POLL: When did you give birth?

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  1. my ds was born at 36 weeks and was 6lbs 9oz and in perfect health. it scares me to think how big he would have been if i went full term!


  2. I had gestational diabetes so I was being monitored weekly at the end. Was induced at 38 weeks due to low amniotic fluid, 26 hrs labor, then c-section. She was 8 pounds! Can't imagine if we would have waited for her to come out on her own!

    Andrea & Baby Rachel (20m)

  3. I delivered at 41 wks 2 days.

  4. I gave birth at exactly 36 weeks!

    Marie xx
    Mummy to Ethan, 10 days old.

  5. C-section scheduled for this afternoon for a 37week 3day delivery for my twins!

  6. I didn't vote because I went into labor 10 days after my due date. Crazy thing is we had our transfer on Feb 21st and I delivered Nov 21st.

  7. 41 weeks for no 1 and 39 weeks for no 2

  8. 30 weeks via c-section due to placenta previa

    Mommy to Ryan & Shana (3.4 lbs & 3.5 lbs) born 4/7/06
    Shana was in the NICU 4 weeks & Ryan was in there almost two months

    Congrats to you all!!!

  9. 34 weeks exactly.
    Twins via C-section b/c my dd was breech. They spent 9 days in the NICU. Came home on Valentine's Day. BEST VALENTINE'S DAY PRESENT EVER!
    Samantha 4 lb.s/3 oz.
    Evan 4 lb.s/15 oz.
    Huge for preemies! I, too, shudder to think about how big I might have been if we had gone to my scheduled C-section at 37 weeks!

    Evan and Samantha (2 years old in February!).

  10. 18 days late to be exact.....the longest 18 days of my life


  11. I delivered my twins at 40 weeks exactly!!

  12. I delivered my DD at exactly 26 weeks. She was very premature. As a preemie of 26 weeks, she had to spend 78 days at NICU and now she is 3 months old and she is doing great!
    I had no causes for her early delivery, other than Preterm labor; as I didn't have high blood presure or anything like it. It was an oddity.

  13. 36w 5 days with twins

    Best wishes,


  14. Induced at 38w3d after 3 months of bedrest. I was induced b/c of GD. On bedrest due to ptl, very short cervix.

    DD 9 months

  15. Started being induced at 35w2d and had DS at 35w6d.....long story. Induced b/c of PIH.

  16. my DS was born right on his due date. how clever!


  17. Induced the day before due date. However it was exactly 38wk from conception in that little petri dish.


  18. Both my girls were born on their due date. One came naturally and the other one was induced!

  19. 39 weeks and 1 day, DD was born. April 12, 2006. 6lbs, 5oz. IVF baby on our second round.

    i was induced due to uncontrollable blood pressure.

  20. 40 weeks and 6 days, son was born October 17th 2007, weighting in at 8lbs 4oz.
    First ivf baby - I was also induced due to decreasing fluids.

  21. 41w1d

    My water broke but labor still did not. I had to be induced. My big girl (8 lbs) still did not want to come out of my small body (5'0") so after 26 hours of labor, I ended up with an emergency c-sec.

  22. I delivered my twins at 40 weeks exactly!!

    WOW, you are a real trooper!!!! I delivered, via c-section, my girls, thankfully, at 36w6d (and could barely breath at that point!). I was on bed/couch rest for a long time because of uterine irritability. I deliverd then because I developed pre-eclampsia, found during a trip to L&D for contractinos/irritability.

  23. I delivered my twin boys at 38w exactly via scheduled c-section. Pregnancy was normal, but light bedrest for 2 months.


  24. I was induced at exactly 38 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. I was on hospital bedrest for two weeks prior to delivery.

  25. Didn't vote, because it was more than 40 weeks. I was 41 weeks, 5 days when I went into labor.

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