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  1. Congratulations fsam2000 on the birth of your twins. Love to hear more about both of them.

    A quick update - off to see my Obs tommorrow. At this stage depending upon the pre-clampsia (mainly blood pressure) I could have my c/section any day.
    I am excited but so so nervous. I will update you soon..........................
    I will be happy to have made at least 38 body please behave.

    37wks +2 days

  2. Hang on in there Angela - everything crossed for a good delivery!
    Irida xx

  3. HI all

    Irida - Oh i have everything crossed for you. I didnt mean to confuse you about the clexane thing. I think perhaps part of the difference is that the research at St Mary's has probably moved on a bit since Prof Regans book was published.
    I'd probably be best off with ears - help stop me falling off!
    Angela - Loads of good luck to you - almost there - am totally excited for you. I so hope my girl arrives early.

    Peni - excited for you too this week - good luck in Spain

    Kate - Stopped the clexane yesterday - hurrah!

    Love to everyone else
    klterry xxxxxxxx

  4. Angela , good luck for the next few days when things are starting to happen. We spend the last month or two wishing time to speed up to see our babies and now i want time to slow down as they are already growing so fast. I hope your delivery goes smoothly.

    klterry well done on not demanding a c-section. I would far rather a natural delivery because of recovery. My tummy still looks 3-4 months pregnant and i know it's too early to be thinking about this but i want to look normal again. With my DD my tummy was back in 2 weeks. I still have 10 lbs to lose.Thank goodness for smocks! I have one in every colour. Sorry for being so vain. I hope your bag is now packed and you have pink babygros, cardigans and hats all packed away. Have you finally decided on her name? does your son know he is to have a little sis?

    My babes are well. They take it in turns to keep me busy which is kind of them. They are definitely getting bigger . I am making big efforts to get out everyday, I hate staying in and don't want to develop cabin fever. I know have to start thinking about child care, what a nightmare!

    Love to all,
    biosfera xxx

  5. My update - bp fine (140/90) normally 110/75 bloods okay so I am just getting closely monitored. I really want to make the 38 week mark next week.
    My Obs is o/s and the fill in Dr (lovely Irish Dr) had let me escape and have the weekend at home. She did tell me when you get pre-clampsia in subsequent pregnancies - you develop it to a much of a lesser extent.

    Angela (37+2days)

  6. Peni has just texted me from Madrid and has been told to take iodine tablets. Does anyone know why? She and I are baffled - the only use I know for those is purifying water if camping.

    The old "morning/afternoon" sickness has started setting in for me - threw up this am and feeling awful since. I realise it's a good sign but would be grateful for any tips as to how to prevent it. Have to get through 2 dress rehearsals and 7 performances of a show and I don't think wretching on stage will add anything to the role!

    Irida (5w6d)

  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm a bit confused as to the advice that has been given regarding clexane. I am very sure that people with a diagnosed clotting disorder (APS, FVL, MTHFR etc.) are advised to continue clexane throughout pregnancy and 6 weeks AFTER in order to deal with the most critical time for DVTs/stroke etc. which is immediately after birth. Not sure why some people stop before? I guess the TEG situation is obviously different. I was continued for 6 weeks after birth by Raj Rai and Prof. Regan.

    They do stop the clexane 12 hours before the birth (in order to minimise bleeding and in order to administer anaesthetic) then continue it for 6 weeks after. Not sure why there is so much conflicting advice but I really would double check before stopping it if you have a tendency to clot.


  8. HI to all

    Irida - lovely to see you here, and what great numbers you posted on the other board!

    Angela - best of luck - hope you make it to 38wks but you are well into term now whatever happens

    klterry - hope that bag is packed

    Sorry for missing everyone else off - this is a very quick post as we are on weekend leave from hospital; Kate had a stroke last weekend (she is 18mnths). She lost the use of her left side but is doing well and has regained some use, and we are home until sunday night and then we go back in; there is no treatment that they can give but want to do more tests (the obvious ones such to look for clots etc came back negative). Am busy scouring the internet for some insights so thought i would drop in here and get some good news. We are in shock, but she is - as always - such a strong character she has already amazed the physios etc with her efforts. My very precious baby.

    love and very good health to all

    love Janet and Kate IVI Val 18mnths

  9. Janet - OMG. I cant believe what Kate has been through. She will definetly be a trouper in life. I am thinking of you all.

    Iridae - tell Peni that I was also asked to take idione. As it was written in Spanish I assumed it was folic acid - so I did not take it. I think it is used in conjunction with folic acid.

    Re: m/s - Yuck. I had it worse with this pregnancy. I found sea sickness bands really helped. The only problem - it can be a give away that you are pregnant.
    I found having lollies, anything to take the taste out of my mouth. I also found actually 'vomiting' made me feel better as opposed to trying not to /or to avoid vomiting.

  10. Angela - thanks for that advice - will go and raid chemist for seasick band.And yes vomiting did relieve it (for a bit). Have texted your advice to Peni

    Janet - how awful for you all - fraid can't offer any help on cause of stroke - hope you find some info. Just so sorry to hear bout it. My father had stroke but that was blood clots in his seventies, the usual thing. As Angela's says she sounds a little trouper - take care of yourselves.

    Irida xx

  11. Hi Janet
    I\'m so sorry to hear about little Kate's stroke. I hope your little trooper is recovering. My very close friend's baby had a stroke while he was in the womb, and has a 'lazy' right side. But with physio and exercise, he has improved a huge amount, only his own mummy can tell a difference netween his right and left side, no else notices. I was told when they're that youngthe brain easily rewires information and they relearn to use their lazy side better. Please keep positive.

    Welcome Irida, congrats on your pregnancy. I had bad morning sickness. What helped was having salty little pretzels with me all the time even at night, and lots of rest. It disappeared at week 14.

    Hello to everyone else!


  12. Dear Janet

    What a trauma for you all. I felt so sad when I read your news. You just should not have to go through this. Sending a gentle hug to you and baby Kate. Babies have a great capacity to mend despite their apparant fragility. Loads and loads of get well wishes to Kate and hope you're getting lots of help and support at this difficult time.

    With love


  13. Dear Janet

    Sorry to read about your Kate, its amazing how a stroke victim can recover totally, my mother had several she was left with no use down one side but with physios she gained full use again, hope she gets better soon.

    To everyone who asked, I can t answer your question about the sex of our baby, 2 Drs say a boy, and the last one on a scan at almost 20 weeks said its a girl so we are none the wiser, although I feel its a boy, is it true if you carry low its a boy, or another old wives tale

    Great to see you here Rattie

    Love to everyone here


  14. A quick update - I am going to see my fil in Ob tommorrow to decide when I am going to have my c/section. It was booked for Friday however, pre-clampsia has reared it ugly head and may go sooner......................Can you imagine how nervous I am. I will most likely be away for a week and a bit............I will update you then. DH will be so busy with DD.....ha ha ha


  15. Janet - was so sad and shocked to hear about baby Kate. I am sure she will pull through - she has been through so much and seems to get stronger and stronger. Will be thinking of you all during this difficult time and hope Kate improves.

    klterry - an looking forward to hearing your news about the big day. BTW I was also told to continue on Clexane for six weeks after the birth psezinkeskin had to wear those awful DVT stockings.

    Lulu - I carried very low with my twins and was convinced it was boys (so did everyone else) but had two beautiful girls.

    Angela - good luck - seems that you will reach the 38 week target.

    Irida - I had severe all day sickness from the same time as you. Possibility you could be pg with twins. Sea sickness bands unfortunately only really help with mild sickness. Let me know if your sickness gets very bad - have some tips. In the meantime, do not get over tired and plenty of rest as tiredness exacerbates sickness.

    Love to everyone else and special hullo to etasoula.

    twins ivi val 8 months

  16. Dear Janet,
    I\'ve just read your news - sending you and your family best wishes and hoping that little Kate gets better very quickly. What a shock that must've been. I will be thinking of you.
    Jane & Jack (IVI Val 15 months)

  17. Hi all

    Janet - am totally shocked about your news - poor little Kate. I am so relieved you seem to have head some positive responses on this board from the others. I will be thinking of you .

    Lulu - I am carrying very low - and its definatley a girl - confirmed by scan and had PGD. Have gone overboard on the pink.

    Angela - I hope all goes well this week - am dreading pre eclampsia returning for me. Cant wait to hear your lovely news.

    biosfera - its awful trying to loose the tummy - one of my best friends has decided to get married beginning of June - I have no chance of looking even half decent. Leaky boobs, flabby belly, nothing decent to wear, and no time for shopping/getting hair done.

    Daisy - Raj had told me to stop clexane at 24 weeks as this is when the implantation process is complete - but my obs at the hospital said she would carry on until 36 weeks - so I went with that as the most cautious approach. Raj hadnt even mentioned what to do after birth- but again my obs has said 12 weeks. I dont think they really know what they are dealing with with this TEG thing - still quite new i guess.

    Irida - avoiding tiredness really helps morning sickness. BUt other than that I found you just have to grin and bear it - nothing really works - mine finally went at 16 weeks. I didnt have it too bad either - so you have my total sympathy.

    Serbezis - stockings Yuk! - i will be resisting those.

    Vicky - how are you doing??

    Jane - great to see you still popping in

    My bag packed almost - just need little prezzie for ds from baby when he visits hospital - psezinkeskin need to pack bag for ds. Having BP checked on Thurs.

    Hi to everyone else
    love klterry (36w5days)

  18. Janet, I've just read your news. I'm sorry that baby Kate has had a stroke, what a terribly worrying time you've had. Kate sounds so brave and lovely. Thinking of you all and wishing little Kate a very speedy recovery.

    Peni xxx

  19. Janet,

    I am so sorry to hear your awful news about Kate. Sending you best wishes and hoping that everything will be ok for her. I can't imagine dealing with this but hope you can find some support here for you.


  20. Hi all, come up for a breather at last! Sorry not been following the thread much. We are all doing well - girls have now doubled their birth weight. Still waiting for them to go through the night and end the 2 hourly routine.

    LOL to all.

    klterry - thinking of you - not long now

    lol gf

  21. Thank you all so much for you thoughts - it has been/is really hard although Kate is making an amazing recovery. A week ago we never imagined she might walk again and now she is tottering around! Everyone has been so lovely, but in truth it is very rare for toddlers to have a stroke so there is very limited medical research/experience to draw upon, and the support groups cant really help. IT will be years before we know if the brain damage affects her learning etc. But i sense Kate's strong character has pulled her through the worst, as ever, and we just hope that the remaining test results shed some light on all this

    We were going back for our frosties this summer feels so selfish on so many levels - surely kate's strange tendancy for major illnesses will be shared? Have no idea who would be able to answer that question...

    Lots of good wishes for nice relexed births to Angela and klterry

    lots of love to all

    Janet and Kate 19mnths IVI Val

  22. Janet, just read your post re Kate. So very sorry to hear your distressing news and hope your little angel is well on the way to a full recovery. One thought - strokes can be caused by an aneurysm (pardon if spelling wrong) ie. a congenital weakness in a vessel wall that just gives way. Thinking of you all. LOL gf

  23. Janet i am thinking of you and you little fighter, Kate. i hope she continues to get better.
    biosfera xxx

  24. Janet - only just read your post, i am so sorry that little Kate has been through such an awful time- she sounds like such a fighter and sending you and kate best wishes for a full recovery.

    As for me DP's son is very bad now and we have been told that he has only a few weeks left and that the end will be either a major heart attack or a major seizure, you know he is in so much pain and yet they are going to put a tube down him to feed him as he is not eating, i cannot help but feel they are just prolonging this little boys agony. I am so sad.

    I had a mid wife appt yesterday and they have told me my baby is bigger than he should be by 2 weeks and i have to go for another glucose test - do i need to worry about this? I know diabetes can make your baby big but if its not that could it be something else i need to worry about? I am just so worried about everything and everyone i love now i cant help it, to be losing DP's 9 year old like this it makes you start to get paranoid about everyone else you love.

    On a psezinkeskin side, DP asked me to marry him and presented me with a whopper of an engagement ring - i said yes of course, what girl could resist sparkly things but i nearly had a fit when i found out how much he had spent!!

    On the negative DP's ex wife is not happy about it and also has told DP he is awful and inconsiderate to be having a boy with me given what is happening with his son, i am not sure how she expected us to ensure we would have a girl. She has no idea we had been TTC for 3 years + , so prob thinks we have done it just as a replacement which is so unfair and so untrue, i have been trying for so long to have this baby and i am nearly there but just feel so depressed too. Oh sorry for going on but need to get it out AAAAAAGH!!!

    Oops a mad moment for me - hormones?? anyway hi and love to all

    love Cassiexxx

    PS latest names: Nathan, Connor, Zac - any thoughts?

  25. Cassie,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your DP's son. No words can get anywhere near what you and he must be feeling. I'm not surprised you're having "mad" moments. I think you're amazing to keep it all together!

    And the doctors' actions in trying to feed him do seem counterproductive. I think they're scared these days of anything that could cause them to be guilty of euphanasia. (Mind you if it was an old person they'd withdraw food and drink and they die of dehydration - not nice)

    In the midst of all this sadness, lovely that DPs asked you to marry him - the worst situations often bring the best out in people. And I suspect his ex wife is just grief stricken and terribly jealous of you both and is just lashing out at anyone and anything as life is just not fair. Funny isn't it how scenarios get constructed - i.e. you've got a replacement lined up- when the reality is so different! As if a baby could replace another person - you're not having a carpet delivered! Even pets don't replace each other - no two cats I've had have ever been the same. That's why she's not thinking straight. My parents had terrible rows during the run up to my brother's death (he too died of heart related problems - he was 16, I was 13) - the feelings are just too hard to bear.

    Thinking of you at this difficult time - don't know nuthin about glucose test - hope there's no extra problem - fingers crossed
    Irida xx

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