problems with progesterone injections??

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  1. OK, it has been 6yrs since I last took PIO shots. I do not remember having any problems like what I am having now.

    My site is very red with some hives, swollen of course with a lump, and so itchy and sore.

    I am trying to basically deal with it but today it seesm to of gotten worse. Anyone else experience problems like this??

    I am using heat to help and no ice.


  2. i have intermittent issues like itching and sometimes big red flat irritation where the injection site is. i ice before and no heat. i try to stay as far away as the previous site, and that seems to help.

    you could ask to switch to a different oil. i started with prog. in sesame oil and am now using prog. in ethyl oliate.

    i hope you can find a solution and some relief!

  3. thanks, I will ask for that and see if that helps at all. I also switched to a 1 in needle ( I'm a nurse) and I am now beginning to think my butt is too big (LOL) for the 1inch and I need to be deeper in the muscle and use the 1 1/2.


  4. I suggest you switch to the progesterone in ethyl oleate. Does the same thing but it is as thin as water. I inject with a 25g 1.5" needle and I get no lumps or itching which I did with the PIO.

  5. chemical mentioned...

    I also had that problem on my IVF 3 and it sucks. I was so itchy all day and the lumps were sore. I switched from sesame to cotton seed, however that was worse. I actually went to an allergist about it and he thinks he may have something to do with the pg hormone (that cycle was a chemical, but it was the only time I ever had this issue or a chemical). I also did ice the spot and sometimes took benadryl.

  6. Michelle as you know you can give it to your bigger muscles besides your buttocks. I gave it in my thighs and butt - rotated the 4 areas throughout the cycle.

    Also, massaging the area helped a lot. DO NOT start scratching it, b/c the welts will get worse. Leave it alone and the itchiness won't be as bad.

    Another thing to do is apply topical cortisone (OTC) and if you need a stronger one get a Rx. The cortisone/benadryl cream, heating pads after the administration of meds and massages helped tremendously.

  7. I became allergic to PIO - didn't matter what kind of oil. Now I did not have such a long break btw usage but did have about 9 months btw the last use where I had no reaction and the cycle where I did react. We ended up switching to crinone.


  8. I'm a nurse in RE but we never have anyone who complained or who got this bad of a reaction. Of course I had it!! I got it switched to ethyl oliate and YES a smaller gauge need. YIPPEE. So we will see how I do. Heat has really been helping and benedryl cream helps the itching.


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