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  1. Helen, at what times of the 2 week wait did you spot? I did on days 3, 4, 5, and then on day 11 & 12. I don't know what to think because I feel like I am going to start but it doesn't seem to be starting right up? What does any of this mean.. does anyone know.. this is freaking me out..!!

    OH YEAH.. what is TP

  2. TP=Toilet Paper
    HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  3. I checked everytime..... haven't seen anthing out of the ordinary.


  4. I have even SWITCHED brands....because the brand I was using had red strands of whatever in it and made me crazy ( even though they were miniscule)!


  5. I went to a meeting yesterday and the toilets had paper with flecks in it....Boy did that take some examining!!!

  6. Yes I did constantly when I found out I was pg years ago. I had a few weeks when i had some red/brown spotting so I was always paranoid. I think I did this for my whole pregnancy though. As it turned out I did have placenta previa which caused spotting from weeks 9-12 then nothing for the rest of the pregnancy until week 31 when I had a bit of major bleeding. All was fine though and I delivered at week 35 after being on hospital bedrest for 4 weeks

  7. Every time! I am deathly afraid of bleeding that it is a constant check

  8. Too funny. I have been checking for implantation bleeding, but no such luck. Now that I am 5dp5dt, I am going to stop checking and try to stop noticing anything, because I spotted for at least several days before my BFN last time (13dp5dt), so I know I will think it is over if I see spotting. And yes, I was on progesterone, and you can spot on that leading up to AF.

  9. Lastnight i nearly had heart failure, went to the loo, checked tp, it was dark which i suppose made it looked differntly and couldn't turn the light on quick enough, thank god it was clear. Phew!!

  10. HELP!!!! Does anyone know what a WHITISH Discharge is - or what it means?? NO bleeding for me - just the white stuff.

    I am 7dp3dt

    I am dying over here! Thanks!

  11. Elizabeth- I'm not sure what your discharge is, but I don't think you should be worried. 7dp3dt? I think you can finally try the POAS! I've heard of people who got results that early.


  12. Gotta admit it, ALL THE TIME!!!!

  13. You guys know what is funny, my 2 week has been over for a long time and I still stop by and see how everyone is doing. Now it is all new people wondering and waiting. I finally know that "TP" stands for.. hahaha..!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and maybe I will get to come back for another 2 week wait this year. Last years ended with a BFN... oh well

    Chow for now

  14. Elizabeth - the white discharge is a good thing. It's generated from estrogen, which you need to help kep the lining fluffy and hopefully viable pregnancy

  15. I thought tp checking and panty checking was a way of life Don't we ALL do it 100 times a day? I have to go to the bathroom and check even if I feel the slightest bit of moisture. If my underwear are dark.... must wear WHIT pantyliner to make sure I didn't miss anything.


  16. Thank goodness you ladies are here - I thought I was the only head case!! I especially know the feeling of a little wet and your run to the bathroom. I am doing beta wed and am convinced of a BFN on it's way. Good luck all Jane

  17. Hi Ladies,

    Well I did the same after transfer and never stopped until i delivered my DD.
    I was so bad about wiping that i actually wore it down and was bleeding from all the wiping. LOL


  18. i've been checking too....and like someone said on here; wearing the white undies so i can always see properly

    my beta is tomorrow(IUI was May 21st). im hopeful but nervous. i saw something today..not sure if its implantation blood or AF

  19. Spotting doesn’t always mean that is implantation has occurred. I start bleating on day 5 (5dpt) I thought is was an implantation bleating but unfortunately my beta come out today neg.;-(

    Good luck to you girls

  20. tenmya21-I spotted red/pink the day before my beta too. I'm still spotting four days later but brown not red. Whew. BFP!!!

    I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who keeps checking my TP and undies. I was checking in the car today. I thought I was the only one going crazy. I'm glad I'm in good company!

  21. Had my blood test this morning to see if pregnant. Bought a HPT on Saturday and was too scared to see a negative so got through the weekend without doing one. Came home from the doctors this morning feeling positive that it worked this time. I always spot blood before my period starts (at least 3-5 days prior) and have had no blood on the TP. Did a HPT as soon as I got home and it was negative. Feeling down but hopeful that my blood test will be positive. Has this happened to anyone before where the HPT is negative but positive blood test?? 2 more hours to wait until I hear from my doctor's office.

  22. mindy-how did it go?

    i always have negative hpts...(including this cycle) but i always hope for a positive beta

    my beta is tomorrow.
    i took 2 hpts today and both were negative. i will take 1 more before the test.

    best of luck to you!

  23. My beta was negative as well. How was your tenmya21? This was my second cycle and am now deciding if I will try again. I definitely need time in between with all of the emotional feelings. Good luck and I hope yours is positive. Let me know.

  24. tenmya21 have you ever had a BFP after a negative HPT? I did not do IVF. I am taking a break while I am in school but I am 5 days late with no signs of AF. 2 different HPT's on 2 consecutive days were negative. Except for my chemical after IVF number 2 I have never been late before. I am trying to cling to hope that I am late because I am pregnant but I have no signs of that either. Do you think there is any hope for me?

  25. mindy and perubaby-i have done 6 IUIs, and all hpt's have been negative, and all beta's have been negative.

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