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  1. I'm 33. I'll be 34 in June. I am in the BCP portion of my 2nd fresh IVF. My first IVF was last June/July and resulted in a singleton pg, however I m/c at 10 weeks. My first FET was in Nov however we lost all the embies before transfer. I'm really hoping this next IVF is going to be successful in every way.

  2. I'm 34 and in the middle of my 2nd fresh IVF cycle. My first in 2003 brought us a beautiful dd. I started stims this morning and should have my retrieval in about 12 days.

    Good luck everyone!

  3. Hi...I am 32, DH 42. We were 32/42 with our first cycle in January too. We are MF as DH had a vasectomy in 1991, failed reversal in April 2006, IVF/ICSI w/ TESE for sperm retrieval in January and a BFN in January. Hoping the frozen pops will make thaw with a fresh cycle this April!

  4. I am 30 DH is 39. We have severe male factor. Just did our 2nd IVF (first fresh) last week. 1st IVF in 2006 resulted in BFN. Had our ET on 3/16. I go for my first beta on Friday!

  5. I'm 32 and DH will be 34. We are starting our third IVF at the beginning of May. Our first IVF in August 07 resulted in a blighted ovum/miscarriage at 7 weeks and our second attempt in February was a BFN.

    I started acupuncture and massage at the beginning of March and I'm hoping the third one is a charm.

  6. I am 33 years old and I don't know what the DH means? Is it donor husband, if so, my husband is 34. It's hard to find people with a similar diagnosis but my hypothalamus/pituitary gland in my brain does not send signals to my ovaries to produce eggs or ovulate. So, I take the fertility shot, Menopur, to make me do that. I am on my 3rd cycle, the first two being IUI procedures (inseminations- the first resulted in miscarriage and the second did not take). With my diagnosis my hypothalamus and pituitary gland do not send hormone signals to my ovaries to produce eggs or ovulate.

    Does anyone else have this diagnosis? If so, Please reply back. Best of luck to you all. Lea

  7. My husband and I are both 33. This is our 2nd IVF. First IVF was 2 years ago and now we have a 14 month old DD. Hope #2 has the same result!

  8. I'm 33 and DH is 31. We just went through our first IVF cycle and none of my eggs fertilized. We'll make attempt #2 starting in late July.

    mauro - here's a very helpful page that defines all the acronyms people put in their posts: ivfconnections.com

  9. I am 31 and DH is 30, 2nd IVF later this summer. 1st IVF we got back 3 embies, but got a BFN. DH is seratoli cell so we've had a tough time getting PG

    OMG - Dumbo, thanks for posting that link below...I am new to the boards and have been trying to learn and read all the acronyms and that is a huge help!

  10. I am 32 and DH is 41. We will be starting a fresh IVF cycle this summer.

  11. I'm 34. DH is 36. First IVF cycle.

  12. I am 34, DH is 42. This will be our 2nd IUI cycle.

  13. I am 32 and DH 32 first IVF

  14. I am 33-34 next month..DH is 28. 1st IVF-starting stims next weekend.
    PCOS for a diagnosis.

  15. i'm 33, started my first fresh on 8/29. stims start on 9/3.

  16. i am awaiting ins approval for ivf due to male inf. and this would be my 2nd try
    first success was in 2005 2 xfer and single preg

    me 34
    dh 40

  17. I am 33, DH 35, I had ER today for IVF #1. We are unexplained other than stage 1 endo diagnosed via lap in 2/08.

  18. Me-30
    hopefully starting stims for 1st ivf/icsi soon. postponed due to a cyst we have male IF issues.

  19. me 31
    dh 33
    Have started our first IVF... in suppression stages...very scared/nervous/overwhelmed and excited retrieval will be first week in Nov.

  20. I'm 33 and DH is 35, IVF#1, might be doing the transfer on my b-day!
    Good luck to all!

  21. I am 34 DH is 37...haven't even been referred to a RE yet....Gotta love the military!

  22. I'm 34 and my fiancee is 33, IVF#1, might be doing the transfer on my b-day, too!

  23. I am 34 DH is 43...I just started Lupon last night. I'm excited, nervous and scared, so many mixed emotions.

  24. Will be 34 when we cycle. Doing IVF due to tubal ligation about 10 years ago. Very worried it may not work.

  25. Our first cycle I was 30 and dh was 33. It resulted in a m/c.
    Now we are preparing for cycle #2. I just turned 31 and dh is turning 34.

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