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  1. Hi all,
    Janet, Nicola and Daisy - Thanks so much for your generous responses; I still can't quite work out how to proceed. I've spoken to a La Leche consultant and also my maternity nurse, who is more into the traditional routine approach - it's so hard to know what to do, and whether a dwindling supply can be boosted. I know I need more rest but it's not really possible.

    Janet and Daisy I will be in touch - thanks for your generous support.

    20 mins till the 10pm feed! I just smashed a feeding bottle on the kitchen floor and there's glass everywhere!! However, the twins have just finally gone off, so that's something, though I will be waking them any minute. (they are always partic. unsettled between 7pm and 10pm feeds - I hear that's common).


  2. Hi all, I hope you are all recovering from dreadful weather we have seen on the news recently. We didn't have it too bad at all and only got one day out with the sledges.
    Sorry can't help with feeding weight issues. My girls are a lot lighter than the boys and seem to eat similarly.
    I have a little issue regarding my periods and no time to look for advice. after baby I bled for around 5 weeks. My period came at 9 weeks (post birth) and lasted about 4/5 days which is quite long for me. It didn't come again until week 16 and yes I did panic and test but i am still bleeding and it has been 12 days. Is this my menopause? I am starting to worry it may be something more sinister and did book a smear.I have always had pathetically short easy periods in my 30\'s.
    Anyway cleaning calling as Cillian is asleep and DH has taken the other 3 to park.
    Happy Valentines!
    biosfera psezinkeskin 4.
    Does anyone ever watch Jon and Kate psezinkeskin 8? It always puts things into perspective for me.

  3. mkalogian - sorry to hear you've still having such a hard time of it. I do think, from my own b/feeding experience, Daisy's advice is well worth taking. Hope you've managed to have a chat with her - and janet too.

    Can\'t recall if I said, I did one formula feed and that was at 7pm as yes babies are so unsettled then. Was told it's to do with quality of breast milk not being so good at that time of day as you yourself will be worn out looking after babies during the day. Don't know if true but found got bit of respite if I gave them the formula then - then breast fed them the 10 pm feed and all the others. Have just found my feeding book and yes, I was feeding every 3 hours - occasionally 4 - all day. L was partic windy in the evening - I found gripe water eased it best, especially as you can give anytime during the feed.(always forgot to give Infacol before the feed - invariably remembered too late!)

    Do drink(non alcoholic, of course) and eat loads - i used to tuck in after the night feed to keep going overnight. Don't worry about putting on weight - I'm still breast feeding nearly 15 months later and it keeps me stick thin.

    You're doing fantastically well to have come this far with all the stress in your life. It's not easy and so many people would have given up already.

    Sending you milky vibes
    Rattie xx

  4. Hi mkalogian

    Sorry to hear that you're struggling with the breast feeding. I've found it an uphill struggle just with Alfie, so I really feel for with two of them.

    I can't offer much advice regarding the bf itself (Daisy has done a terriffic job there!) but something that made a huge difference to me was realising that, although breast is best, it's not the be all & end all. You need to be able to nurture your babies and for that you need time & energy. Giving them formula sometimes is fine if it gives you a break to rebuild your energies.

    Something that I have found with expressing is that if the milk isn't coming, just leave it for a bit, make a cuppa & have a bit of chocolate, then come back to it. Also, sometimes it doesn't come much to start with but after 5 mins of nothing it starts to gush.

    Alfie is doing a bit of breast, some expressed & some formula. And formula in the early evening is a great tip from Irida - really helps settle him.

    Take care & do call me if you need to chat.


  5. mkalogian, I hope all is going ok. I have been thinking of you. All I wanted to say is that you must do what you feel is right for you and your babies, there is no right or wrong. Women are made to feel really guilty about breast feeding, at the end of the day if it doesn't work out it won't be the end of the world. Please also feel free to call me anytime, I'll pm you my number. I've just had a baby so I've faced many of the same problems, although I haven't got any twin experience I've got new donor baby experience .

    Nicola xxxx

  6. firstly totally messed up my log in, so am now zayani not Margaritouli!

    mkalogian - how are you doing?

    klterry -are you around? was thinking about going to the midlands dcn meet up this weekend and was wondering if you might be? actually, am not sure if we are in different regions as think mine might be west midlands - but i wont tell if you dont Would be lovely to finally meet you and the little ones

    janet and katharine ivi val 3yrs

  7. Hi Everyone -

    hope you're all doing good. Thanks so much for all your generous posts.

    I\'m still struggling on with breast feeding and some formula. I find the whole thing so confusing: sometimes they seem fine with just breast, sometimes disatisfied and moaning and sucking fingers / rooting at the end, then other times I offer them formula and they don't want it, or drink it then puke it up! I have been weighing them before and after to see how much they take in and it seems they usually get 80 mls breast, which the Health Visitor says isn't really enough, though I think she wants them to be totally stuffed every feed. Daisy thanks so much for the tip about Fenugreek - it does seem to work!

    The twins are doing well in terms of weight gain but I am still finding it very tough - they cry a lot and don't seem to sleep much - and I haven't really got the hands/ arms to pick them up and cuddle them as much as they need. Sometimes I feel at the end of my tether but then they surprise me and settle. I am trying to stick to a routine and getting a bit obsessive/neurotic with it - anything that can stop them crying all night. Like everyone, I struggle with the early evening - bathing seems a real operation. I am closer to getting an au-pair which should ease things hopefully. I am also close to getting my two chihuahua dogs back which is going to be really hard. They are going to be so jealous and I will have no time for them. The au-pair is going to have to au-pair them!!!

    Love to you all,
    Hope DCN meeting is good if you go Janet.

  8. Hi girls

    Daisy, Peni, Irida - lovely to see you at the DCN meeting on Saturday. Wish we'd had more time to chat. DH and I really enjoyed the day as well as finding it very valuable.

    mkalogian - how are you getting on now? I got my twins into a routine and haven't looked back. It's hard work to start with but well worth it.

    Hope all is well with everyone else.

    Kate xx

  9. Happy Easter to all the mums, bubs, and mums to be.

    Very Very quiet.

    Hope all is well

    IVI Madrid -Twice with the outcome a DD (4)and DS(nearly 2)

  10. Happy Easter everyone!!

    Yes, it's been very quiet. I wondered if the thread was going on somewhere else!!

    I'm chugging along, on the whole doing better (touch wood). Though I am HUGE. The rule of not getting fat on eating a lot when breast feeding hasn't worked for me. I've put on two stone since I left hospita with my two babies. I saw the doctor about it and she suggested I cut down on chocolate and sweet things. I have done this for the past two weeks and do feel a bit better and am maybe not quite so huge. Twins are now three and a half months old. A week or so ago the little boy Hamish started refusing the bottle. This is a bit of shame as I was giving them a formula feed last thing and it was helping them sleep through till 5 or 6 or even SEVEN!!!. Now he takes only breast and wakes a few hours before her which makes chaos of the night routine. Does anyone know why a baby suddenly doesn't like the bottle (or is it the formula?). He makes a distasteful face when I offer him the teat!! The Health Visitor wondered if he has started teething and the teat hurts his gums, but I'm not convinced, though they are both stuffing their hands in their mouths and drooling a lot, which I know can be sign of starting to teeth. If he is ravenous he will have a little have a little formula out of the bottle, but on the whole he just doesn't seem to like it and declines. Do you think there's any point trying different bottles/ teats/ formula?

    Much love to everyone,

    Drop us a line...

    mkalogian xxxx

  11. HI all,
    Just wondered if this thread is going on somewhere else as it's so quiet!! How are you all?

    Love mkalogian

  12. Hi mkalogian

    How are you doing? Have you sorted out Hamish & the bottle? I really hope you've found a solution to that one!

    I can't imagine managing with twins - I find you an inspiration!

    Alfie's doing really well & is just a joy to us every day. He's started teething though & does get upset. However, we had a real shock last week - he choked on some vomit & stopped breathing. We ended up calling an ambulance, but luckily managed to get him breathing again before it arrived. We were kept in overnight though. If you get a chance to do a first aid class for babies I really recommend it...

    Big lesson for us though & I'm now ultra-vigilant around feeding times. It's also put me back a few months in terms of leaving him with baby sitters etc, but I'd rather be cautious.

    Hi to anyone else who might be reading this thread!


  13. Hi Susie,

    How absolutely terrifying!! Did you know what to do? Had you already done a first aid course? Annoyingly they aren't running one for a few months here. I keep thinking about what the hell I would do if my babies choked. I have asked the nurses and they say that under a year you still pat on the back as we were taught (though now they recommend something different for adults don't they?).

    What did you do?

    Poor Alfie, poor you!!

    Hope you are recovering from your ordeal.

    Much lov

    mkalogian xxxx

  14. Hi mkalogian

    We had to do as resucitation session before they'd let Alfie out of hospital, but that was like a lifetime ago! I basically patted him on his back, held him upright then turned him onto his tummy, still patting his back. The last bit turns out to be the most important. Eventually he coughed & some vomit came out of his nose & mouth...

    You might want to check with your special care unit as ours arrange courses. Also the local teaching hospital does courses run by the student doctors - I happen to have arranged one for my NCT group for next week, talk about timing...

    Alfie is absolutely fine - seems to be oblivious to the whole event! We're ok, but I have occasional moments of high emotion & I have bought a movement monitor for his cot. We've both wondered if we did anything wrong to make him choke, but ultimately we did the right things when it came to it. I just don't want to have to do that again!

    I hope you're managing to cope with the twins & starting to enjoy them more. It is fab when these little ones start to respond isn't it?

    take care


  15. Hi girls

    I have been MIA for quite some time now but Max & Lucy keep me oh so busy...they are nearly 6 months old....cant believe how quick the time has gone & how big they are now considering they were 2 pounders at birth...

    mkalogian - my two are also drooling lots & chewing their hands all the time...they have been doing this for about 2 months now...& no sign of teeth either...i think the teething process can go on for ages....they get bottle & breast but they definitely prefer breast..they are sleeping thru the night too which is fab as it means that i get a good night's sleep

    Susie - your story about Alfie choking sent a chill down my scary but you handled it brill & did all the right things....well done you...

    I\'ll try to check in more regularly - take care everyone

  16. Hi Girls,

    I have been MIA too, sorry about that .

    Benjy is now 6 months old and he's so cute, he can now sit up has started some solid food. I can't belive how lovely he is and feel so grateful to have a baby.

    I would love to meet up with anyone who is in London? Sand, Peni? I am on maternity leave for another 7 weeks.

    Nicola xxx

  17. HI all

    Have also been MIA for a while - life just gets soo busy. But mainly I couldnt remember my password to log in - and having changed email address since originally joining this site seemed to confuse the issue.

    Anyway - I would love to meet up with evertone some time. Is there any convenient point for everyone to get to??? I can travel to London for the day. I am EAst Midlands Janet - but really do want to meet everyone and their babies or even toddlers now! I will try and go to the DCN meeting in London next year. Have to admit I'm more interested in meeting with you ladies and just chilling in a park with our foreign donor babies. Not so fussed about the whole conference style thing.

    Eloise was 2 last week. And she is absolutley gorgeous. I just dont know where the time has gone. Am starting to think more now about what I tell her, or rather how I tell her. Am going to be totally open from the off.

    Susie - what a terrifying experience with Alfie. But sounds like you dealt with it brilliantly.

    mkalogian - twins and dogs - OMG - get that au pair quick!

    aformentini - where did that 6 months fly to?

    love to you all
    klterry and Eloise now a big 2.

  18. hi to all

    mkalogian - yes au pair quick! re baby first aid etc - private maternity hospitals tend to offer if your HV cant find a course for you

    susie - oh am sorry but you handled it brilliantly

    klterry - yes would love to meet; we tend to be in london once a month as DP works/stays there mon/fri so we often do a fri-sun weekend. We are also down for the week first week in Aug as k has violin summer school (she is still only 3 ) but it is morngings only so can easily do an early afternoon meet

    So who wants to try to organise...?


  19. Hi Girls,

    I would love to meet up for a summer picnic, I am on holiday from 2nd-16th August so please don't make it then!

    Nicola xxx

  20. Hi ladies

    I am on holiday Aug 16th to 31st - very bad planning Konstantinavou - we've ruled out nearly all of August!!

    Can do Saturday 1st August, or Thurs or Friday 23rd/24th July.

    Anyone else free then?

    klterry xx

  21. Hi klterry, hi girls,

    Shall we go for Friday 24th July? I think this date is ok with Peni, Rattie, Sand and daisy too. Let's put this date in our diaries.

    Nicola xxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hi all,

    I've not been on the board for ages, a few of us (Nicola, Sand, Daisy, Rattie and myself) did met up recently at Kew Gardens and we had a lovely time, but I'd also love to meet up with Janet and klterry and everyone else. Friday the 24th July is fine with me (maybe meet at Kew again?). Eloise is usually at nursery until 1.30 but she can just skip nursery that day as she doesn't break up for the summer until July 30th. Although Eloise and I have met klterry before, we haven't met her Eloise. I'm sure my Eloise would love to meet klterry's Eloise!

    Love to all,

    Peni xxx

  23. Great Idea, 24th is good for me, both Yaz and Shareef will be able to come (think Yaz finishes school 15th) I really would LOVE to meet all of you along with LO's of course.I also haven't been around much lately, it will take me forever to catch up with everyone's news! so for now congrats to all those who have had their buba's and to all the pregnant ladies.

    Nicola, It was great to meet you & Benjy, and of course lovely to see the other ladies and all the kids, can't believe how they have all grown!!!!

    Gizzy, If you're lurking, I'm really sorry I only saw your message just over a week ago which was way too late to reply, do you still have my email? I'll send you a PM soon as I'm not sure I still have yours? (will have a hunt just in case though) I'd love to catch up it would be such a shame to lose touch

    Love to all
    DD, 5 1/2, DS, 2 1/2 (IVI Madrid)

  24. sorry cant do the 24th - am studying currently and thats our residential school week

    we are in london week of 3rd august and free every afternoon if anyone wants to try something then too; otherwise we can do a day trip or overnight just not that week in july...


  25. sorry cant do the 24th - am studying currently and thats our residential school week

    we are in london week of 3rd august and free every afternoon if anyone wants to try something then too; otherwise we can do a day trip or overnight just not that week in july...

    must admit i would dearly love katharine to meet some other children with her background in every sense so very keen to meet!


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