POLL: When did you give birth?

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  1. Hi ladies, just wondering, when did you all give birth?

  2. None of the above for me either. My DD came 11 days late. I think IVF babies often come early because they are often multiples. I don't know whether IVF singletons are any different to non-IVF babies. When are you due?

    Good luck!

  3. I had my twins at 29w5d.
    DD\'s water broke and I had them 12 hours later.

    now 31 months

  4. 39wks via repeat c-section

    DD 8lbs. 11oz 12/2/05

  5. 41 1/2 weeks here!!!!

    mommy to Samantha Jane
    4 months old

  6. 34 1/2 weeks-twins!
    -Hiroko and gang

  7. 41w1d....after induction!

    Time is ticking with this pregnancy... I am 37w now....

  8. DS was 38 weeks and DD was 41 weeks.

    Rylan - 3.5 years
    Kayla - 2 months

  9. Induced at 37w6d (evening), gave birth at 38w0d--twins.

  10. *Due April 11th, 2004
    *Scheduled C-section for April 2nd, 2004
    *DD decided she didn't want to wait & I went into
    labor @ 37w6d(still had a C-section).....Birthday -
    March 27th, 2004.

    Julia - just turned 2!

  11. My little guy came late, also. 10 days to be exact, so a little over 41 weeks. I also had to be induced But, all worked out well!

    Enrico 9.5 months

  12. I was induced at exactly 41 weeks.
    Charlie 6 mo.

  13. 40 weeks 4 days..

  14. 38w1d... we welcomed Samantha Grace into our hearts forever!

  15. DS born by emergency c-section due to pre-eclampsia at 37 1/2 weeks.

    DS - 15 months
    24 1/2 weeks - girl -- c-section set for 38 1/2 weeks

  16. My ds was born right on his due date.

    Nicholas 18m

  17. I picked 37-40 weeks, that was the twins @ 38weeks planned c-section. Jack was 41weeks induced and then he refused to be evicted and I ended up with a section.....

    Jack 46m
    Mackena and Matthew 26m

  18. my ds was born at 39wks...exactly!

    Harrison 1/7/02

  19. 39w2d ( 7 year old) and 39w4d (2 year old). both induced. 1 vaginal 1 c-section.

  20. 30 wks emergency c-section (twin boys)

  21. Induced at 39w0d -- twins! (7lb 4oz and 7lb 7oz)

    Mom to Vivian and Naomi (3y 10m)

  22. 39weeks exactly - twins - 7lbs 11ozs and 7lbs 3ozs!

  23. ds came in the world 6 weeks early 5lbs 9oz perfectly healthy

  24. twins, 37w, induced after 3 months of bed rest

  25. I voted 37 - 40 weeks, but I was really 41 weeks! I was induced when I was 8 days late and I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy 7 lb., 0.8 oz. baby boy.

    DS-7 months on 7/23

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