressively worse from one cycle to the next). I think it was a mistake because I then got irritation from the suppositories which may have contributed to a bigger allergic attack (but there were also many factors involved in that.) I think there's one other alternative - a pill but you need to have tried the PIO shots and then the suppositories first. If you can do the shots, I would just do them for peace of mind.

    Good luck!

  9. I am currently pregnant with twins and using Crinone. The reason the REs might prefer PIO is that it can be measured in the blood and the Crinone cannot. I take oral supplements in addition that can be measured in the blood for a little peace of mind.

    I am a fan of the Crinone. I don't think I would have done any better with PIO.

  10. Interestingly, over Cornell has not yet officially switched over, most of the docs there have no problem with suppositories if you ask because all the studies show no difference in results. I was very happy with the suppositories and am 10w with twins. GOod luck!

  11. Hi,

    I lost my first pregnancy due to an infection and had used Crinone suppositories that time. When I got pregnant for a second time I refused to use the supp. again and insisted on PIO injections. My twin boys are now 14 1/2 weeks. Not sure if the Crinone played a role in my loss but I figured anything going in there could introduce bugs/infection, so in my mind it was well worth it to do the shots. With EMLA anesthetic cream it wasn't bad at all. I did them for 13 weeks.

    Good luck with your decision!


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