Progesterone and Estrogen is too high. Need advice.

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  1. Hi
    I just found out that I am pregnant today from our DE cycle. Beta is 249 at 14dpo. The doctor mentioned that my progesterone and estrogen were too high so he is decreasing them.

    I was taking .3 ml of delestrogen on Sundays and Thursdays. He has now decreased it .25ml still twice a week. I was taking 2 ml of PIO daily and now he decreased it to 1.5 daily but he is also starting me on progesterone 200mg suppositories twice a day. (It was always in the plan to add the P suppositories if BFP)

    I was so stunned to find out that I got a BFP that I did not ask questions about the P and E being too high. Nor did I ask what the levels were. I will call tomorrow though. Anyway now I am very nervous!

    Does anyone know if it is harmful to me or the pregnancy if the P or E is too high? HAs anyone experienced this? What did the doctor do? What happened?


  2. Hi Nur,

    Sorry you are feeling worried about your Progesterone and Estrogen. I don't have answers for you on the being too high because I had the opposite, mine were always too low. My Re's office (ORM) increased my delestrogen after 1st beta to .45 and my Progesterone to 2ml daily. I also started to progesterone caplets then too.

    I don't think you should be worried. I think it is that there are ranges of where they want you to be on these numbers and they adjust your medications appropriately to keep you in those ranges.

    Hope you find some answers. Be sure to relax and Congratulations on the BFP!!

    FYI my 1st Beta at 14 dpo was a 303 and I ended up with twins. Your numbers look great! Good luck with Beta #2.


  3. Nancy
    Thanks! I found out that my levels were E2 -2072 and P4 – 101.8. The nurse said that they were on the high side of normal. She is not worried so I guess I will not too much either. I will just follow instructions....

    I remember you answering one or a few of my posts on the Oregon thread. As you see, ORM has worked out well for me so far! Thank you again for all your advice. May I ask, how did all work out for you? Do you have twin boys or girls or one of each? Any others?


  4. Hi Nur,

    Yes, I remember you from the Oregon thread as well. I don't participate on there a whole lot because it seems like it is more for active cyclers.

    I\'m so excited for you that you got the BFP that you tried so hard for! The DE cycle that I did at ORM was my 1st try at IVF (sorry don't hate me). I didn't even try with my own eggs because Dr. H gave me success rate of 5-10% using my own eggs and 80% if I did DE. So I went straight to DE.

    I now have twin boys from that cycle. They are 11 1/2 months old, just about to celebrate their 1st birthday. No other kids, these are our first and probably last. They are a handfull for sure.

    For what its worth back to the Estrogen and Progesterone, my were 1,017 and 42 at 1st beta.

    Good luck on Beta #2. Keep me posted on results.


  5. Nur - Congratulations on your BFP!!! I wouldn't worry too much about your progesterone and E2 levels. ORM is excellent about monitoring things and will make the right adjustments, I'm sure. Try to relax and enjoy your BFP!

  6. Thank you, Smilingirish! How are you doing? Are you released from the ORM RE yet. When did they take you off of e and p4 or are you still on

  7. Hi Nur,

    Just wanted to check in and say hi. How are your feeling? Any pregnancy symptoms? Hope you are doing well and enjoying your pregnancy.


  8. Hi Nancy
    Thanks for asking! I am 5w4d today. I really don't have much in terms of symptoms. Sore breasts if I touch them. AF type feelings (not cramps) every now and then. I actually have not had those uterine feelings in about 3 days so I am worried. Except for the breast tenderness, I would say that I feel normal. My first u/s is on Nov 16 at 6w6d. I am very anxious to have the ultra sound b/c I don't feel very confident b/c of lack of symptoms.

    As for the high E and P4, ORM lowered my P dose to 1 ml of PIO a night and delestrogen to .2 twice a week. Progesterone is around 77 now which they said is normal. They told me that anything over 40 is fine.

    How are you doing?

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