Progesterone or Preg symptoms???

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  1. Hi all,
    I am 18dp3dt. I received a BFP on 13dp3dt of 319.. Dr has me taking prometrium 200mg x5 a day. I have been feeling some nausea. Like one min I feel fine next min i feel a little nausea. In the real world i am only 5 days late with my period....I was taking progesterone injections, had an allgeric reaction and switch to vag inserts of prometrium. I have been taking progesterone for 2 1/2weeks(between injection and vag inserts).

    Is the nausea from the prometrium or being preg?????
    Anyone\'s help would great,
    Me-35 (Tubal Issues)
    IVF #1:Apr 08 --3embies transfered----------------BFN-----------
    Aug 08: Removed Tubes
    Oct 08: Removed very small polyps and D&C
    IVF #2: Jan 09--3embies transfered w/ICSI
    beta-12 (chem preg) ending in------------BFN-----------------
    IVF #3: Apr 09--transfered 3 embies w/ICSI and Assisted Hatching...
    Beta on 5/7----------BFN------------------
    IVF#4 :July 09---1 5cell embie transferred w/ICSI and Assisted Hatching.
    Beta on 9/9/09 ---------------------BFP----------BETA of 319 .....


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