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  1. Hi all,

    Another long absence from the boards. Sorry!! The girls are doing great but I never seem to have any time these days.

    What on earth has happened to WW it is so quiet over there .

    Anyway we have now been through our FET and devastatingly both embies died on defrosting (or maybe on frosting). It was such a shock - I thought at least one would make it and if we lost them it would be further down track. So we only got as far as Starbucks in IVI Barc when the call came in. We have 2 lovely DD but I did so want another little bundle of Joy. Anyway that is it for us now. I am too old apparently to cycle again and anyway would not want to start again with a new donor etc..

    I don't know if it is relevant to anyone but I still have drugs left over (Progynova, Progeffik and Clexane and Decaptyl) if anyone is interested - I can send them on without charge - just contact me via the personal messaging with your details.

    Any chance we could join you all for the meet up at Kew gardens?

    BFN, Af.terzi

  2. Hi Again,

    Janet, no problem, would love to meet up with you when you're here from 3rd Aug, we're around that week I'm sure we can get a few other's to join us. We're in the process of selling our place but if we're still here for some reason you and anyone else who would like to join us are welcome here, if not I'm fine to meet where ever.

    GF, How lovely to see your post, of course you must join us, Kew Gardens would be a very good venue but I'm sure we can change that if some where else is better suited.


  3. Hi all

    GF - so sorry your frosties didnt make it (((hugs))). And yes - it is quiet on the WW. But happily perhaps thats because we are mostly all over here now.
    The WW are an absolute god send for me - I couldnt have done it without you ladies
    I can meet on Friday 24th. Not sure where Kew is. Is it easy to find by car? Will borrow dh tomtom and google it for travel directions. Never been to Kew so would be lovely.

    Peni - Yes how sweet for our little Eloise's to meet. It would be so much better to do it as a small group of us rather than at a DCN meeting. Eloise would just end up in the creche - not the same at all.

    Sand - will be bringing my 7 year old to play with Yaz.
    Janet - what a shame you cant do that date! We will definatley have to do again and perhaps make it a regular thing. Will be tricky for me to do 2 trips so close from Notts with 2 kids.

    Am feeling really excited about this now

    love to all klterry ( and a very spotty chickenpoxy Eloise)

  4. Hi all,

    Wondering if I might be able to come to gathering. Is it easy to park around there? Or is it residents' parking? Where in Kew do you tend to meet?

    GF - so sorry to hear about your last trip to Barcelona! I remember so well whiling away the hours in that Starbucks. I'm really sorry it was so disappointing. Sending you a big hug and lots of love.

    Love to everyone,


  5. Hi all, Thank you so much for warm wishes Sand, klterry and mkalogian for our loss - very much appreciated. Ho hum.

    Kew and 24th July are fine for us. Hubbie was made redundant by Microsoft in April so is around - no jobs out there at present and redundancy pay will take us through to October - after that we panic . In the meantime we are enjoying the summer and the family (was a time I thought I would never type that). Would love to meet with you all. What time do you meet and where in Kew? We could bring a picnic. We live in Berkshire so it is about an hours drive for us.

    Hope to see you all then. LOL Af.terzi

  6. hi all

    gf - will be gr8 to meet you and the family

    i have looked at kew on internet and seems fairly easy to get to - not far from the bottom of M1 . Picnic sounds good idea

    bye for now

    klterry xxx

  7. Hi Girls,

    Suggestion was to meet in kew Gardens on the 24th July, there is some parking around the green by the main gate and there is also a car park that costs 5 pounds for the day.

    mkalogian, from Bristol you drive up the M4, take the exit for the A406 and then at the chisick round about take the A205, it's literally 5 mins from the M4.

    Peni, Sand, Daisy and Rattie, it was SO WONDERFUL to meet all you and your beautiful children. It was so cool to put faces to names. Because we've all chatted so much on the boards it felt like I've known you for years. it's so amazing to have friends who have been through the same experiece and it will also be really lovely for our children to have each other for support if they need it one day.

    Af.terzi, I'm so sorry to hear about your frosties. Big hugs xxxx

    Really looking forward to seeing you all on the 24th Jluy.

    Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. i think we might be able to make it to kew after all should we take final arrangments onto email rather than put them here - i know, i know paranoid


  9. Hi Janet,

    That would be great it you could make Kew, I was also going to suggest we make final preparation via email, not paranoid at all, very sensible actually.

    Hope all else are well

    Love to all

  10. Hi ladies

    Janet - thats GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cant wait to meet you all.


  11. Hi all,

    I hope all is well for all of you.

    Can you keep me in the loop? I hope to come too.

    Shall I send a PM to a few of you so I can get your mobile contacts?




  12. Hi all, it looks as if I might not be able to meet you all on the 24th anymore. Eloise has to have her tonsils and adenoids removed and both grommets replaced on July 14th. The consultant says that she shouldn't return to school until Mon 27th as needs time to heal and can't be around kids at her nursery in case they pass an infection on to her (which can cause bleeding apparently). Eloise is having the op on Tues July 14th and been told not to go back to nursery until the Monday 27th (her last day at nursery before breaking up for the summer will be Thursday 30th). At first I thought she might be well enough to still go to Kew on the 24th as it's the last day that she is supposed to recovering (as minimum time is ten days). I'd planned to take her out of nursery for the day (as I did last time we all met up) but as she'll be off nursery for so long I'm now not so keen to miss another day unless she really has to to. So if she's recovering well I'll probably take her to nursery on Friday 24th for a little while. I hope all that makes some sort of sense!

    The grommet in her right ear came out a few months ago and everyone hoped that she'D grown out of glue ear and wouldn't need the grommet replacing. Sadly the glue is still there with a vengence and really bothering her (she put stickers in her ear 3 wks ago & lentils - the orange uncooked variety - in her ear a few wks ago and we spent 6 hrs in A&E while they suctioned them out and then having to return a few days later as her ear was terribly infected)! She's also been having lots of throat infections, has huge tonsils, constant runny nose and has started she's having the lot out! She's always tired so hopefully this operation will make a huge difference and she'll find she has more energy. Which would be brilliant as she's starting school this September!

    Eloise was 4 years old on June 21st, we had a family and friend's party for her last Sunday (lovely lunch in the garden with lots of wine) but her birthday party (18 kids) is on July 4th (next Saturday and it had better not rain as I've booked a bouncy castle)! At least her operation is after her party so she won't miss it.

    I'll see how Eloise's recovery goes, it well may be that she's well enough to pop over to Kew for a bit and it's better to do that for a few hours than go to nursery or stay at home! I do hope I get to see you all, It would be wonderful to meet up with everyone.

    I saw Raj last week and got the results of my hysteroscopy. My womb is perfect and he thinks that it was simply as case of bad luck again - as my donor was 32. Bloody annoyed that IVI Alicante gave me an 'older' donor as they knew I'd had a previous DE m/c. Anyway, IVI are doing badly in the recession and sending emails offering price reductions, but not enough to convince me to go back for my one frozen embryo. I'm seriously thinking of going to a clinic in Athens. Was going to have a consult in July but now that Eloise has to have an operation I'll probably go in September or try and see if I can fly home via Athens from Crete (going to Crete over the summer as mum has a house there). But might not be possible and might have to fly back to the clinic in September. Raj was suprisingly encouraging about me trying again...said that I should have one more try with fresh sperm and injectible progesterone. I was suppsed to lose lots of weight but still only 12 pounds lost so far. But am trying to do more exercise!

    Just to add that there is free parking around the gate and the green at Kew but if that is full then there is also free parking the otherside of the main road from the green. If you do end up using the carpark you enter Kew at a very different entrance so prob best to text rest of group and then meet up at the children's play area (or wherever suits further in the park).

    Much love to all,

    Peni xxx

  13. Hi Peni,

    Lovely to hear from you and sorry for Eloise and her ear/throat etc. infections!! Poor her and poor you. The incident with the stickers / lentils / A&E sounds terrible. Poor little thing.

    Glad you got good positive feedback from Dr Raj about the hysteroscopy. It's great you are finding the courage to consider having another go at a new clinic. I keep looking at my twins (now six months can you believe it? and such a joy to me) and thank god I found the motivation to keep trying for kids even though I felt so negative about my prospects (I tend to always fear for the worst rather than dare to hope - I suppose it's been my defence in life against the vagaries of fortune - the awful random-seeming twists and turns of fate that impact on fertility and health and so many things). I am now almost 49 and I do struggle a lot with peoples' reactions to me as an older mother but I am so glad I kept on my path to parenthood. It is everything I had hoped for and much more. I adore my little children and the donor element worries me less than I had anticpated. I am hoping to go on a DCN workshop about talking to your children about it soon, though I may have to miss the one running this year in my area as you aren't allowed to take children and it lasts all day.

    Raj is right, there is no reason why it won't work - you have been so unlucky and that's awful about the age of your last donor given your history with IVI. Really hope you get to the clinic in Athens soon.

    I\'m sorry you won't be able to make the 24th for sure, but maybe make a fleeting visit. I am not sure myself if I can make it but am going to try my best. Is there just one childrens' play area inside the park? I will look Kew up on multimap and try and work out the entrances.

    Much love to all of you - hope you're enjoying the balmy weather.

    Happy six month birthdays to all those babies born around the time I had mine.

    PS. where are youall??

  14. Hi All

    Yes it has been very quite. Maybe we are a tad busy with our wonderful children.
    UK Ladies - has the meet occurred. I would love to meet up however logistically it would not work as I am in Australia.

    Peni - a young donor would be definitly place the odds for you. Maybe she was proven. Good luck with the Greek Clinic. Glad Raj, gave you the okay. So are you going to stick to a fresh transfer? Or try your frozen embie?

    Enrid- I feel the same. Without the motivation to keep going facing all odds( at times I felt more stacked against me than for me) I would not have my 2 DE IVI Mad children.
    The donor issue does not bother me. They feel all mine.

    Hi to everyone please keep posting as this group is the only group that I can relate to.


  15. Hi very quick drop in from me

    hope you are all well?

    Peni - glad you got the 'all clear' but not so good with IVI obviously; Greece is supposed to be a good option i think? Re eloise - interesting as Katharine too has to have tonsills, adenoids (again - they regrew!) and grommets (again - they came out) done - our date is august 13th; just realised we have to cancel our holiday plans as cant get clearance to fly for upto 14days afterwards; am hoping wont have to pay for the hotel but hadnt got travel insurance sorted yet!! So was interesting to see that you had been told much the same re recovery times. We are also going on extra strong antibiotics for a month beforehand to try to reduce risks of cancellations - we are back to weekly infections so fingers crossed..

    hope to make the picnic - not sure who is organasing the 'meeting spot' etc??

    love to all


  16. Hi All,

    Sorry for the absense, been really busy as we've finally sold our place after over 2 years on the market and complete/move into our new place next week!!!!!

    Just a quick post for now as have to get my 2 ready for school/nursery.

    Peni, poor E, will miss seeing you at the picnic you'll have to come to my place soon after we move it's not very far.
    Claire\'s LO had her Tonsils/adenoids out a few months ago, she was told to keep her away from other toddlers for 2 weeks as well.

    Angela, Hi lovely to see your post

    I'm on for the picnic, will check back in later as the date will be here before we know it!

    Bye for now

  17. Hi all

    Angela - great to hear from you again. And you sound really happy too.

    Peni - oh what a shame for poor eloise. Hope all goes well for her. Will be sorry to miss you at Kew. I am so pleased for you that Raj was optimistic. It does help so much to give you that ooomph to get going again if someone in the medical world can give a bit of positive spirit. Fingers crossed for you wherever you decide to go next time.

    Janet - and poor Kate too! Hope all goes well with her op, but hoping top meet you before then.

    Sand - hurrahh for your house move - you have been so patient!

    mkalogian - Oh I do hope you can make it to Kew. I have absoluletly no idea where I am going either.

    Having never been before can someone suggest a meeting point and time nearer the date.

    Bye for now - house needs cleaning desperatley.

  18. Forgot to add lots of love klterry xxxx

  19. Please excuse the barge - do you mind if I drop in from out of the blue??
    For a long time I lost my log in name and password, but have now found both, and was very excited to read about a suggested meet up in Kew Gardens on 24th.

    Lovely to read all your news, and hope the ENT ops go well. Remember having my tonsils out at 6 and having to eat jelly and icecream Think now they force youngsters to eat toast before they can go home. Wonder why they're so keen on keeping them apart from other children afterwards - presumably there'll be plenty of other children on the ward, and what about other family members bringing home infections? Anyway, hope both your daughters make speedy recoveries with no complications.

    My daughter is now nearly three, and was born after my third (and last) attempt at IM. Can't help thinking if it weren't for people on these boards I would still be childless. Odd to think that a random search in 2005 should have produced such a wonderful outcome. I count my blessings daily.

    Would love the chance to meet up with other parents and children, but not sure how to go about sending my personal email details. We are in North London, so could reach Kew on the train, which would be a bit of an adventure. Have not plucked up courage to enrol on any Donor Conception Network meetings - was quite put off by the anti-anonymity brigade, as if that was an option for some of us..


  20. Hi Again,

    klterry, We're all really excited about moving, believe me I'm not known for my patience!

    Margaret, Lovely to see your post and of course you must join us for our meet at Kew, we need to organise the fine details soon as the day will be here before we know it!

    mkalogian, Please try and make it, I'm really looking forward to meeting you and your 2 LOs, there is just the one kids play area at Kew but loads of entrances, we'll all agree a rough time to meet up and those who come later can call one of us and we'll guide them to where we are or go and meet them.

    Ladies, think we need to swop emails and maybe phone numbers so we can decide where we'll be meeting, as we'll be moving next week i'll be without internet access from approx 12 or 13th so will rely on texts etc, will try to check my emails from the gym (if I make it there!!) I'll PM as many of you as I can with my details and we'll carry on with arrangements via the above methods.

    Love to all
    Sand + DD ~ 5y 9mths, DS 2y 9mths (IVI Madrid)

  21. Hello my ole muckers. Just popped in to make sure your all still alive and kicking.


  22. Hi all, just a quick post re 24th July and Kew. Where and when are we meeting up exactly? has anyone decided yet? Still planning to be there if we can and looking forward to meeting up with you.

    Carol -great to see you posting still. What are you up to these days?

    Must dash. After 2 1/2 years the girls are finally going through the night so I must be off to bed to enjoy this wonderful thing called sleep.

    LOL and BFN, Af.terzi

  23. Ooooh now that would be telling Gf.

    Still in Norfolk, still with my young farmer and still wondering what if! So much so Im actually trying to decided whether to have one more cycle....lucky No 13.

    It would probably be the end of my relationship, but well theres plenty more fish in the sea and probably not many more chances of a baby.

    Wish I was a bit closer to Kew, so I could come over and give you all some stick at your meet up.

  24. Brilliant Carol - keep in touch and let us know if you cycle again - I'll be rooting for you. Pity you are not nearer to Kew because it would be lovely to meet up after all this time . lol Af.terzi

  25. Hi ladies

    I have no details about meeting up tomorrow. I have sent off some private messages with my details - hopefully one of you can respond.

    Margaret - for some reason I cant send you a private message.

    Konstantinavou - your private message box is apparently full and so I cant send you anything until you clear out some old messages

    hope to hear from someone v soon

    Carol - lovely to hear from you again

    love klterry

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