Poll - How old are you starting a Fresh???

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  1. Just thinking of starting a fresh cycle in 2008, but thinking I'm getting Old!!
    I know I'm not but starting to feel it!!


  2. We also plan on starting in 2008. I want to lose some weight first...I have lost about 15 pounds and my cycle is already starting to regulate itself somewhat (I don't ovulate...so I don't get periods). This is my second (normal) cycle only on metformin. Hopefully it will stay like this for the remainder of the year and then we can try in about a year. Good luck to you!

  3. I'm 36!!

    I feel a little old!

  4. I am 33 and going to do a ED cycle then do my own cycle when I turn 34 in September...Fingers Crossed....

  5. You didn't put my age in the poll- I am not that old! LOL!
    I am 36!

  6. I will be 36 in June and I will be going thru my 7th IVF cycle! So you are not old or alone!


  7. I am 30 and starting IVF #7 have done 6 fresh cycles and 1 FET.

  8. I am 30, DH 34, and we are starting our 1st IVF in July/Aug 2007. We tried 6 medicated IUIs before finally moving on to IVF.

  9. I am 32 and dh is 33, ttc our first. We did 3 medicated iui cycles, and July/August is our first ivf.

  10. Husband and I are 34. Fresh transfer done on 7/20!

  11. I'm 31 and DH is 32 (he'll be 33 in September). We did 3 medicated IUI cycles, and this is our first IVF cycle (July/August).

  12. 30 years old..unexplained (possible slight mf)...4 letrozole iui's, 3 natural iui's..ivf (oct/nov)!

  13. I am 31 and DH is 30. Initially Male factor, 5-6 million with 40% correct morphology. TTC 1 year. Through this 1st attempt we have now found a blocked tube of mine (through the wonderful HSG Test)! I decided not to remove it just request that I have an extended course of antibiotics pre and post retrieval.

  14. I am 30 with tubal factors (all we know now) both tubes blocked at the uterus, completly!! DH- No issues!! We are in the middle of 2ww on first IVF.

  15. hello im 34 will be 35 in march had a tubal leg. eight years ago am i too old for ivf?

  16. 32 and starting the first IVF cycle next month. The nurses at my clinic tell me I'm young (compared to an average patient), so I'm just going to trust them.

  17. I am 30 DH 29, tubal infertility, now both tubes removed. First IVF was at 26 BFN, waited for 3 years(Money issues) now just started stimming.


  18. HI:

    31, endometriosis, starting 1st IVF and praying for a miracle.

  19. I am currently 30 but I will turn 31 on Jan. 28th. I will be starting BCPs for IVF right around my birthday. DH is 30.
    Our Dx is MFI -- low counts all around and failed acromosome rection test along with 1% morph.

  20. 32 starting first IVF/ICSI soon

  21. I am 30 and DH is 28. We havent found anything to indicate problems with me, and slight MF issues. We have tried 3 clomid/IUI cycles with no luck. We are now on the waiting list for IVF and hope to be in April or May. Best of luck to everyone!

  22. Hi - I am 32, dh 37. We are going through our first IVF cycle this month. Starting stimulants next week. Good luck to all!

  23. I am 34 starting fresh, DH is 37 and we'll be starting a fresh cycle in July/August. I hope I still have some good Eggies, I will be 35 in September, but I feel 22....LOL

  24. I'm 34; I will be 35 next month. Just started my first IVF cycle. My ER is scheduled for Monday.


  25. I'm 33...most likely doing 1st IVF w/ICSI in April or May.

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