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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm new to the board. I'm 42 and after 11 failed IUI's decided to give IVF a try. My highest FSH was 16.1 and antral follicle count averages around 7. The first one was converted to an IUI after only 2 follies matured on an EPP protocol which ended in a BFN. The 2nd attempt with a Lupron flare protocol yielded 4 eggs at retrieval. 3 were mature but only one fertilized, abnormally (3 pro nuclei instead of 2). I was devastated but the embryology report did not note any abnormality in the eggs as far as they could see. I did not get a good explanation of why seemingly normall looking eggs don't fertilze. My RE would like to try IVF one more time and I would really like to try again with my own eggs but am worried that the same thing may happen again. Did anyone have a similar experience? Hoping that the poor fertilziation was just a fluke but trying to be realistic.

  2. Did you do ICSI ? Fertilisation rate can be improved with ICSI ,if you havent done it already . I have had issues with poor fertilisation as well , but that is due to poor egg quality in my case .

  3. ICSI was automatically done since the number of eggs retrieved was so low.

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