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  1. how many of you do this?????

  2. And swear your eyes are playing tricks on you because one minute you think you see a little something, and the next minute it is gone? Nope, not me

  3. Yup, I do this during the 2ww - I call it "wipe and look disease"

  4. I call it "compulsive panty checking". I am in full blown "checking" mode right now.

  5. I know my partner does it...so far it has only happened once...3 to 4 days after implant....now we are just waiting for the results.

  6. so now i'm even more obsessed with the wipe and check b/c i got a BFP Beta on friday 23.7 and then monday 93.5 but i bleed all weekend. started out strong but now there is nothing at all, and i feel like AF is going to arrive any moment again,


  7. waiting4- me too!- I have had ++ HPT's now, but started bleeding (red) yesterday morning... it tapered off, but this morning there is blood there again. So, I am even looking at the tp when I get up in the middle of the night to pee!! (in a dark bathroom-- I hold the tp up to the window light!!!LOL-- how pathetic is THAT!!!)


  8. Anyone heard of very very slightly brown discharge .... this was yeterday ... but nothing today. I am 7dp5dt.... transfer was 5/2. Very very slight.

    Any ideas? Old blood from procedure?

  9. I am 7dp3dt today and this morning I had red spotting. I had it only a few wipes, now it is gone and is just brownish and hardly there anymore.... I am praying it is gone and that was implantation.. but am inspecting constantly and driving myself crazy! First happy to see it, then scared, now maybe happy but not too sure...


  10. mkoutsou could be inplantation spotting. I had sppoting on d5 to d8,8 which result a ds with my IVF #1 in 2003.

    Good luck to you!


  11. When I was pg with my ds, I even checked tp......and I check it religiously now that I'm 4dp3dt...LOL! I think I will always check it, though...


  12. Warning probably waayyy TMI-

    I don't check for blood really because as long as I am on PIO I won't start bleeding. I did get a + beta back on Thurs & I was having some off white disch for several days that I took as a good sign, but now I don't seem to have it & am completely freaked out. That is what I keep checking my panties for. I am a freak too, glad to know I am not alone.

  13. Last cycle I started spotting 9dp4dt. I thought it was implantation, that while on PIO there should be no blood, but there it was, I was told to double up on the PIO - it did not stop the spotting, it got progressively worse and became a full AF.

  14. Hello ladies:

    I'm on my 2ww (5dp3dt) so I wandered by this thread. I hate to admit it but-yes-I do check. Right now I feel a lot like I do before AF starts. I'm tired, crampy and by back is sore. I am terrified that I will find blood. I hate this wait.


  15. I have checked religiously..a little hopefully implantation spotting days 2-4 pt and since then white discharge...Hopefully a BFP on 7/23
    Dee 7dp3dt

  16. It never occured to me that I should (or could rather). Now that I know, and being obsessive, I am going to.


  17. I keep checking 2dp5dt and have seen nada
    I have a friend who just had triplets and she had none so that makes me feel better

  18. OK, now I have to say this made me laugh. I too have been checking EVERY time I go just in case. I am 3dpt5dt and I've been checking since I was able to pee right after transfer. (That time I was checking to make sure the embryos didn't come out....like I'd be able to see them). Ha Ha. Just one more thing to make us crazy!!! I'm so glad I have all you guys here for the ride!!! Sherry

  19. I check too...is it good or bad if you see a whitish discharge?


  20. i am 4dp3dt, and i check EVERY time i go...usually all i see the the bluish discharge from the vaginal estrace i'm taking...

  21. I have been wiping so much and so hard I think I gave myself a UTI. The fun never ends, does it?

  22. Hey, I thought I was the only freak! Looks like I have company for my obsession. My husband laughed at me each time I said "I think I'm wet. I'm going to check". But ladies, please don't panic if you do find something. I bled a few times over the 2ww, got hysterical, cried my eyes out, then got a bfp! It doesn't mean hope is lost if you spot or even bleed!


  23. 1week in still checking and the only noticeable thing is my funky blue estrace got love that stuff

  24. LOL -- Yes! I am always checking!!

    And all that checking finally paid off because I had the slightest amount of pinkish/brown spotting yesterday! (at 8dp3dt for FET)

  25. By the way, the tp checking isn't over at least the baby is here...

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