Pregnant Using DE in Spain 2

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  1. Update - its a BOY. 3.2 kilo's and very handsome. We are blessed.

    Peni - your next I think.


  2. Angela - congratulations

    love JAnet and KAte 19mnths IVI val

  3. Angela


    One of each now - how lovely
    I cant wait for mine to arrive now

    love to all your family
    klterry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi all

    Cassie - your news always makes me feel so sad - i cant even begin to imagine how anyone copes with a terminal illness in a child - and to see them suffer -its just heartbreaking to think about and its not even happening to me. I will be thinking of you all.
    But how lovely to be getting married. I always find it so strange how people just assume you can decide when to have a baby. The reality is so far from it for so many. A mum sat next to me at my sons swimming lesson said to me how amazing our bodies were that they could just naturally grow these beautiful babies. I just replied hmmmmmmmm and changed the subject.
    Dont know much about having big baby for dates other than doabetes can cause this - so not much help there.

    Janet - am so glad Kate is recovering well - i cant imagine what a shock that must have been. Can well understand thats it has knocked your confidence re your embies - but you know, there could really be any number of causes and it doesn't mean your other embies would be the same.

    GF - lovely to hear from you and that all is well - i bet you would give anything for a decent nights sleep right now!

    Love to all
    klterry 37wks4dys - bag all packed now! I just want to get on with it.

  5. Angela - congratulations on the birth of your handsome baby boy! Lovely news.

    klterry - good luck!

    Cassie - what a lot you have on your shoulders at the moment. Gentle hugs to you, DP and his son.

    Love to all


  6. Hello girls

    Angela congratulations on the birth of your handsome boy!

    Cassie - I'm so sorry to hear about your DP's son, this must be a very stressful time for you and your family. Congratulations on your engagement. I know that gestational diabetes causes a baby to be bigger than normal, so they are probably just testing (thats what the glucose test is I think) if you have gest. diabetes. Apparently some women get it in pregnancy. I'm being tested for it in a few weeks too. One of my friends had it, and delivered a lovely healthy girl so its nothing to be scared of, just probably needs to have an eye kept on it.

    Janet - hope you and little Kate are doing well. I'm praying for you.

    klterry - good luck, you're nearly there!

    I'm doing well, growing bigger everyday. My little girl is very active in there. I have a scan soon to see if my placenta has moved at all (its lying low) and to have a glucose test. I get tired quite easily now, even a dinner out with friends is hard work!

    Hello to everyone!

    HANADI (ivi Val 25 wks)

  7. Hi everyone - thanks for your kind thoughts and Irida i am sure you are right about ex-wife, its just hard to take when i have so wanted to be pg and it just feels like it is at the wrong time for so many people but i am not ashamed to say its right time for me and i annot wait to meet my boy.

    Angela - so pleased to hear your news, congratulations.

    klterry - sorry to make you and everyone else sad, i just need to off load sometimes and i guess this forum is the safest place to do that, it is so very sad to see this happening but i also know i am very lucky to be expecting my baby and to be honest for me and DP it keeps us going, so i hope you all dont mind if i rant from time to time off topic! Not long for you now klterry!

    As for 'big for dates' i am a little worried but my sister told me that with her 2nd and 3rd babies she was big for dates also so i am going to try and not worry too much.

    Anyway bye for now

    Love Cassie xx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Angela on your new baby boy - you must be thrilled!! And you made it well into 38 weeks.

    klterry - glad to see that bag's packed - not long now for you!!

    Thanks to all for the M/S tips. Seems to have retreated - happens a bit in morning but wearing bands and nibbling the pretzels definitely help - thanks to Angela, HANADI and Serbezis for that.

    I'm off to see Prof R at St M's this pm. I've now got referral from GP to go to the RMC EPU -so will able to get reassurance on a weekly basis until week 12/13.

    Irida xx
    IVI Val 7w 3d

  9. Good luck, klterry!
    Not long now... I am cheering you on from over here in Italia!

  10. Hiya ladies

    am still here - had a bit if a scare on Tuesday - feet were very puffy so i called MW out in the evening - BP 130/110 - and was sent straight to hospital. Monitored for 1 and half hours, and bP came down and babies hb OK - so sent back home. Had another BP check yesterday and all OK 126/85. So just having BP checks every other day - psezinkeskin seeing consultant next wednesday so I can beg to be induced, as i dont think i can stand the worry - its just taken so much to get this far I want my baby out before anything goes wrong. The DR's on duty on Tuesday evening wouldnt do anything - said I have to speak to my consultant - and made me an appt - I must say I am not over impressed at having to wait until next WEds for the next available slot - i thought they would have been a bit more responsive/flexible at 38 weeks and with my history of pre eclampsia with ds. But - I had no protein in urine or other symptoms.

    So just wishing the time away now

    love to all
    klterry xxxxxxx

  11. Hi klterry - sorry you had a BP scare, but good that you had no other pre-eclamp signs; i am sure they will give you a date when you meet on weds now you are thankfully at 38wks. Just make sure you shout loud and long if you think that you are getting poorly - no risks

    Sorry for my rather dismal post about our frosties the other day; Kate is doing brilliantly, beyond all expectation and is definitely a true inspiration. doesnt look like there will be any lasting physical damage, hopefully we get the same news re speech and learning. And i am bizarrely broody in the midst of all of this - we will see!

    love to all

    Janet and Kate 19month IVI Val

  12. Many congratulations Angela on the birth of your son. Any names yet? I'm sure you're glad that is all over and you can now enjoy the lack of sleep without a bump!

  13. Girls i am feeling awful. I have had my period for a week now and the clots are huge. I feel so weak and guess i'm anaemic but really have no time to do anything about it. I didn't take my iron post birth because it caused constipation and i have no time for a wee let alone to sit for ages on the loo. I'm scared I'll need a blood transfusion. I'm also a veggie but my diet has been awful lately. I know having twins is exhausting but i do feel this is more than that. Babies are sleeping well-ish at night. Anna sleeps from 1am till 7 am but Lewis is like a clock every 4 hours so he has an extra little feed on Anna. Any advice?
    biosfera xxx

    thinking of you klterry

  14. Angela - belated congratulations on the birth of your son.

    klterry - sorry to hear about your BP scare - thats all you need when your nearing your due date. Sorry you have to wait until Wed when you see your consultant to discuss an induction - I agree that the health service is not very flexible but hopefully your consultant will take your concerns on board.

    biosfera - you do sound anaemic. I had iron pills which I agree were awful during pregnancy due to constipation but ok afterwards. I can relate to what you mean about being unable to sit on the loo - I found it difficult with 1 newborn and my other dd, but with twins it must be impossible. I also found it very difficult to eat properly but its so important to do so. Are you getting any help from friends and family? It sounds like you need to call up the troops!

    Janet - glad to hear that Kate is doing well after her stroke - what a nightmare for you. I think your worry with your frosties is understandable but surely unlikely that you would get the same problems with another baby from the same batch? I did not think that strokes were caused by something genetic?

    Hi to all other ladies


  15. Hi ladies

    biosfera - you sound quite run down - and i'm sending you lots if hugs.
    I had iron tablets after my ds, and just stopped them myself - i hated them.
    Re the large clots - i know its a while since you had the twins now but perhaps you should get it checked out - could there be any placenta left??
    Think about calling your health visitor/GP for some advice - they may be able to help.
    I really hope your feeling better soon

    I have had my BP checked every other day now for a week, and its been coming down each time now over 80. So go figure? Bodies - i just hate mine.
    This last week has felt like eternity, and still another week to go yet

    lots of love to you all
    klterry (10 days to go)

  16. Hi all, just a quickie to biosfera. I also found that iron tablets made me constipated and took Spatone iron sachets which didn't give me constipation at all. But if you're really anaemic and you haven't been taking the iron tablets the sachets probably won't provide enough iron so you may need to take high dose iron tabs or an iron injection. Once back to normal you might be able to use the sachets to keep up your levels though. Do you have any family or friend's who could help you get to the docs? You do really need to go to your docs & tell them how tired you are ASAP, if it's anaemia you won't get better without iron and will just feel worse.

    Not sure if you've been given anything for constipation from the doc but Fibrogel orange is fab for constipation. Very natural and and it works, your dr should be able to give it to you on prescription. As you know all prescriptions are free for a year after giving birth so you may as well get your money's worth!

    Lots of good luck,

    Peni xxx

  17. Hi biosfera,

    Peni's info on the iron front sounds good. I was going to add my osteopath always recommends Floridex, a liquid iron formula, which has all sorts of plant and herb extracts such as rose hip when I'm run down. You can get in Holland& Barrett and is fine for expectant and nursing Mums. Might not have sufficient iron for your needs but better than nothing.

    Hope you manage to get some help - you defo sound like you need it. It's the thing that worries me when and if my twins arrive as my Mum is now offplanet and my MIL is far too old to do anything other than make cups of tea and a spot of ironing. The rest of my family and friends work full time -will look up the doula option for at least the initial few days.

    Irida xx

  18. Hi all

    Hope you are all well.

    klterry - i cant believe your nearly there, you must be sooooo excited!Glad BP is behaving now.
    biosfera - sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly, Mandy's right - call the troops in and get a little me time.
    Janet - glad Kate is doing so well, hugs to you both.

    As for me - still hanging in there - such a nervous journey though!

    Thoughts on 3D scans anyone?? I was thinking of going for one in a couple of weeks.

    Love Cassie
    26 weeks 5 days

  19. Irida congrats on twin pregnancy, i must have missed that post. A ready-made family is such a bonus sodon't listen to my moans.
    Seeing my doc on thursday for bloods and am now taking galfer x2. Still feeling weak so hasn't kicked in yet.
    My sis has discovered she is 3 months pg with no 2. Her dd is 18 months and she has barely got over the shock of that and has postnatal depression. This means i have to pretend my life is a doddle at the mo just to appease her fears. I'm sure we all fib at times when people ask how we are.
    Still thinking of you klterry, the last few days are the hardest.
    biosfera xx
    Thanks for advice xxxx

  20. Hi klterry, just wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you. I hope they let you be induced next week if that is what you want. Best of luck. Can't wait to read the post about the arrival of your daughter . Nicola xxxx

  21. Hi ladies

    Good news from me at last.

    Baby Eloise arrived on Wednesday (at 39 weeks) weighing 61b 15oz - i never got to the clinic to ask for my induction - she decided to arrive before the appt which was the same morning - clever young thing. Absolutley beautiful, with full head of brown hair. My ds is over the moon and I feel so proud.

    So completely natural - just gas and air, and BP behaved itself. Have a few stitches to contend with, my old episiotomy scar re tore.

    Wishing everyone lots of love
    a very relived and happy klterry xxxxx
    Just room temperature and whether she's still breathing to angst about now

    PS - biosfera - so hope you are feeling better - I am so in awe now of all the ladies on here managing with twins, i'd forgotten how hard having a tiny baby is.

  22. klterry,

    HUGE congratulations . What wonderful news, I am over the moon for you and DP.

    Lots of love, Nicola xxxxxxxxx

  23. Welcome to the world Baby Eloise

    So happy it went fine for you klterry - enjoy the lack of sleep, nappies, etc etc - i know that you will!


    Janet and Kate 19mnth IVI Val

  24. klterry - MANY CONGRATULATIONS to you and your dh on the birth of beautiful Eloise. So pleased that everything went smoothly and your ds is happy too. Enjoy your little miracle!



  25. Dear klterry

    So pleased and happy to see your news. Huge congratulations on the safe arrival of Eloise - gorgeous name! Enjoy every moment.

    Love to you all

    Kate xx

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