Pregnant Using DE in Spain 2

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Started a new thread as according to the info at the top of the page threads with more than 200 posts will shortly be closed.

    Hope you all find your way over

    DD 3 years 5 months ~ IVI Madrid
    DS 5 1/2 months ~ IVI Madrid (same donor)

  2. Thanks Sand and hope everyone well.

    I am good my boy has been having a disco inside me recently but it is so reassuring to feel him!

    Love Cassie
    IVI Val 22 weeks 2 days

  3. Hi - klterry am just dropping in to see how you are as you are very quiet? hope all is well


    janet and Kate 18mnths IVI Val

  4. Hi Girls
    Thanks Sand for starting a new one I was ill yesterday threw up and bad pains in my stomach something I have eaten has not agreed with me at all also I notice I am suffering with being constipated even though eaten loads of veg, fruit and fibre is this really common? have begun to feel my likkle one move now, feels like a slow thumping heartbeat is how I would describe it Like Cassie said reassuring though.

    Hope everyone else is OK

    Love to all


    19wks+4 IM Barc

  5. Hi ladies

    Sorry for lack of posts - have just been so tired.

    Have finished work now thannk goodness.

    Janet - so sweet of you to ask after me - xx

    Peni - I really love Sofia with an F too! Eloise is now popular amongst the posh in France apparently - how funny about that lady at monkey music. There are 2 Imogens in my sons class at school.

    HANADI - a girl - how sweet - i cant stop looking at all the lovely dresses in the shops. Have been invited to a wedding in June so i'll have an excuse to buy something really yummy and expensive.

    Cassie - you sstick to the name you love and ignore your family. I must confess its hard not to to say what names you're thinking of when asked directly.

    fsam2000 - hoping your just way too busy to post just yet - but thinking of you

    Lulu - is your scan soon? will you find out the sex?

    Sand - hi to you

    biosfera - I am sure you are coping absolutley fine with the twins - you sound quite confident - I so wish my little one was here already.

    Had a scan last week and all OK - thats it now until the birth - will just see the MW for blood pressure etc.
    Peni - meant to ask - did you take heparin after birth too - have been told to take it for 12 weeks after birth. What a drag!
    Have not sorted out babies room yet at all - really must get a move on.

    love to everyone
    klterry xxxxxxxx 34wks 4days and counting - ivi val

  6. Hi, just a quickie for klterry!

    I was given heparin (the MW's injected me) after the birth and for about 3 days. This was because of having a C-section, I didn't need to take heparin after the birth otherwise. That IS a drag that you have to take it for so long afterwards! As for names, Imogen is very popular, the reason I didn't go for it was I read that one of the meanings of the name is 'in your mother's image' so not very appropriate for a DE child, LOL! And as for the name Casey, I really like the name, not sure if there are any corrie fans here but there is now a female character in Coronation St called Casey - I didn't realise it was also a girls' name. The lady across the road from me just gave birth to a little boy called Dory (rhymes with Rory), not sure if I like it or not! Ellie seems to be another really popular name for girl's in London, I hope no one shortens Eloise's name to Ellie as I like Eloise.

    Have heard nothing from IVI so DP just called them and Noeme is on hols for the Holy Week for a few wks! If they'd known I wasn't going to have transfer before or during Easter why didn't they tell me. I could've gone away for a few days somewhere or just relaxed a bit even! Now waiting for Dr G to call back with some news. Have got bad feeling that donor has fallen through for some reason but trying to stay positive.

    DP & I painted the babies room (white, with colourful curtains, cushions, pictures in it) when I was about 8 mnths preg but didn't buy any furniture/clothes until 2 wks before baby was due to arrive via c-section. Then 2 days before I was due I realised that the baby wouldn't be in her own room at first but in our room (doh) which only had wooden blinds and let in bright light from 6am! So I went to IKEA for the darkest curtains they had (navy blue) and then J. Lewis and bought some wooden curtain poles which I drilled in to the walls (up a bl**dy ladder) the evening before she was born, so that it was darker in the room and stopped the bright sunlight beaming in (it was a heatwave). I had a cotbed in baby's room but bought a little IKEA cot for next to my bed for when she was little (didn't want a moses basket as cats would knock it over & they only last for 3 mths and wanted DD in my room for 6 mths) and was up until 2am putting the little cot together the night before the birth, LOL! As if that wasn't enough I then sanded and lightly waxed the little wooden cot so it looked prettier (how mad am I?) So you are not alone leaving things to the last minute! Edited to add that as I didn't use a moses basket (which you can carry around from room to room) I used my bugaboo (carrycot bit with mattress) for when baby was asleep downstairs as I could just wheel her around from room to room.

    Wasn't such a quickie after all!

    Much love,

    Peni xxx

  7. Hi Sand

    I was in touch a while back asking about your experience with DE in Spain. I know you must be swamped, but if you get a chance, I'd appreciate any info. (I'll write another email)

    I"m in NYC and on donor list here; of Spanish descent and really wanted to get a sense of experience, cost, and timelines. With summer coming, I have a window of opportunity and am trying to line things up, although the dollar's plummeting value is daunting.

    Any help sand or anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi Rachel, Are you the lady I was e-mailing with? if so I replied sometime back with quite a long e-mail I guess that means you didn't receive it?? I wondered what had happened.
    I'm pretty sure I still have your e-mail and may even still have a copy of the reply I'd sent although you'd better still e-mail me as maybe there is a problem with the one I have?
    Peni is also cycling with IVI Madrid and her info is probably more up to date than mine.

    Peni, Saw your update on the other board I'd take "your donation" to be egg collection but I may be wrong (these days I'm often wrong in my sleep deprived state!!) Good luck I'll be watching closely.

    Angela, OMG 36 weeks already!!!!!! at what gestation did you deliver last time? I'll also be watching you closely, we'll probably give Aussie a miss this year not sure I can cope with Yasmine on a 24hr flight!! we're now thinking about Dubai (fsam2000 I think you're in Dubai?)

    klterry, It will be you after Angela! not long at all now, we didn't do much to the babies room until after the birth as we knew she/he would be in with us for at least 6 months. (actually worked out much longer than that)

    Lulu, Sorry to hear you've been under the weather hope you're feeling better now, when's your anomaly scan? will you find out the sex? I have to say I was constipated for most of both of my pregnancies this tome round I also developed a pile which didn't help (sorry tmi!)

    Cassie, hope you are bearing up, isn't it lovely to feeling your baby moving can you see your belly jumping yet? wait until the hiccups start they are so funny to watch.

    HANADI, Hope you and your little lady are keeping well.

    fsam2000, Your twins must be here by now?????? hope you are all well.

    Caroline, How are things? would love to hear from you.

    We're all fine, Shareef is teething so very clingy and plenty of sleepless nights, started him on solids recently which he's taken to very well except he needs a bath after every meal! Yasmine is a typical 3 1/2 yo she is so particular about everything, especially what she wears takes me all morning to get out of the house these days.

    Love to all
    Sorry I know I've missed loads of you will try and get back later to finish.

  9. Sands, I delivered DD at 37 weeks. The issue at the moment is the high protein levels and that pre-clampsia may rear it's ugly head again. My bp is good. Has not been high in this I am just hanging in.
    They believe if I had the same donor that I may not have/will develop pre-clampsia again. Anyway, I have passed the safe mark. Cant wait to meet him/her.
    I understand why you will feel hesitant to travel to Aussie. The travel is long. BUT with your pounds and we are a English speaking country it is a really nice destination. The weather is always comfortable. So at least our advertising 'where the Blooody hell are you' may be working on you Brits ????????
    Dr Velasco - was always so nervous dealing with us as he knew how far we travelled.

    Hi klterry (next of the rank), Cassie, Lulu, HANADI and any others I have missed.


  10. Dear All,

    Just a very quick note to let you know that Jamie (boy) & Isla (girl) arrived safely on Wed 21st March 2007 (38 weeks) at 11.53 and 11.54 respectively. Jamie was 5lb 12 oz and Isla 6lb. They are absolutely beautiful and I cannot belive they are 2 weeks old already. I am a very fortunate happy mummy!!!

    The C section went very well under spinal anesthetic and I was able to see them being born.

    Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst after that and I developed Hellp Syndrome and was transferred to ICU. This is something which can affect very young or older mums. Basically the bleeding cannot be controled and it can cause various organs e.g. liver ets to shut down.

    Steps were taken to do what could be done to control the bleeding but finally it was agree to an emergency hysterectomy or risk worse. Fortunately it was just a case of going in via the same incision - a small price to pay for my two precious babies and I would not be having any more at my age.

    I was discharged on 26th March 2007 and I am feeling stronger by the day. We had our first visit to the Dr on Monday - all is well and the twins are doing wonderfully.

    Serbezis - thanks a million for the tip on the double buggy - it is terrific!

    Hope you are all doing well. I will catch up on all the news as soon as I have a minute.

    Lots of Love, fsam2000 xxx

  11. fsam2000 - congratulations and what lovely names you have chosen. Am so glad all is well after your post-birth experience. You sound so very happy - wonderful!

    klterry - glad all is well, make sure you take it easy!

    Angela - hope pre-eclampsia stays away; i delivered at 33wks with it. You are almost at term now

    hello to all other bumps and babies (and mommies of course!)


    Janet and Kate 18mnths IVI Val

  12. Congratulations fsam2000 on the birth of your twinnies!! Sorry to hear of the initial trauma straight after, but you do sound so happy and it is time to enjoy them now - well done you, and such healthy weights!

    Unfortunately, haven't been keeping up so much recently as the boys are keeping me pretty busy - they are almost 18months old now - incredible!!! They seem to change and progress almost daily, it is amazing!

    Just wanted to send lots of love and luck to all those ladies awaiting their bundles, will pop in whenever I can to see your news.

    And also lots of love to the other mums and babies
    Oliver & Louis (IM Barcelona)

  13. Dear Rain
    Just been going back through the previous thread (thanks Sand for starting this new one) and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to you too, on the birth of Anna and Lewis!!! Well done!!! How is it going? Hope the feeding is ok. I noticed you are feeding every 3 hours, just to let you know, ours were in hospital for a while and they were established on a 4 hourly feed from very early on - which made it just about bearable, and they put on weight no problem (I breast fed and topped up with formula). It is very tough and such hard work with two, try to get as much help as you possibly can!! The worst is when we all get ill at the same time, which happened twice with a sickness bug and that was just awful. But the love and joy wins out over the exhaustion!! And it does get easier (although never \'easy\'!!!).

    big hugs to all

  14. Hi all

    CONGRATULATIONS fsam2000 and dh - fabulous news, amd lovely names. - After all the disappointments you have been through - what a lovely happy ending. It's amazing how happy you sound even after such an awful experience after the birth. Well now you can just ENJOY - if you have the energy!

    Peni - 3 days of heparin sounds much better - i nearly died of shock when i was told 12 weeks. I couldnt speak to the consultant direct to question it - as i was seeing the SHO - and she just popped through to check with the consultant. I will definately query it at the time. Raj never mentioned it - i think they are being extra cautious as they dont really understand why i'm on it - i dont have a recognised thrombophilia thing - i just tested positive on the TEG test. Better safe than sorry i guess.
    You were a busy girl the night before - guess the nesting thing really got going. When I had myfirst contraction with ds i was standing on a chair measuring window for the black out blinds - no wonder blood pressure was high.

    Angela- ohh not long - i dveloped pre eclampsia with my ds but only on the day i actually went into labour (although i was always really puffy) - so i guess your never out of the danger zone. Fingers crossed all goes well.

    Vicky - i think you may be after Angela and then me. How are you doing now its nearer the end. My bladder is driving me crazy - am so convinced i am desperate for the loo all the time.

    Sand - shareef on solids already - that has flown by.

    I caved in and went to mothercare today for some hospital bits - had been feeling so tired lately i thought i might not be up to it later, and was getting nervous that hospital bag not ready - have had several comments about how low bump is, and that baby could be early. Psezinkeskin head definately feels like its sitting on my bladder. Have to say though - everything still in the carrier bag with receipt saved.

    Love to everyone else i havnt mentioned
    klterry xxxxxxx

  15. Hi klterry,

    I have 2 thrombophilias and was told to continue the clexane for 6 weeks after the birth - this is normal for blood clotting disorders. Would speak to Raj if poss. and confirm. 12 weeks seems excessive but there may be a reason. Definitely do not stop after birth until told to as risk of DVTs and clotting is highest after birth.


  16. CONGRATULATIONS fsam2000 on the birth of your lovely twins and a big well done for getting through such an ordeal. Your babes have good weights (similiar to mine) so you must have been uncomfortable towards the end - its worth it though when you have the gorgeous babies presented to you. Enjoy this special time with your twins and as has been recommended before, take up all offers of help and if possible arrange some regular help around the house or assistance with the twins - it will help you recover quicker and spend more time with your precious ones. Glad the double buggy tip was worthwhile - we love ours.

    Please keep us updated how you and the twins are getting on - if you do manage to get the chance at all in the coming months.



  17. fsam2000

    Many congratulations on the birth of your beautiful babies. Wonderful! So sorry you had to go through such trauma after the birth though - what a shock. Glad you're doing OK.

    Love to you and all your family!


  18. Hi klterry, my TEG buddy!

    Just a quick one about stopping Clexane. Raj told me I could stop the Clexane at 24 weeks. By that time implantation has been completed (at around 22 weeks I think he said) so the inability to breakdown blood clots in the normal time (a problem on TEG test means you don't break down blood clots at the normal speed) is not an issue. I have discussed this with my IVF consultant and agreed that it probably would feel risky to stop the Clexane so early and it would feel better to continue until about 33 or 34 weeks. Sounds like it may be worth you checking with Raj about the latest research/thinking. Good luck!

    Hi to all the other ladies here - glad all is going well for you.

    Happy Easter

    Kate xx

  19. fsam2000!!!!
    Many congratulations on the birth of Isla and Jamie. You must be delighted that they were great weights and healthy but I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope you and the babies are keeping well, you have to especially look after yourself after such major surgeries. Enjoy them!

    Looking forward to hearing more baby news from Angela and klterry very soon. klterry I can't believe you are only sorting your bag now, i had my ready in the boot at 26 weeks! It's such a lovely time of the year to have a baby now the clocks have moved forward and the weather is gorgeous.

    sezinkeskin thanks for the advice on feeding twins. I'll probably have it all sussed- when they're about 6!

    Anna and Lewis (4 weeks and 2 days) are doing very well but haven't put on a great deal of weight. They were readmitted for a night for jaundice and spent 18 hours under a lamp in an incubator.My Health visitor isn't worried but I feel a bit paranoid that they are not feeding enough. If i try to give them what it says on the fromula boxes they tend to bring back milk-lovely so I don't force them to feed but do wake them to feed every 4 hours. Anna is a doll and a very content baby, i didn't know babies could be this good. Lewis wants cuddles all day but as long as I keep changing his environment he is fairly content, quite like my eldest. I know they will reverse roles soon. Anyway at the moment they are generally very good and i cannot complain at all. It is funny how a few have said Anna is like me or how Lewis has sallow skin and brown eyes like my mum.

    Lulu i suffered from constipation at times during my pregnancy and found the best thing was bran flakes followed by a pint of water. This got things moving for me but i still developed piles. Hurts even to remember!

    Love and happy easter to all,
    biosfera xxxx

  20. Hi ladies

    Just a quickie from me

    Kate - Raj had told me to stop clexane at 24 weeks too. But my consultant recommended i carry on until 36 weeks (so i stop on Thursday - hurrah!). I also doubled the dose from what Raj said too (from 20 to 40mg) Both Val and my consultant said 40 was the norm. Its all a minefield out there. I know in Prof Regans book on Rec m/c she recommended 36 weeks - but obviously things had moved on since that was published and I saw Raj. As it doesnt affect the baby I have just stuck with the most cautious advice. Its worked so far but i am nervous about stopping it now.

    biosfera - sounds like your doing really well - horrid to have them back in hospital though. Aptamil is the closest formula to breast milk. My ds wouldnt touch Cow and Gate - and a nurse told me they give babies in hospital Aptamil as its closest - and my ds took to it straight away. Can sympathise with the piles - have them currently - yuk. Bag still not packed yet - top job for tomorrow i think. Have most things i need to put in it now though.

    Daisy - hi - hows it all going - i will be happy to carry on now i know you took it for 6 weeks. My consultant does run a recurrent m/c clinic so I think she does know her stuff.

    fsam2000 - hope you're managing to cope with twins and a huge op too.

    Had my ante natal refresher class last week. MW who did an hours slot was rubbish. Didnt lead the group at all. Am quite dreading giving birth now - i chickened out of demanding a CS - decided i didnt fancy that option much either. Dont think i'll be allowed in the pool with my history. Am going to go for the bouncy ball, and huge dose of diamorphine.

    love to everyone
    klterry 35 weeks Val

  21. Just in case things start happening soon - to wish you the very best of luck for the birth. I feel quite sad in some ways as we would have been pg buddies. Still things seem to be going well for me so far, but very early days(5w2d!)

    Bit worried Raj is recommending only 24 weeks for clexane whereas Regan in book says 36 weeks - they work in the same unit so why such a difference? Cynically thought it might be NHS cutbacks but your PCT is paying so that shouldn't be the reason.

    Shame about the pool but I suppose with our histories we're too hi risk. Like the sound of the bouncy ball though- does it have ears like a spacehopper? If so you could bounce in time to the contractions! (You can tell my ignorance on the subject. ) As for diamorphine - didn't realise "recreational" drugs used for epidurals - learn something new every day!

    Everything crossed for a smooth delivery.

    Irida xx

    Edited to belatedly congratulate fsam2000 on the birth of your twins - sorry you've had such a horrid time in hospital but so pleased you have double bundle of joy.

  22. Hi all, quick barge!

    Rattie - Raj recommended that I stay on clexane until 34 wks, he actually said that I had to! I think it depends on each persons particular clotting issue (APS, Thrombophilia or Factor IV Leiden etc.) and levels of severity . As you also have APS then you might also be on clexane until 34 wks (not sure why 34 and not 36 wks). As for the heparin dose, Raj and St M's do prescribe 40mgs of heparin but only if you've tried the 20mg dose unsuccesfully(!). You use those bouncy balls for antenatal exercises and you can even get them in Argos (without ears although I think some of them have eyes)!

    fsam2000 - how dreadful that you had such an ordeal, I'm so glad that you and your lovely twins are all ok. Huge congratulations on their birth and for making it through such a tough time. xxx

    klterry - you are almost there honey bunny! I also didn't know you could have diamorphine!!! Loads of good luck!

    Much love & good luck to everyone else!

    Peni xxx

  23. Irida - don't worry about the discrepancy between Raj Rai and Prof R's book. They're referring to different things. To try to clarify - Raj says to stop the Clexane at 24 weeks only if you're using it as a result of a problem shown by the TEG test. For more usual types of clotting disorders like APS etc, Clexane is prescribed for much longer (34 weeks +) as per Prof R's book.

    klterry - glad you get to stop the Clexane so soon. How lovely that will be.

    Love to all


  24. Thanks Peni and Kate - understand why the difference now.

  25. Many congatulations on the birth of your lovely twins! I'm glad to hear that you are all ok after your terrible ordeal. I do hope you recover very quickly.

    HANADI xxxx

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