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  1. Hi all,

    I'm so very sorry but I won't be able to meet up with you all tomorrow. I'm completely gutted as I always go when there's a meet up at Kew and I'd love to see you all and 'meet' some of you face to face for the 1st time.

    Unfortunately Eloise didn't do too well after her operation. She was very very sick afterwards for several days (given anti sickness injection in the hospital but never offered it afterwards). Spoke to lots of different docs - one suggested stopping the codeine which I did - all suggested sips of water and sips of diluted calpol which I did but the poor little thing was vommiting so much she slept with a sick bowl and was in agony as everythime she was sick it hurt where she had her tonsils and adenoids out - just unbearable really. She didn't eat for a 2 whole days after various docs suggested that fluids was most important (and she could only drink plain water, even diluted apple juice made her throw up) and eventually it ended - phew! As a result her recovery has been set back by a few days and there's no way that she's well enough for a trip to kew tomorrow. So we won't be there but do hope that you all have a great time. I'm not sure if they've re-built the children's outdoor play area yet but there's lots for kids to do inside with kids if it's raining. There are kids food options (sandwiches, raisins, fruit, yoghurt and crisps and of course ice-cream!). I really hope you all have a lovely day and I'd like to see any photos!

    klterry - I've heard from Rattie (via text) and she's definately going!

    Love to all,

    Peni xxx

  2. Peni - so sorry to hear recovery was so horrible! hope the poor thing is feeling better now

    we have katharine's pre-op tomorrow so wont be able to come; but hope you all have a lovely time and if there are photos please can they be emailed around? i am so keen to see some other children with the same heritage as katharine

    if you are arranging another one, we will def get there so please keep us in the loop

    janet and katharine ivi val

  3. Hi Janet, Eloise is much better now but her throat is still a little sore and she's still getting very tired easily. I've just re-read my post above and it sounds a bit grim! Although Eloise was in agony when she vommited she was given volterol suppositories for the pain (and regular diluted calpol), so even though the codeine was stopped she still had some pain relief (although she really hated the 'bottom drops' as she called them!). I'm not sure why she was so sick, she's had 2 other previous operations (grommets and tooth removal after scooter accident) and was absolutely fine afterwards..although she wasn't given codeine then.

    Other children at Eloise's nursery have had a adenotonsillectomy and recovered really well after 10 days, Eloise was just unlucky I think. I want to wish little Kate all the very best, it's a horrid operation but it's the first 5 days afterwards that are the toughest. Eloise already looks better (eyes not red and runny, face not pale, voice not thick and adenoidal and face has lost chipmunk look). I'm really looking forward to her starting school without continuous tonsillitis and a runny nose.

    I'm exhausted as didn't sleep for a week as Eloise was so sick (as throat swollen it was a bit scary that she was so sick) but been catching up with my sleep the last few nights. Although DP is away in Belfast on business...but back tomorrow!

    Just want to say hope all goes well for the pre op appt and that you get a chance to talk through all your concerns with a nurse. Something I wish I'd been told is that it's very common for liquids to come out of the nose after having adenoids removed. When Eloise drank water it worried her (and me) that water was pouring out of her nose! Worse was when vomit came squirting out of the nose (made it hard to breathe for a bit). But apparently, it's very common and normal and nothing to worry about and eventually stops (Eloise only had it for a few days). Also the voice sounds different but that too also reverts to normal (sometimes it's better as Eloise's is at present - although could still change again). If you can visit the ward in advance with Kate that will make it much easier for her when she has the operation.

    Anyway, thinking of you and wishing her loads & loads of good luck and lots of love (and to you)!

    Peni xxx

  4. Hi all

    Peni - poor Eloise - sounds an absolute nightmare. So pleased she is feeling better now. Its so awful to see your little baby so sick. Such a shame you cant make Kew. I dont know who is going, if anyone, other than Rattie now, i will PM you my mobile number if you would please pass it on to her.

    love to all

  5. Hello klterry

    Not sure how to give personal pm details. Have been in touch with Sand and Irida - Sand can't go cos her little boy ill with swine flu but Irida has just texted with details. It's definitely on - so sorry that so many can't make it this time. Hope all recover soon.
    Must go and make sarnies.

    Margaret W

  6. Just in case anyone on website and wants to come, some of us are meeting at Kew for a picnic today. 11.30 at the Victoria Gate (middle gate down Kew Rd just along from the tube) So far 4 of us meeting: klterry, Margaret and Konstantinavou but do join us if you can get there today - be great to see everyone. I'll be wearing a red pashmina (there's posh!) for purposes of recognition. Don't worry if haven't time to pack picnic as Peni says you can buy food for kids there - which I'll be doing as have run out of time - we can eat under cover too. Rattie xx

    ps Sand, Peni will miss you both and the kids - hope to catch up soon

  7. It is many moons since I posted on this wonderful site.

    Sorry I missed the picnic at Kew.

    Lovely to see many names still around.

    I would be grateful to hear from any ladies who have had babies at 49+. How did they find the experience?


  8. Hope the meet up went well. How is everyone going/ doing these days.

    Mine are doing very well.

    Any ladies going back for more babies?

    Bumping up our group.

    IVI Mad - twice lucky

  9. my golly - not popped in for ages - and it is sooooooooooooooo quiet here

    Where is everyone????

    Wanted to wish you all a very happy christmas

    lots of love

    klterry (IVI Val)

  10. Hi all! I remember your names from years ago when I was pg from DE at IVI Val. Sadly I miscarried at 13+ weeks. Got the guts to try again and got a positive (59) at 10dp5dt. Trying to be optimistic even though I need to be cautious. Somxay

  11. Congratulations Somxay. I am glad you went back for another chance. Great result....keep us posted....even though it is extremly quite in this forum.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New 2010 to all


  12. Hi all

    Somxay - hope all is well - only just read your message. Fingers crossed.

    Angela - Hope you have afab 2010

    love klterry xxx

  13. I go back for another u/s at 7w but so far so good with 1 sac and a flicker of a hb at 6w. Did you all go to IVI Val as well? Do you ever wonder about your donors? Age, eye/hair color etc? I think we initially went for light eyes and skin given on my background but then changed once it took a little while. Of course, once we changed, our number came up and we don't know anything more....

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