Pneumonia in toddlers, s/s?

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  1. Getting ready to do a search online, but I usually get better, more specific answers for you all!

    DS (3.5 yrs) had a fever last weekend, controlled by tylenol and motrin. Monday morning it was getting better, then no more fever mid morning on. Turned into a cold with gunky cough. Today, he feels really good and actually ate a decent breakfast for the first time in days, but he's wheezy and has a VERY gunky cough. I've got a call into the docs office, waiting to hear back. He just seems to feel so much better, I just don't know if I should be concerned or not. I wasn't at all until I called his preschool to tell then he wouldn't be in and the director told me about her niece who had pneumonia (no fever and felt OK, but had gunky stuff).

    Anyone know what I need to look for?

  2. My DD got pneumonia at about that age and what prompted me to take her in was constant deep coughing to the point where she was throwing up. I had no idea it was pneumonia until I rushed her to the ER and they took x-rays...

    Good luck!

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